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5 Great Raincoats for Dogs

As the air begins to warm here in the Northeast, we know that spring is just around the corner.  I long for the warm breezes and cleansing rain that comes with the change in season.  But I dread the thought of walking the dog in the rain.   For everyone who has a dog knows that rain and fur do not go together.  At best is it a recipe for muddy floors and wet dog smells.  If you have a doodle type dog like us it also means matted fur.  Although I would like to wrap her in plastic wrap every time she goes out when it is raining or muddy, I realize this is not the best solution.  I need to find her a raincoat (and maybe booties) that will keep her dry and that she is willing to wear.  And so begins our search for a raincoat for dogs 

I was looking for something that was waterproof, of course, and that would cover as much of her as possible without being restrictive.  I also wanted something stylish.

A quick google search resulted in a few possibilities. I found plenty of coats that covered her back, but finding one that covered her head and belly was harder to find.  I needed to dig deeper.   

After an hour of searching all the internet had to offer, I did manage to find a few really cute raincoats for dogs that would do the job.

Check out these cute and functional raincoats for dogs

Elle Dog Wear Waterproof Raining Day Raincoat

My favorite is the Elle Dog Wear Waterproof Raining Day Raincoat.  This one covers not only the back, belly and head but also the chest area and part of the front legs. Plus the striped lining and silver snaps ups the cute factor.

Elle Dog Wear Raining Day Rain Coat in Blue available at

I also like that the hood and waist have drawn strings that allow you to custom fit the coat to your dog. This helps prevent accidental soiling while doing their business.

Cons of this raincoat

Like many human raincoats the outer layer is water resistant not waterproof, meaning that in a heavy downpour for an extended period of time it will not keep your pup dry.

Also it does not have a reflective strip so your dog is visible on cloudy days.

The raincoat comes in all sizes from X-Small to X-Large so it should fit most dogs. You can even get a XX- Large in Yellow. Elle Dog Wear also provides a sizing chart and tips on how to measure your dog to get the correct size.

Tip – When measuring your dog for this raincoat it is important to know that the material runs snug and is not stretchy. Elle Dog Wear recommends that for medium & larger dog breeds you should add up to two inches for the chest measurements when picking a size to prevent the raincoat from being too tight.

Klippo WaterProof Rain Jacket

Another super cute raincoat is the Klippo WaterProof Rain Jacket available at The bright yellow jacket comes with either an embroidered splashing whale or daisies on the back. Both have a soft cotton lining accented with white polka dots and a hood.

Rainy Day Raincoat for Dogs

This jacket comes with a easy to use velcro closure that goes from the tummy area all the way up to the neck covering the chest and upper front leg areas well. The velcro strips around the sleeves help to prevent rain from splashing up onto the legs. A large D ring at the back of the neck makes it easy to attach a leash.  The bright yellow color makes it stand out even on the wettest days.

The Klippo Raincoat comes in sizes X-small to X-large, but as you can see from the sizing chart it is sized for small to medium sized dogs.

OSPet Waterproof and Windproof Raincoat

Next on our list of coats is the OSPet Waterproof and Windproof Raincoat for dogs. This lightweight raincoat is black with red color blocking and a contrasting trim which gives it a sporty look. The OSPet Waterproof and Windproof Raincoat can be found at

Rainy Day Raincoat for Dogs

The unique design features elastic leg straps and an adjustable Velcro belly strap for a secure and comfortable fit. There is a handy opening on the back of the neck so you can hook your leash up to the dogs collar directly.

Ethical Pet Fashion Rainy Days Yellow Slicker

Lets face it, many dogs just do not like the restrictive feeling of a dog coat, so trying to get your dog into a raincoat that covers their legs may be out of the question.

If this is the case for you the Ethical Pet Fashion Rainy Days Slicker might be the right coat for you and your pup. The Ethical Pet Fashion Rainy Days Slicker is available at

Rainy Day Raincoat for Dogs

You can find this coat just about everywhere. It is also very inexpensive. This popular raincoat is super easy to put on. Doesn’t restrict their legs in any way making it a great choice for fussy dogs. The downside is that the coat does not protect the dog from water that is splashed up. If you have a tall dog this might not be much of an issue.

Healers Spot-Lite Dog Reflective Jacket

Our last pick is the Healers Spot-Lite Dog Reflective Jacket also available at This coat stands out for a number of reasons.

Rainy Day Raincoat for Dogs

The first reason is due to the LED lights located on the perimeter of the reflective strip on the back of the coat. This lighting making it a great choice if you walk your pup at night. The lights can be set to either either blink or be a steady light increasing your visibility.

Another reason is the soft outer fabric which is lined with a lightweight fleece to keep your pup warm. It is also the only coat I found that claimed to be machine washable and made in the USA.

Of course there are some negatives. Like the fact that the coat does not have a hood or that it doesn’t cover much of the underside of the dog.

All of these coats are great choices. It will be hard to choose.

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