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The Best Toy We Have Bought: Pole and Bait Toys

Updated 01/09/2024 – When the weather is too hot or cold to go outside it is important to have a few toys in the house to keep your pup busy. But it’s hard to find a toy that will keep their attention for a long time, tire them out and does not involve food. When our pup was just a couple months old our trainer introduced us to bait toys.

A bait toy is a pole with a toy or “prey” attached to it by a long rope. The idea is that you bait the dog into chasing the “prey” around the room. There are many different types of bait toys some better than others. We have reviewed the top two rated bait toys available at the time. Join us as we go over the pros and cons of each.


When our puppy was just 3 months old, she was still too young to go out for walks in the neighborhood. Plus our yard was a soggy mess due to an abundance of early spring snow.  All this time inside was making her feel pretty restless, which in turn caused her to become a hand full.  She started chewing on our tables and knocking down whatever she could to chew on. Although she was attending a puppy kindergarten class, and a puppy social on the weekends and we took her for walks around the house it was not enough to burn off her puppy energy. We needed to figure out a way to make her more active inside.

The Best Toy We Have Bought: Pole and Bait Toys

It turns out we were not the only ones feeling this way.

At a Puppy Kindergarten class the instructor showed us the Vee Chase ‘N Pull Dog Toy. She explained that is was a great toy for puppies that were still too young to freely go out to parks or other areas where unvaccinated dogs could be. Since many of the puppies in the class were still not fully vaccinated we were all very interested to see how it worked. Typically the puppies in the class were interested in each other but not when this toy came out. The puppy she was demonstrating it on was mesmerized by it. So were all the other puppies. They all wanted to chase the toy. We decided to try it ourselves.


Bella’s reaction

We don’t know exactly what Bella’s breeding is with but we do know that her mother was a Rat Terrier. Because of this she has a very strong prey drive.


This toy taps into those instincts and really gets her going. Even if your dog is not from a hunting breed most dogs will have a natural instinct to hunt.


How Pole and Bait Toys work

Pole and bait toys work by you moving the pole in either a zigzag or circle motion which in turn makes the “prey” move while your pup chases it.  For anyone who has ever been around cats it resembles a giant cat toy.

Pole and bait toys come in different sizes with different types of prey.  To determine the right one for you, you should consider the size of your pooch and the space you have to swing it around.

The Best Toy We Have Bought: Pole and Bait Toys Pin - Pup with toy

Why we like it

  • Chasing the prey around can burn off a ton of your dog’s energy, but you won’t be exhausted when they are done.
  • You can use it as a training toy.
  • It can be used inside or out.

Safety For Your Pooch First

Although pole and bait toys are great, there are few things to consider:

  1. Jumping can cause injury to dogs, especially for puppies under one year old because their bodies are still developing. Instead of dangling the toy in the air, try dragging the toy on the ground for your dog to chase
  2. If you are outside, try to use it on a cushioned surface like grass for those jumpy moments. Jumping and possibly falling on a hard surface can hurt your pup.
  3. Make sure the play area is open and clear (we’ve broken few plates and glasses in the kitchen!)
  4. Don’t use with a dog you do not have complete control over.

Lastly, if your dog has bad joints or injuries that could be aggravated by quick changes of direction or jumping, you shouldn’t use a pole and bait toy.

Product Reviews

We’ve picked out 2 of our favorite pole and bait toys:

  • VeeVee Chase ‘N Pull Toy Review
  • Chase ‘N Pull vs Flirt Pole

Of course there are many more with similar features, we found these two toys standout due to construction quality and available replacement parts.

VeeVee Chase ‘N Pull Toy


As I mentioned we purchased the Vee Chase ‘N Pull Dog Toy from our trainer but you can also buy from Amazon. The Chase’ N Pull comes with a triangle shaped stuffed faux sheep fleece toy that has a squeaker in middle. It feels very soft, replicating the feel of a small animal. The top of the pole is flexible giving you the feel of a fishing rod.

It has been our best toy purchase so far. We have had it for a long time at this point and Bella still loves chasing the prey. She likes it so much that she has started playing with it when it was draped over a chair and has been caught stealing it off a bench.

Keeps Bella’s attention until she is
The braided rope is not replaceable
Designed to be tough enough for
to tug on
Prey can be torn if dog is
allowed to chew on it.
Faux Sheepskin is machine
Comes in three sizes:
Mini (24″ wand with 28″ rope)
Small (28″ wand with 36″ rope)
Large (30″ wand with 36″ rope)
No Warranty
Faux Fur Toy is replaceable
Made in the USA


We purchased the large version because we wanted a larger range of motion and we didn’t know how big she would grow. However I think the “prey” is too big for her small puppy mouth right now so she has a habit of grabbing the rope instead of the prey. The prey is replaceable but the rope is not.

Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole


A solid alternative to the Chase ‘N Pull is the Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole V2 also available from Just like the Chase ‘N Pull, the Flirt Pole V2 is a pole and prey toy that is made in the USA, and comes with a replaceable “prey” toy. The toy is a braided fleece that is made of 100% polyester. The Flirt Pole has a foam rubber, non-slip grip for easy handling plus a safety wrist strap to prevent you from accidentally losing hold of the pole.

The main difference between the Squishy and the Vee Chase and Pull is that the Squishy routes the bungee cord through the rigid wand. However, I prefer the flexible pole from the Chase ‘n Pull toy. In addition to providing some give-and-take motions, the kids can pretend they are fishing a dog!

Pole (rigid) appears durable Rigid pole may increase the risk of
injuring your pet (or even people)
Comes in two sizes:
Small/Jr. – 24″ pole with 42″cord
Large/Regular – 36″ pole with
Bungee cord may whip back at you
Toy is replaceable
(and machine washable)
Bungee cord is NOT replaceable
One year warranty Prey will eventually wear out
Made in the USA

The Verdict

We think both chase and pull toys are good solutions to keep your dog entertained. Having said that, here are some key differences to keep in mind:

Vee Chase N PullSquishy Flirt Pole
Prey Faux Lamb FleeceBraided Fleece
Tug-abilityDesigned to be tugged onTells you not to tug on rope
PoleRigid pole with safety strapFlexible pole (No Safety Strap)
WarrantyNo WarrantyOne Year Warranty

As you can see, these two products are both neck-and-neck in terms of features and functions. We love our Vee Chase ‘N Pull Dog but the Squishy pull toy is clearly the favorite on Amazon. Either one will bring you and your dog hours of fun.