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Dog Park Essentials Checklist

Updated 01/09/2024 – Having the right items with you is essential for a successful trip with your pup. Use this Dog Park Essentials Checklist so you don’t forget these important items on your next trip. 

11 Dog Park Essentials

1. Water and Water Bowl

Always have plenty of water on hand for both you and your dog.  On hot days remember to take breaks from playing to offer your pup a drink.  

Don’t waste precious water trying to give your pup water straight from the bottle.  Instead use a travel water bowl to quench your pups thirst. Don’t let him drink from a communal bowl either. Parasites can be spread through feces and shared bowls.

2. Dog Waste Bags

Don’t forget to bring your own dog waste bag in case the park supplied bags run out.   Always clean up after your pet to avoid spreading disease.  

3. Breakaway Collar

Regular dog collars can be dangerous for your dog, especially if they get in a scuffle with another dog. Dogs can also become injured if their collar is caught on a branch or part of the fencing.   

4. Identification Tags

All dogs should have an identification tag in case they escape from the fenced in area.  In addition to an id tag make sure you have your rabies and dog license on you in case you are asked for it.

5. Leash

All dogs should be on a leash until they enter the dog park area. However trying to take your dog’s leash off while they are excited to run and play can be a challenge. An alternative to a traditional leash and collar is a slip lead. A Slip Lead enables you to easily slip the lead over the dog’s head allowing you to quickly leash or unleash your pup.

6. Cell Phone

Preload the local animal control number so you have it if needed.

7. Air horn to break-up dog fights

If a dog fight breaks out don’t get in the middle.  Try to break up the fight while keeping a safe distance.  The most recommended way to break up a dog fight is through loud startling sounds, hence the air horn. Use carefully.

8. Super Soaker Water Gun

This item will probably surprise most people but the second most recommended way to break up a fight is by throwing water on the dogs. Water guns allow you to keep your distance while being able to aim where you want the water to go.   How big a water gun is up to you, just make sure it can reach at least 15 ft.

9. Dog Deterrent Spray

For dog fights you just cannot get under control or if you have a dog charge at you and your dog, deterrent sprays can help temporarily stop the dog.   There are several kinds of sprays with different intensities.   The citronella sprays are milder than the pepper sprays.    Both get good reviews but none work 100% of the time.   If the dog is intent on attacking the spray will hopefully slow them down long enough for you to find a safe place.      

10. Treats

Keep your dog’s favorite treats handy to entice them to come to you quickly when needed.

11. A bag – To hold it all. 

The Jasper Dog Walking Bag is a stylish water proof option to carry all your dog park essentials. You can find it at

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