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Our Journey with Bella – Day 0


After searching for a shelter and/or rescue dog for what seems like eons, I think we finally found a very cute mixed breed puppy at the Humane Society of Atlantic County (HSAC).

We were originally searching for a light-colored puppy but this group of 50% Poodle + 50% Rat Terrier mixed breed puppies were too cute to pass!

Apparently, Bella, Roxy and Gracy and their mom were transported up to HSAC from Georgia about week ago from a shelter. With their mom being adopted first, these three beautiful puppies were available for adoption starting tomorrow.

After missing out on shelter puppies in the past, my wife and I decided to make it a family day and get to HSAC early, which meant leaving the house by 6:30am for our 2+ hour trip to Atlantic City, NJ.

With estimated arrival time of 9:30am and HSAC opening at 11am, would that be enough time for us to secure a spot #1, 2 or 3?

We’ll find out tomorrow!