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Australian Dog Names: 200 Aussie Dog Names

Updated 08/03/2023 – Deciding on a name for your new puppy can be both exciting and stressful all at the same time. This is your one chance to pick the perfect name for your dog. You probably want a name that fits your pup, but one that is also unique. We felt the same way when we were looking for a name for our puppy. For this reason, we decided to create a list of the best 200 Australian Dog Names we could find.

Hopefully this will make it easier for you to pick the perfect Australian Dog Name for your dog.

Why choose an Australian Dog Name?

One of the easy ways to pick a dog name is to base it on the characteristics of your dog.  Like giving them a name based on their appearance or the type of dog breed.  Another way is to give them a name that pays homage to their ancestry. 

So, if your puppy is an Australian Labradoodle, or Cattle dog, why not give them one of the many unique Australian dog names in this post.  

Australian Dog Names: 200 Aussie Dog Names - title pic with black and white border collie looking over a fence.

Even if you don’t have a dog breed that originated in Australia, names from the land down under can be fun and unique.  Just imagine calling your canine companion Ozzie or Kolya (which means winter.)  You are not going to hear those names too often at the dog park. 

But remember, whatever dog name you decide on; make sure it’s easy to say; that it does not sound like a command; and pick something that you don’t mind saying in public.

We have searched all over to create our list of 200 Australian dog names. These names come from the everyday words Australians use, locations in Australia, the animals and foods of Australia, famous Australians and aboriginal words.

Australian Dog Names

Australian Cattle Dog sitting in grass

Australian Dog Names from Slang

I am pretty sure everyone has heard the term “barbie” which is short for barbecue. But there are many other commonly used words that are unique to Australia that can make a good dog name. My favorites are; Yolo, which stands for “You Only Live Once”; Koyla, meaning winter and Bae, which means “Before Anyone Else”. Trust me your dog will want you before anyone else.

Check out more dog names based on Australian slang below.

Ace Excellent!M
Aussie Shortened form of AustralianF
BaeBefore Anyone ElseN
Barbie Short for barbecueM
Bitzer Mixed-breed dogN
Bloke ManM
Bonzer Great!N
Boonie Safari hatN
BruceAussie BlokeM
BrumbyWild horseN
ChappieA manM
CobberVery good FriendN
Crikey Expression of surpriseN
Australian Shepherd puppy outside
EpicVery enjoyable N
GrommetYoung surferN
Inala A place of peaceF
JumbuckSheep N
Kiwi Term for a person from New Zealand.N
Kolya WinterN
Mate FriendM
Oz Nickname for AustraliaM
Ozzie Nickname for AustraliaM
Postie PostmanN
Sheila WomanF
SparkyAn electrician M
StubbyA bottle of beerN
Tinny Can of beerN
YoloYou only live onceF
Australian Dog Names: 200 Aussie Dog Names - Australian Bulldog puppy closeup

Dog Names Derived from Places in Australia

Australia is a wonderfully wild place and the names of many locations are equally wonderful for a dog’s name. My favorites are Thornton, a Peak high in the Daintree Rainforest and Byron, a bay located along the eastern coast. There are many more locations listed below that would make a good dog’s name.

Adelaide City in Australia F
AlburyCity in New South Wales, AustraliaN
BarryGreat Barrier ReefM
BendigoCity in AustraliaN
Bondi Famous beachN
BoyceMountain in New South Wales AustriaN
BrindabellaMountain located near SydneyF
Brisbane The capital of QueenslandN
BrizzieShort for BrisbaneN
BundyBundaberg, QueenslandM
ByronBay located along the eastern coastM
Red Australian Cobberdog with cream background
CanberraCapital of AustraliaF
CarltonCarlton Gardens M
Coral Great Coral ReefF
Corindi River that flows in New South WalesN
DarlingDarling HarborF
DarwinCity named after Charles DarwinM
Fitzroy River in QueenslandM
FraserIsland off the eastern coast of AustraliaM
GoldieGold Coast City in Queensland Aus. F
GraftonCity in New South Wales Aus.M
GriffithCity in New South Wales Aus.M
Australian Labradoodle puppy sleeping
Hobart Capital city of TasmaniaM
KakaduA national park in northern AustraliaN
King King Street In PerthM
MarleyAustralian beachM
Mel Short for MelbourneM
Melbourne State capital of VictoriaN
NelsonCity in New ZealandM
Perth Capital of Western AustraliaN
QueenieAs short for Queensland – a state of AustraliaF
Sunshine Sunshine CoastF
SydneyCapital of New South Wales AustraliaN
Australian Dog Names: 200 Aussie Dog Names - Australian Koolie puppy
Talia Coastal townF
Tasmania Island state of AustraliaM
Taz Short for the TasmaniaM
Thornton Thornton Peak high in the Daintree RainforestM
ToowoombaCity in AustraliaN
Uluru Large sandstone rock formationF
VictoriaOne of Australia’s statesF
WellingtonCapital City of New ZealandM
Zeil Mount Zeil in Northern AustraliaM
Two Anatolian Shepherd puppies

Dog Names Based on Famous Australians

Here we collected some of the more unusual names from famous actors, actresses, authors and sports heroes to add to our list of Australian dog names.

Banjo Australian poetM
Baz Australian directorN
Bindi  Steve Irwin’s daughterF
Bradbury Australian Olympic speed skaterM
Cate Cate Blanchett – ActressF
Errol Errol Flynn – Actor during the Golden AgeM
HeathHeath Ledger – ActorM
HemsworthThor – actorM
HughHugh Jackman – ActorM
Irwin Crocodile Hunter Steve IrwinM
JaiJai Courtney – Actor M
Australian Terrier in grass
Kalinda Ashton Kalinda – Author F
Liam Liam Hemsworth – ActorM
LianeLiane Moriarty – Author F
LukeLuke HemsworthM
Lynda Lynda Stoner Pioneer in animal rightsF
MargotMargot Robbie – ActressM
PearceGuy Pearce – Actor M
PerryAs in Perry the platypus – The SimpsonsM
Rebel Rebel Wilson – ActressF
Shane Cricket heroes Shane Warne and Shane WatsonM
Border Collie puppy running in tall grass

Aboriginal Inspired Dog Names

Aboriginals are the original people of Australia and the surrounding areas.  They can be split into two groups: Aboriginal people, who are related to those who lived in Australia before the presence of the British and Torres Strait Islander peoples, who are descendants from the surrounding islands. There are around 250 native languages in Australia. Below is a list of aboriginal words and their meanings. Some words will sound familiar as they are commonly used as names. To learn more about the Aboriginal people go to Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies website

AariMountain of StrengthN
AlintaFire – NameF
AllyraQuartz – NameF
Amarina RainN
Bardo WaterM
BirraniBoy (Wiradjuri) – NameM
BunjiClose friend (Warlpiri)M
Daku ‘Sand hill’ (Diyari)N
IlukaSeaside town – NameM
JarrahFrom Djarraly – type of Eucalyptus tree – NameM
JeddaLittle wild goose (Noongar)  – NameF
Silky Terrier standing in grass
Jiemba Laughing star (Wiradjuri) – NameM
KarriType of eucalyptus treeM
Kaya HelloN
KeiraLarge Lagoon – NameF
KillaraAlways there (Dharug) – NameF
Kirra To live – NameF
KoenThunder – NameM
KylieBoomerang (Noongar) – NameF
LowannaGirl – NameF
MarliBlack Swan (Noongar) – NameF
MarluKangaroo N
Labradoodle puppy
MedikaBlossom or flower – NameF
Miki Moon in Aboriginal languageF
MinjarraBush plum tree – NameM
Moona One who gives or provides light – NameF
NgarraTogether with you (Dharug)  – NameM
NullahHunting Stick (Dharug) – NameM
TahneeSound of the surf – NameF
WaruMilky way (Kalkadoon)M
YarranWattle tree (Wiradjuri) – NameM
YindiChild – NameF
Australian Dog Names: 200 Aussie Dog Names - Cute Aussie puppy

Native Animals of Australia

Naming your dog after one of the iconic animals in Australia can set you apart from the other dog owners. While you may not want to name your dog Kangaroo, selecting a name that plays off of the word can give you a few fun options. Instead of naming your dog Kangaroo, think of names like Kanga, Roo or Joey.

Croc Crocodiles
Dingo Feral dog native to Australia
Emu National bird of Australia
Heeler Blue Heeler, Type of Australian Cattle Dog)
JoeyBaby kangaroo
Kelpie Australian Kelpie, a herding dog
Koala Animal – marsupial 
Kookaburra Bird native to Australia
Brown and white puppy
LoggerheadType of Turtle
PotorooSmall, nocturnal rat-kangaroo
Possum Mountain pygmy possum
QuokkaAka short-tailed scrub wallaby
QuollCarnivorous marsupial
Roo Short for Kangaroo
RufusHare -wallaby
Wallaby Small marsupial 
WallarooRelated to the Kangaroo and Wallaby
Wombat Small marsupial 
Australian Bulldog with mouth open

Australian Foods

Some Australian food names can also make for fun dog names. Most of these names are gender neutral. My favorites are; Bikkie – a cookie, and Lamington – a type of cake.

Name Meaning 
Bikkie Cookie or biscuit
Chiko Australian snack 
Choccy Chocolate
Jaffa Candy in Australia and New Zealand.
LamingtonTraditional cake popular in Australia
Orchy Juice brand
Pavlova Dessert of meringue mixed with fresh fruit
TimTamAn Australian cookie
Vege Short for Vegemite
Yellowtail Wine
Australian Dog Names: 200 Aussie Dog Names - Australian Shepherd puppy running in tall golden grass

More Australian Dog Names

Still haven’t found the right name? Below are even more Australian inspired dog names to choose from.

AcaciaNational emblem aka Wattle treesN
Blitz Term in RugbyN
DianellaName of a small plant that grows in AustraliaF
Didgeridoo Wind instrument native to AustraliaN
Digby NameM
10 week old Australian Labradoodle puppy
Dundee Movie Crocodile DundeeM
Jacinda Means hyacinthF
KaiIndigenous GameN
KeentanGame played in Australian M
MacadamiaTrees that produce the Macadamia NutN
Matilda National anthem Waltzing MatildaF
Australian Dog Names: 200 Aussie Dog Names - Australian Bulldog wrapped in red towel
Ruck Term in RugbyN
RugbySport N
Sin binTerm in RugbyM
Thatcher Roof makerM
Toni NameF

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