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The Complete Shedrow K9 Tundra Dog Coat Review

Winter Coats for Dogs

As every parent of a doodle knows maintaining their pup’s long coat requires daily brushing.  Without frequent brushing their fur can become matted.  The alternative is to keep their fur short.

This is what we do. But since we were in the middle of winter and her next grooming appointment was in just a couple of weeks, we were debating if we should cut her hair short again. Our main concern with cutting it short was that she would get too cold on our daily winter walks.

If we let her fur grow out she may end up all matted.  In the end we decided to cut her fur short and look for a warm winter coat. After some looking around and research we chose the Shedrow K9 Tundra Dog Coat.

About Shedrow K9

It appears that the Shedrow line of horse apparel is a brand of Greenhawk Equestrian Sport in Canada. The tag on the Tundra Dog Coat stated that the dog winter coats were fashioned after the company’s Shedrow line of horse blankets. The canine product line was introduced in Canada to the equestrian community 25 years ago. It is currently sold in the USA at local pet shops and by Greenhawk Equestrian Sport through

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Shedrow K9 Tundra Winter Dog Coat in Perfectly Plum

Shedrow K9 Tundra Winter Coat for Dogs

Here are the many reasons we chose the Shedrow K9 Tundra Dog Winter Coat.

Ease of Use

What first drew us to the Shedrow K9 Tundra winter dog coat was how easy it was to put on our pup. To make sure we chose the right size, we tried it on her while we were still in the store. Since it only has two closures to deal with it was very quick to put it on her. Also she didn’t seem to mind putting it on even though this was the first time she had ever worn any type of clothing.

Although I wish the under belly strap covered more of her underside, I do like that the strap is extra wide with a large hook and loop pad to keep the strap in place.

Shedrow K9 Tundra Winter Dog Coat with belly strap open

Adjustable Fit

The hook and loop straps that go across the chest and under the belly are adjustable to ensure a good fit. You can see the front closure in the below picture. Although Bella is long and somewhat stocky, she has a narrow front. But with the adjustable hook and loop we can get the perfect fit.

Tundra Winter Dog Coat Front Strap

There are also adjustable leg straps that keep the rear of the coat in place. These straps are thin so you don’t have to worry about them getting in the way of your dog going to the bathroom.

Shedrow K9 Tundra Winter Dog Coat Back Leg Strap

Quality Construction

The Tundra Dog Winter Coat looks like it is made to last. The coat has a wind and water-resistant 420 denier outer shell which will help keep her dry during snowy winter walks. Plus the 200 gram polyfill and fleece lining seems to keep our pup toasty warm even when her hair is cut short. I like that it has double stitching on the trim and reflective piping. Though, I wish they would have double stitched the trim on the belly band too.

Tundra Winter Dog Coat Double Stitching

Tailored Fit

Yet another feature that I liked about the Shedrow K9 Tundra Winter Dog Coat was the tailored fit in the rear. Unlike other dog coats that just lay on the rear of the dog, the tundra is tailored so it hugs your dog’s rear keeping the cold air out. The back leg bands help keep the coat snug.

Shedrow K9 Tundra Winter Dog Coat Fitted Rear

Multiple Sizes

One of the great features I liked about this coat was that it came in 9 different sizes. That’s about 4 more sizes than your average dog coat. The multiple size options mean a better fit for your dog. At only 18 pounds I consider our dog to be small. But even though she has short legs, her body is long and her chest is wide. We first tried on a small. Although it fit her, it seemed a bit small. Next we tried the Medium/Small. I had never heard of a medium/small but it fit her perfectly. As it turns out the medium/small is for sized for a Dachshund and a Corgi. These are two breeds that also have long, stocky bodies.

Shedrow K9 Size Chart

Machine Washable

The Shedrow K9 Tundra dog coat is machine washable. Just close all the velcro strips and wash in cold water on the gentle cycle. Make sure to wash it with like colors. The coat can then be hung to dry. You can find complete washing instructions at Shedrow K9 Washing Instructions

Possible Improvements

Although I really like the Shedrow K9 Tundra Winter Dog Coat there were a few issues with the coat.

  • Limited Coverage – I wished the coat covered more of the underside of my dog. A wider belly strap might help. If you are looking for a coat with more coverage the Shedrow K9 Chinook Winter Dog Coat might be a better choice. In addition to the greater coverage it is also waterproof. The Shedrow K9 Chinook Winter Dog Coat is available at
  • Not Waterproof – The Tundra Winter Coat is only water and wind resistan unlike the Shedrow K9 Chinook Winter Dog Coat available at
  • Fleece Liner Holds Fur – Basically, the fleece liner is a magnet for dog fur. If you have a low shed dog like I do it will not matter. But if you have a high shed dog and hair on clothes drives you nuts, you may want to go with the Shedrow K9 Glacier Winter Coat .This coat has a smooth inner lining that claims to repel hair. At a minimum it should not attract the hair like the fleece doses. The Shedrow K9 Glacier Winter Coat is available at
Shedrow K9 Glacier Winter Coat
Shedrow K9 Glacier Winter Dog Coat
  • No Place for Harness Loop – When I was researching this coat I noticed the only complaint about the coat was that it was missing a space for a harness loop to go through. I am not sure if this is a negative or a positive issue. On one hand water cannot leak through the harness hole. But on the other hand you need to attach the leash to the harness above where the coat sits. As you can see from the picture you can easily attach the leash to the harness this way. We use an Earth Soy Dog Comfort Wrap Harness that sits high on the back. The Earth Soy Dog Comfort Wrap Harness is available at
Shedrow K9 Tundra Winter Dog Coat with Harness Loops Sticking Out

Where to find the Shedrow K 9 Tundra Winter Dog Coat

You can find the Shedrow K9 Tundra coat at premium local pet supply shops or on

Other Dog Coat Options from Shedrow

The Shedrow K9 product line offers a variety of winter coat options based on your dog’s needs. Here are their other winter options:

The Shedrow K9 Glacier Winter Dog Coat which is available at features a wind and water-resistant 600 denier ripstop outer shell with 200 gram polyfill perfect for winter weather. The Smooth inner lining helps repel fur.

The Shedrow K9 Chinook coat which is alos available at provides the most coverage out of all the Shedrow winter dog coats. It is designed with cold climates in mind. The waterproof outer shell, cozy fleece lining and 140 gram cotton fill should keep your pup warm. The coat features a full-coverage Y-shaped belly band for extra chest and belly protection. A Sherpa lined collar completes the look.

The Shedrow K9 Aspen Winter Dog Coat features a multi-weave traditional plaid exterior with a soft, black fleece lining. You can find the Shedrow K9 Aspen Winter Dog Coat at

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