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10 Ways to Celebrate Dog Moms on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a celebration of mothers, all mothers who unselfishly take care of their families and love ones.  This includes dog moms. Now-a-days our dogs have become very much a part of our families.   For my husband and me, our first dog together, was our baby.  She taught us so much about caring for and sharing our lives with another living being that depended on us.    

This Mother’s Day let’s celebrate all the wonderful dog moms out there by doing something special to recognize everything they do.  Don’t know what you should do? Here are ten ways to celebrate the dog moms in your life.

10 Ways to Celebrate Dog Moms on Mother’s Day

1. Take your favorite dog moms to a Dog Friendly Restaurant

Get your pup involved with the celebration by bringing them and your favorite dog mom to one of the many restaurants that allow dogs on their patios or at their sidewalk tables.  Check out list of dog friendly places. Just make sure you call the restaurant ahead of going to make sure they have not changed their policy. Some restaurant’s may only allow dogs during non-peak times.

Also make sure to follow proper dog etiquette:

  • Only bring well behaved dogs that listen to you the first time you give them a comment
  • Keep them on a leash tied to your chair.  To avoid spills don’t tie them to the table.
  • Stay away from other diners.  Not everyone will appreciate your friendly pup.
  • Make sure they are out of the way of other patrons and servers
  • Bring a blanket or towel for your pooch to lie down on. An uncomfortable dog will be a restless dog.   

2. Take a scenic ride in the car

What dog doesn’t enjoy a good car ride?   The rush of air from the window and all those scents will thrill most every dog. No matter where you live you can always find a beautiful drive nearby.   Not sure where to go?  Check out My Scenic  Just plug in your zip code and they will provide you with nearby options, descriptions of what you will see, length of drive, duration and driving directions  

3. Go for a Stroll

Take your dog and the dog mom in your life to a nearby park or hiking trail for a relaxing stroll.   Most local parks allow leashed dogs on their trails. You can find a list of state parks that allow leashed dogs at

4. Make a weekend out of it

Get away with your favorite dog mom and pup by visiting a nearby dog friendly town. There are many tourist towns that will welcome you and your fury friend.  Savannah is one such town. Savannah has 142 pet friendly hotels, 120 pet friendly restaurants and 48 dog friendly activities.  To learn more visit

5. Go to the Beach

Although dogs are generally not allowed on public beaches during the busy season, you may be able to visit during the off season. Make sure you check out the beach pet rules before going.

6. Give her a break

Give the dog moms in your life a break by giving them a Dog Walking Gift Card from or another service.  Better yet offer to walk the dog yourself a few times.

7. Clean up

Although we all love our furry pets they are known to make a mess.   Give your favorite dog moms a hand by de-furring their house or car.  Don’t like to clean? A gift card for a free cleaning will also be appreciated especially since spring tends to be the times dogs shed the most.

8. Let your dog moms get some extra shut eye

Wake up early to take the dog for a walk allowing her to sleep in.  

9. Breakfast in Bed

While you are out walking the dog, stop by her favorite bakery for some fresh goodies and coffee.  Bring it to her in bed along with a mom’s day card, signed with a paw print from the dog.

10. Tell the world

There are all sorts of items from shirts, cups, and jewelry that you can get for your dog mom to let the world know she is a great dog mom.