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250+ French Dog Name Ideas with Meanings & Pronunciations

Updated 03/18/2024 – Selecting the perfect French dog name for your new pup can be an exhilarating yet challenging task for any pet parent. You’re searching for a name that not only suits your new best friend but also stands out as unique and special. We experienced this same journey while naming our puppy and understood the significance of this choice. That’s why we’ve compiled an extensive collection of French dog names in one convenient location.

Why choose a French dog name?

Choosing a French dog name can be a perfect way to honor the rich and vibrant French culture, a testament to the beauty and elegance of the French language.

For dog owners, naming their furry friend with a French name is more than just a label; it’s an expression of love and admiration for a culture known for its sophistication, history, and art.

Moreover, the French language, with its melodious and expressive nature, lends itself beautifully to pet names. These names have a lyrical quality that is both pleasant to the ear and easy to call out. Dog owners who choose French names for their pets often find that these names are not only unique and stylish but also add a certain flair and elegance to everyday interactions with their furry friends.

Even if you don’t have a breed or mix breed from France, a French-inspired name for your dog can be a meaningful way to connect with French culture and language, offering a unique and sophisticated identity for your beloved pet.

Table of Content

Best French Dog Names: 475+ Names To Choose From - Title pi with french bulldog

Best French Dog Names

Our first list of names are what we consider to the be best French Dog Names. Choosing a suitable name is crucial, and French human names offer a blend of elegance and sophistication. In this collection, we present a variety of names that capture the essence of French charm, perfect for making your pet stand out at the dog park. Whether you’re drawn to classic or contemporary, find the ideal name that resonates with your furry friend’s unique personality.

38 Best French Dog Names for Female Dogs – with Meanings and Pronunciations

  1. Aloutee (Lark) – [a-loo-tay]
  2. Amélie (Beloved) – [a-may-lee]
  3. Belle (Beautiful) – [bel]
  4. Bleu (Blue) – [bluh]
  5. Brune (Brown) – [broon]
  6. Céleste (Heavenly) – [say-lest]
  7. Cherie (Darling) – [sheh-ree]
  8. Chloé (Blooming) – [klo-ay]
  9. Ciel (Sky) – [see-el]
  10. Colette (Victorious) – [ko-let]
  11. Delphine (Dolphin) – [delf-een]
  12. Doré (Gilded) – [doh-ray]
  13. Elle (She) – [el]
  14. Élodie (Foreign riches) – [ay-lo-dee]
  15. Fifi (God increases) – [fee-fee]
  16. Fleur (Flower) – [flur]
  17. Fleurette (Flower) – [fluh-ret]
  18. Fraise (Strawberry) – [frez]
  19. Giselle (Pledge) – [zhee-zel]
  20. Hélène (Light) – [ay-len]
  21. Jolie (Pretty) – [zhoh-lee]
  22. Josette (God will increase) – [zho-set]
  23. Leala (Loyal) – [lay-ah-lah]
  24. Lilou (Lily) – [lee-loo]
  25. Lune (Moon) – [loon]
  26. Mai (May) – [may]
  27. Maison (House) – [may-zohn]
  28. Miel (Honey) – [myel]
  29. Mystique (Mystical) – [mees-teek]
  30. Neige (Snow) – [nezh]
  31. Noelle (Christmas) – [no-el]
  32. Odette (Wealth) – [o-det]
  33. Quenelle (Dumpling) – [ken-el]
  34. Reine (Queen) – [ren]
  35. Rochelle (Little rock) – [roh-shel]
  36. Rue (Street) – [roo]
  37. Soleil (Sun) – [soh-lay]
  38. Sylvie (From the forest) – [seel-vee]

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42 Best French Dog Names for Male Dogs – with Meanings and Pronunciations

  1. Alain (Handsome) – [a-lan]
  2. Basile (Regal) – [ba-zeel]
  3. Beau (Handsome) – [bo]
  4. Blaise (Lisping) – [blez]
  5. Cédric (Bounty) – [say-dreek]
  6. Claude – [klohd]
  7. Damien (To tame) – [da-myen]
  8. Émile (Rival) – [ay-meel]
  9. Fabien (Bean) – [fa-byen]
  10. Gaston (Guest) – [gas-ton]
  11. Gérard (Brave with a spear) – [zhay-rar]
  12. Gustave (Guest) – [goo-stav]
  13. Henri (Home Ruler) – [ahn-ree]
  14. Hercule (Glory) – [air-kewl]
  15. Hugues (Mind, intellect) – [ug]
  16. Ives (Yew) – [eev]
  17. Jacques (Supplanter) – [zhak]
  18. Jean (French form of John) – [zhahn]
  19. Jérôme (Sacred name) – [zhay-rom]
  20. Jules (Downy bearded) – [zhool]
  21. Léon (Lion) – [lay-on]
  22. Marc (Warlike) – [mark]
  23. Marin (Of the sea) – [ma-ran]
  24. Maurice (Dark-skinned) – [mo-rees]
  25. Noël (Christmas) – [no-el]
  26. Olivier (Olive tree) – [o-lee-vyay]
  27. Parc (Park) – [park]
  28. Pascal (Passover) – [pas-kal]
  29. Philippe (Friend of horses) – [fee-leap]
  30. Pierre (Stone) – [pyair]
  31. Quay (Wharf) – [kay]
  32. Quentin (Fifth) – [kan-tan]
  33. Rainier (Army advisor) – [ray-nee-ay]
  34. Raoul (Wolf’s counsel) – [ra-ool]
  35. Rémy (Oarsman) – [ray-mee]
  36. Renard (Fox) – [ruh-nar]
  37. Roux (Russet) – [roo]
  38. Talon (Large claw of a bird of prey) – [ta-lon]
  39. Théo (God’s gift) – [tay-o]
  40. Ulysse (Wrathful) – [u-lees]
  41. William (Resolute protector) – [wee-lyam]
  42. Yannick (God is gracious) – [yan-eek]

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Lowchen puppy in field

Adorable French Dog Names 

Our next list showcases an array of cute dog names, perfect for your new furry companion. These names encapsulate the charm and elegance of the French language, offering a variety of options that range from classically cute to uniquely endearing.

French Girl Dog Names:

  1. Aimée (Loved) – [ay-may]
  2. Bijou (Jewel) – [bee-zhoo]
  3. Celeste (Heavenly) – [say-lest]
  4. Chantal (Stony place) – [shahn-tahl]
  5. Daphne (Laurel tree) – [daf-nee]
  6. Éclair (Lightning) – [ay-klair]
  7. Éloise (Healthy) – [ay-lo-eez]
  8. Fantine (Childlike) – [fan-teen]
  9. Gigi (Earth worker or God is gracious) – [zhee-zhee]
  10. Honoré (Honored) – [oh-no-ray]
  11. Ivette (Yew) – [ee-vet]
  12. Josette (God will increase) – [zho-set]
  13. Kiki (Double happiness) – [kee-kee]
  14. Lilou (Lily) – [lee-loo]
  15. Mimi (Wished-for child) – [mee-mee]
  16. Ninon (Grace) – [nee-non]
  17. Odile (Wealthy) – [o-deel]
  18. Papillon (Butterfly) – [pa-pee-yon]
  19. Quincy (Estate of the fifth son) – [kan-see]
  20. Rosalie (Rose) – [ro-za-lee]
  21. Sophie (Wisdom) – [so-fee]
  22. Thalie (To blossom) – [ta-lee]
  23. Ursule (Little bear) – [ur-sool]
  24. Violette (Violet) – [vee-o-let]
  25. Wendy (Friend) – [wen-dee]
  26. Yolande (Violet flower) – [yo-lahnd]
  27. Zélie (Solemn) – [zay-lee]

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French Boy Dog Names:

  1. Alphonse (Noble, ready) – [al-fons]
  2. Baptiste (Baptizer) – [bap-teest]
  3. Cyrille (Lordly, masterful) – [see-reel]
  4. Danton (Praiseworthy) – [dahn-ton]
  5. Édouard (Wealthy guard) – [ay-dwar]
  6. Gérard (Brave spear) – [zhay-rar]
  7. Hervé (Battle worthy) – [air-vay]
  8. Ignace (Fiery) – [ee-nyas]
  9. Jules (Youthful) – [zhool]
  10. Karl (Free man) – [karl]
  11. Lionel (Young lion) – [lee-oh-nel]
  12. Maxime (The greatest) – [mak-seem]
  13. Noé (Rest, peace) – [no-ay]
  14. Olivier (Olive tree) – [o-lee-vyay]
  15. Pascal (Easter child) – [pas-kal]
  16. Quentin (Fifth) – [kan-tan]
  17. Rémy (Oarsman) – [ray-mee]
  18. Sacha (Defender of mankind) – [sa-sha]
  19. Théo (God’s gift) – [tay-o]
  20. Urbain (City dweller) – [ur-ban]
  21. Xavier (New house) – [za-vee-ay]
  22. Yves (Yew) – [eev]

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Best French Dog Names: 475+ Names To Choose From - Great Pyrenees puppy running in grass
Great Pyrenees

Dog Names Inspired by French Food Names

In our next list, we dive into the world of French cuisine to bring you a selection of French dog names inspired by the country’s famous culinary delights. Here you can discover a unique and flavorful name for your furry friend that celebrates the gastronomic joys of France.

Male French Food-Inspired Dog Names:

  1. Brie (bree) – A soft, creamy cheese.
  2. Cabernet (ka-ber-nay) – A type of red wine grape.
  3. Dijon (dee-zhawn) – Famous for Dijon mustard.
  4. Éclair (ay-klair) – A pastry filled with cream and topped with icing.
  5. Merlot (mair-lo) – A variety of red wine.
  6. Raclette (ra-klet) – A type of cheese, often melted.
  7. Roux (roo) – A mixture of fat and flour used in cooking sauces.

Female French Food-Inspired Dog Names:

  1. Baguette (ba-get) – A long, thin loaf of French bread.
  2. Brulee – [broo-lay]- which means “burnt, often a burnt sugar topping
  3. Chantilly (shan-tee-yee) – A sweet whipped cream.
  4. Coquette (ko-ket) – Refers to a flirty girl, similar to the light, flirtatious nature of some desserts.
  5. Éclair (ay-klair) – A pastry filled with cream and topped with icing.
  6. Fraise (frez) – Strawberry.
  7. Madeleine (mad-len) – A small sponge cake with a distinctive shell-like shape.
  8. Ratatouille (ra-ta-too-ee) – A vegetable stew.
  9. Tarte (tart) – A pie or a tart.

Unisex French Food-Inspired Dog Names:

  1. Bisque (bisk) – A smooth, creamy soup.
  2. Cannelle (ka-nel) – Cinnamon.
  3. Cassis (ka-sees) – Blackcurrant.
  4. Champignon (sham-pee-nyon) – Type of mushroom.
  5. Cognac (kon-yak) – A variety of brandy.
  6. Crêpe (krep) – A type of very thin pancake.
  7. Mousse (moos) – A light and fluffy dessert.
  8. Truffe (troof) – Truffle, as in the fungus used in gourmet cooking.

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French Dog Names Inspired by Historical Figures

Explore the past with our “French Dog Names Inspired by Historical Figures” collection, where each name holds a story of its own. These names are steeped in history, representing some of the most influential personalities in French culture. From kings and philosophers to artists and scientists, this list offers your pet a great name that is both meaningful and distinguished.

French Male Dog Names:

  1. Auguste (au-gust) – Inspired by Auguste Rodin, a renowned French sculptor.
  2. Charlemagne (shar-leh-main) – Named after Charlemagne, a medieval emperor who ruled much of Western Europe.
  3. Claude (klohd) – From Claude Monet, a famous impressionist painter.
  4. Danton (dahn-ton) – After Georges Danton, a leading figure in the early stages of the French Revolution.
  5. Descartes (day-kart) – Named for René Descartes, a famous mathematician, scientist, and philosopher.
  6. Gustave (goo-stav) – Inspired by Gustave Eiffel, the engineer behind the Eiffel Tower.
  7. Hugo (yoo-go) – From Victor Hugo, renowned writer of “Les Misérables” and “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.”
  8. Lafayette (lah-fay-et) – Named after Marquis de Lafayette, a key figure in the American and French Revolutions.
  9. Louis (loo-ee) – From King Louis XIV, known as Louis the Great or the Sun King.
  10. Napoleon (na-po-lyon) – After Napoleon Bonaparte, a military leader and emperor of France.
  11. Pascal (pas-kal) – Named for Blaise Pascal, a mathematician, physicist, and religious philosopher.
  12. Pierre (pyair) – French Botanist Pierre Magnol
  13. Renoir (ren-wahr) – Inspired by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, a famous impressionist artist.
  14. Voltaire (vol-tair) – After Voltaire, a writer, philosopher, and key figure in the French Enlightenment.

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French Female Dog Names:

  1. Brigitte (bree-zheet) – Named after Brigitte Bardot, a famous French actress and singer.
  2. Coco (ko-ko) – From Coco Chanel, an iconic French fashion designer.
  3. Édith (ay-deet) – After Édith Piaf, a renowned French singer.
  4. Eleanor (el-eh-nor) – Inspired by Eleanor of Aquitaine, a powerful and influential queen consort.
  5. Jeanne (zhahn) – From Joan of Arc, or Jeanne d’Arc, a heroine of France and a Roman Catholic saint.
  6. Josephine (jo-ze-feen) – After Joséphine de Beauharnais, the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  7. Juliette (zhoo-lee-et) – Named for Juliette Récamier, a famous French socialite and muse.
  8. Marie (mah-ree) – From Marie Curie, a physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity.
  9. Simone (see-mon) – After Simone de Beauvoir, a famous writer, intellectual, existentialist philosopher, political activist, and feminist.
  10. Sophie (so-fee) – Inspired by Sophie Germain, a mathematician, physicist, and philosopher.
  11. Suzanne (soo-zahn) – Named after Suzanne Lenglen, a French tennis champion who popularized the sport.

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Funny French Dog Names

These names are infused with a sense of humor and French charm, making them great choices for adding a bit of fun to your dog’s identity.

Male Funny French Dog Names:

  1. Croissant (krwa-sahn) – For a dog as flaky and delightful as this pastry.
  2. Escargot (es-car-go) – A quirky name for a slow-moving pup.
  3. Fromage (fro-mazh) – Meaning ‘cheese,’ for a dog with a cheesy personality.
  4. Garçon (gar-son) – Means ‘boy’ in French, a playful name for a male dog.
  5. Monet (mo-nay) – For an artistic pooch, after the painter Claude Monet.
  6. Napoleon (na-po-lyon) – A grand name for a small dog, with a bit of historical humor.
  7. Omelette (om-let) – A light-hearted name for a fluffy dog.
  8. Poutine (poo-teen) – After the famous French-Canadian dish, for a dog with a mix of quirks.

Female Funny French Dog Names:

  1. Bisou (bee-zoo) – Means ‘kiss’ in French, cute for an affectionate dog.
  2. Bonbon (bon-bon) – For a sweet and adorable dog.
  3. Champagne (sham-pain) – A bubbly name for a spirited dog.
  4. Fifi (fee-fee) – A stereotypically French, high-society dog name.
  5. Gigi (zhee-zhee) – A playful and light-hearted name.
  6. Meringue (meh-rang) – Perfect for a dog with a fluffy, white coat.
  7. Quiche (keesh) – A fun and quirky name for a dog.
  8. Ratatouille (ra-ta-too-ee) – After the famous dish, for a dog with a mix of traits.
  9. Soufflé (soo-flay) – For a light and airy dog, perhaps one with a curly coat.

Unisex Funny French Dog Names:

  1. Brioche (bree-osh) – A sweet name for a dog, just like the pastry.
  2. Croque (krok) – Short for Croque Monsieur, a humorous name for a foodie dog.
  3. Flâneur (flah-nur) – For a dog that loves leisurely strolls.
  4. Macaron (mak-a-ron) – A cute name, perfect for a small, colorful dog.
  5. Moulin (moo-lan) – After Moulin Rouge, for a dog with a flair for the dramatic.
  6. Petit (peh-tee) – Means ‘small’ in French, adorable for a tiny dog.
  7. Tartine (tar-teen) – A light-hearted name, after the French open sandwich.
  8. Truffe (troof) – Means ‘truffle,’ a funny and cute name for a sniffing dog.

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Badass French Dog Name for Confident Dogs

In our section on Badass French Dog Names, we’ve curated a list that embodies strength and boldness. Each badass name in this collection is selected for those fearless pups who exude confidence and assertiveness.

Whether your dog is a natural leader or just has an adventurous spirit, these names will perfectly match their dynamic personality. Dive into our selection of names and discover a badass dog name that celebrates the spirited nature of your confident canine companion.

Badass Dog Names for Boy Dogs

  1. Axel (Father of peace) – [ahk-sel]
  2. Blaise (Fiery, blaze) – [blez]
  3. Brutus (Heavy, muscular) – [broo-tus]
  4. César (Long haired) – [say-zar]
  5. Dante (Enduring) – [dahn-tay]
  6. Étienne (Crown, wreath) – [ay-tyen]
  7. Gaspard (Treasurer) – [gas-par]
  8. Guerrier (Warrior) – [gare-ee-ay]
  9. Hercule (Glory) – [air-kewl]
  10. Jagger (Hunter) – [zhag-er]
  11. Lazare (God has helped) – [la-zar]
  12. Léon (Lion) – [lay-on]
  13. Marceau (Warlike) – [mar-so]
  14. Maxime (Greatest) – [maks-eem]
  15. Napoléon (Lion of the new city) – [na-po-lyon]
  16. Olivier (Olive tree, symbol of peace) – [o-lee-vyay]
  17. Pascal (Born on Easter, symbolizing rebirth) – [pas-kal]
  18. Quentin (Fifth, strong) – [kan-tan]
  19. Régis (Kingly) – [ray-zhee]
  20. Renard (Fox, cunning) – [ruh-nar]
  21. Serge (Servant, attendant) – [serzh]
  22. Thierry (Ruler of the people) – [tee-air-ee]
  23. Tristan (Sad, sorrowful) – [tree-stan]
  24. Ulysse (Wrathful, a reference to the Greek hero) – [u-lees]
  25. Victor (Conqueror) – [veek-tor]

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Badass Dog Names for Girl Dogs

  1. Adrienne (Dark) – [a-dree-en]
  2. Béatrice (She who brings happiness) – [bay-ah-trees]
  3. Celeste (Heavenly) – [say-lest]
  4. Delphine (Dolphin, a symbol of intelligence) – [delf-een]
  5. Élise (God is my oath) – [ay-lees]
  6. Fleur (Flower, delicate yet strong) – [flur]
  7. Giselle (Pledge) – [zhee-zel]
  8. Héloïse (Famous warrior) – [ay-lo-eez]
  9. Isabelle (Pledged to God) – [ee-za-bel]
  10. Josette (God will increase) – [zho-set]
  11. Léonie (Lion) – [lay-oh-nee]
  12. Mireille (To admire) – [mee-ray]
  13. Nadine (Hope) – [na-deen]
  14. Odette (Wealth) – [o-det]
  15. Pénélope (Weaver, symbol of faithfulness) – [pay-nay-lop]
  16. Quintessa (Essence) – [keen-tes-sa]
  17. Renée (Reborn) – [ruh-nay]
  18. Solène (Solemn, dignified) – [so-len]
  19. Thérèse (Harvester) – [tay-rez]
  20. Ursula (Little bear) – [ur-soo-la]
  21. Valérie (Strong, valiant) – [va-le-ree]
  22. Véronique (True image) – [vay-ro-neek]
  23. Wanda (Wanderer) – [vahn-da]
  24. Yvette (Yew tree, a symbol of resilience) – [ee-vet]
  25. Zoé (Life) – [zoh-ay]

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French Words that Make Great Dog Names

  1. Adieu – [a-dyuh] – “Goodbye” in French.
  2. Alsace – [al-zas] – A region in France.
  3. Ambre – [ahm-bruh] – “Amber” in French.
  4. Amour – [a-moor] – “Love” in French.
  5. Avignon – [a-vee-nyon] – A city in France.
  6. Balzac – [bal-zak] – A French surname, notably Honoré de Balzac, a famous writer.
  7. Bardot – [bar-doh] – A French surname, notably Brigitte Bardot, a famous actress.
  8. Bisou – [bee-zoo] – “Kiss” in French.
  9. Bleu – [bluh] – “Blue” in French; used to describe blue cheese as well.
  10. Bonheur – [bon-ur] – “Happiness” or “good time” in French.
  11. Bordeaux – [bor-doh] – A region in France known for its wine.
  12. Cadeau – [ka-doh] – “Gift” in French.
  13. Cannes – [kan] – A city in France, known for the Cannes Film Festival.
  14. Chablis – [sha-blee] – A type of wine from the Chablis region in France.
  15. Citron – [see-tron] – “Lemon” in French.
  16. Flocon – [flo-kon] – “Snowflake” in French.
  17. Galant – [ga-lahn] – “Gallant” or chivalrous in French.
  18. Louvre – [loo-vruh] – A museum in France, the Louvre Museum.
  19. Malbec – [mal-bek] – A type of wine/grape variety.
  20. Mousse – [moos] – A type of dessert or foam in French.
  21. Orleans – [or-ley-ahn] – A city in France, “golden” is not the meaning in French.
  22. Patrice – [pa-trees] – A French given name.
  23. Remie – [re-mee] – Variant of Rémi/Rémy, a French name.
  24. Rennes – [ren] – A city in France; “to rise again” is not the meaning in French.
  25. Seine – [sen] – A river in France.

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