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Scottish Dog Names: 200+ Dog Names

Updated 03/26/2024 – Deciding on a name for your new puppy can be both exciting and frustrating all at the same time. You probably want a name that fits your pup, but one that is also unique. We felt the same way when we were looking for a name for our puppy. This is why we decided to gather all the Best Scottish dog names we could find into one post.

Thus, making it easier for future new puppy owners to find the perfect Scottish dog name for their dogs.

How to Choose a Dog Name

There are 6 tips to follow when choosing a name for your dog. We already discussed the first one:

  • Choose a unique name.  Our current adopted puppy came with the name “Bella”. Since she already knew the name we decided not to change.  But it is a very popular name on our street. 
  • Pick a name that you are comfortable saying in public. What may seem funny in private might not go over well in public.
  • Your dog’s name will influence what people think of your dog.  If you name your German Shepard Killer, people may believe that your dog presents a danger to others.
  • Choose a name that is easy to say.  You will be saying it a lot over the next 10 to 15 years.  
  • Don’t choose a name that can be mistaken for another word. (Example: Bo that sounds like no)
  • Choose a name with one or two syllables. Dogs can recognize shorter words easier. If you do choose a longer name consider using a nickname for everyday use.
Title - Scottish Dog Names with Westie puppy on a white background.

Scottish Dog Names

The origins of Scottish names can come from the Old Scottish Gaelic language of Scotland and also by the surrounding areas that had an influence on the Scottish people. Here we have sorted our selection of names by:

Table of Content

Border Collie in the Scottish Highlands - Scottish Dog Names
Border Collie in the Scottish Highlands

These names range from traditional to modern but all carry a touch of Scottish heritage. They are perfect for a dog with Scottish roots or for anyone who loves Scotland.

Male Scottish Dog Names

  1. Angus (after the region and the famous beef)
  2. Brodie (meaning “second son” in Gaelic)
  3. Duncan (meaning “dark warrior”)
  4. Fergus (meaning “man of vigor”)
  5. Hamish (Scottish version of James)
  6. Lachlan (meaning “from the land of lakes”)
  7. Murdoch (meaning “sea warrior”)
  8. Scott (after the country itself)
  9. Stuart (meaning “steward”)
  10. Wallace (famous Scottish hero William Wallace)

Female Scottish Dog Names

  1. Ailsa (from Ailsa Craig, an islet in the Firth of Clyde)
  2. Bonnie (meaning “pretty” or “attractive”)
  3. Elspeth (Scottish form of Elizabeth)
  4. Fiona (meaning “fair”)
  5. Isla (after the Isle of Islay)
  6. Maisie (diminutive form of Margaret)
  7. Rhona (from Rona, an island in Scotland)
  8. Skye (after the Isle of Skye)
  9. Tessa (a short form of Theresa, also feels Celtic)
  10. Una (meaning “one” in Gaelic)

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Bloodhound puppy

Dog Names based on Scottish Culture and Folklore

Like all countries, Scotland uses certain terms that are only used in Scotland. But these terms can make very unique Scottish Dog Names. An example of this is Coorie, which means to snuggle and nestle. Keep reading to find more names for your puppy.

Scottish Words and Folklore

Male Dog Names

  1. Alba – Gaelic for Scotland.
  2. Artair – Scottish form of Arthur.
  3. Bruce – Robert the Bruce, Scottish king.
  4. Cairn – Stone piles in Scotland, a marker or memorial.
  5. Coorie – Meaning to cuddle, cozy up.
  6. Cullen – From Cullen skink, a Scottish soup.
  7. Dafty – A silly person.
  8. Dougal – Dark stranger.
  9. Dram – A measure of whisky.
  10. Duncan – King of Scotland, also from “Macbeth”.
  11. Edin – Short for Edinburgh.
  12. Embra – Slang for Edinburgh.
  13. Fergus – Name from Scottish folklore.
  14. Finlay – Fair warrior.
  15. Ghillie – Type of Scottish spirit, Ghillie Dhu.
  16. Hamish – James in Scottish.
  17. Ivor – Archer, from Norse and Scottish influence.
  18. Jamie – A popular Scottish name.
  19. Kelpie – A mythical water creature.
  20. Lager – Light beer in Scotland.
  21. Mac – Means “son of”.
  22. Malcolm – Scottish king, also from “Macbeth”.
  23. Munro – Mountain in Scotland.
  24. Piper – A reference to the bagpiper.
  25. Robbie – After Robert Burns, Scotland’s national poet.
  26. Selkie – A mythical sea creature.
  27. Wallace – William Wallace, Scottish hero.

Female Dog Names

  1. Ailsa – From Ailsa Craig, an island.
  2. Annabel – A Scottish-origin name.
  3. Banshee – A spirit in Irish and Scottish folklore.
  4. Bonnie – Meaning pretty, attractive.
  5. Cora – Derived from the heart.
  6. Fiona – Meaning fair.
  7. Flora – Flora MacDonald, Scottish heroine.
  8. Iona – An island in the Hebrides.
  9. Isla – A river in Scotland.
  10. Kenna – Born of fire.
  11. Lassie – Girl, young woman in Scots.
  12. Morag – A traditional Scottish name.
  13. Nessie – After the Loch Ness Monster.
  14. Rhona – An island in Scotland.
  15. Skye – An island in the Inner Hebrides.
  16. Sorcha – Brightness or light.
  17. Tara – Celtic hill where kings were crowned.
  18. Una – Meaning unity or one.
  19. Willow – A tree name, symbolizing grace.
  20. Ygritte – Inspired by the character from “Game of Thrones,” reflecting the influence of Scottish culture on popular media.
Scottish terrier puppy

Gender-Neutral Names

  1. Bairn – Scottish term for baby.
  2. Bean – Fair.
  3. Bridie – Meat pastry originating from Forfar.
  4. Clootie – Traditional steamed Scottish pudding.
  5. Effie – Well-spoken.
  6. Firth – Inlet of the sea.
  7. Haggis – Traditional Scottish dish.
  8. Lass – Scottish term for a girl (listed under female due to gender association).
  9. Loch – A lake or inlet.
  10. Madra – Dog.
  11. Scotch – Type of whisky made in Scotland.
  12. Smokie – Type of smoked haddock.
  13. Sterling – Scotland’s currency.
  14. Thistle – National flower of Scotland.
  15. Toaty – Meaning tiny and small.
  16. Whiskey – Drink.

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Bearded Collie in grass

Famous People from Scotland

There are many great people in Scotland who you might like to name your dog after. One of them was Sir William Wallace. Sir Wallace was a Scottish knight who became one of the main leaders during the First War of Scottish Independence.

  1. Baird – John Logie Baird – inventor of the TV
  2. Bell – Alexander Graham Bell – inventor of the telephone
  3. Bruce – Robert the Bruce, Scottish king
  4. Burns – Robert Burns – poet and Scottish icon
  5. Doyle – Arthur Conan Doyle – author of Sherlock Holmes
  6. Ewan – Ewan McGregor – well known Scottish actor 
  7. Lassie – Famous Dog Star
  8. Lulu – Scottish pop singer and actress
  9. Mary – Queen of Scots
  10. Rennie – Charles Rennie Mackintosh – see above
  11. Wallace – Sir William Wallace 

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Scottish Dog Names - West Highland Terrier puppy

Scottish Clan Names

Scottish clans are well-known symbols of Scottish life. They are most often associated with men in plaid Kilts and coats of armor. You may assume that people who are part of a clan have a blood line to the clan’s ruling ancestors.  But that may not be correct.  The term “clan” comes for the Gaelic ‘clann’ which literally means “children” and more broadly “kindred”.  It is common that members of a Scottish clan are more often a kinship group rather than a bloodline.

Here are the best 25 clan dog names 

  1. Adair
  2. Adam
  3. Arthur
  4. Baillie
  5. Barclay
  6. Baxter
  7. Boyd
  8. Brodie
  9. Fraser
  10. Gordon
  11. Graham 
  12. Grant
  13. Gunn
  14. Mackay
  15. Murdoch
  16. Murray
  17. Scott
  18. Sinclair 
  19. Maxwell 

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Rough collie puppy with toy
Rough Collie

Places in Scotland

Male Scottish Location-Based Names

  1. Arran (Isle of Arran)
  2. Clyde (River Clyde)
  3. Cram (Cramond, Edinburgh)
  4. Dee (River Dee)
  5. Duff (Dufftown)
  6. Eigg (Isle of Eigg)
  7. Elgin (Elgin)
  8. Fife (Kingdom of Fife)
  9. Gigha (Isle of Gigha)
  10. Harris (Isle of Harris)
  11. Iona (Isle of Iona)
  12. Islay (Isle of Islay)
  13. Kyle (Kyle of Lochalsh)
  14. Largs (Largs)
  15. Leith (Leith, Edinburgh)
  16. Lewis (Isle of Lewis)
  17. Lom (Ben Lomond)
  18. Luss (Luss, Loch Lomond)
  19. Moray (Moray)
  20. Nairn (Nairn)
  21. Oban (Oban)
  22. Skye (Isle of Skye)
  23. Spey (River Spey)
  24. Tiree (Isle of Tiree)
  25. Troon (Troon)
The Golden Retriever originated in Scotland - Scottish Dog Names puppy
The Golden Retriever originated in Scotland

Female Scottish Location-Based Names

  1. Ailsa (Ailsa Craig)
  2. Annan (Annan)
  3. Bute (Isle of Bute)
  4. Cora (Corrour)
  5. Dorn (Dornoch)
  6. Eila (River Ailort, phonetically similar)
  7. Elie (Elie)
  8. Fara (Fara, Orkney)
  9. Gara (Gara Rock)
  10. Ila (Islay, alternative spelling)
  11. Isla (Isla)
  12. Jura (Isle of Jura)
  13. Kilda (St Kilda)
  14. Linn (Linn of Dee)
  15. Lona (Iona, alternative spelling)
  16. Mairi (Loch Maree, phonetically inspired)
  17. Mara (Isle of Màrra)
  18. Nessa (Loch Ness, affectionate form)
  19. Osla (Oslo, reflecting Norse influence in Scotland)
  20. Rosa (Rosyth)
  21. Shona (Isle of Shona)
  22. Skara (Skara Brae)
  23. Tay (River Tay)
  24. Vaila (Vaila Island)

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Scottish Dog Names - Border Collie puppy

Scottish Gaelic Names for Dogs

Male Scottish Gaelic Dog Names

  1. Adair (oak tree ford)
  2. Aodh (fire)
  3. Artan (little bear)
  4. Bain (white)
  5. Boyd (yellow)
  6. Cain (beautiful)
  7. Callum (dove)
  8. Duff (black)
  9. Ewan (youth)
  10. Fingal (white stranger)
  11. Finlay (fair hero)
  12. Fionn (white or fair)
  13. Hamish (supplanter)
  14. Lachlan (from the fjord-land)
  15. Leod (ugly)
  16. Niall (champion)
  17. Ossian (little deer)
  18. Quinn (wise)
  19. Ruairi (red king)
  20. Tavish (twin)
  21. Teague (poet)
  22. Torin (chief)
  23. Weir (fence)
Cocker Spaniel puppy sleeping

Female Scottish Gaelic Dog Names

  1. Aila (from a strong place)
  2. Aine (radiance)
  3. Beath (life)
  4. Cèil (companion)
  5. Eilid (hind)
  6. Enya (kernel)
  7. Fia (wild)
  8. Iona (blessed)
  9. Isla (island)
  10. Lile (lily)
  11. Mairi (beloved)
  12. Moira (fate)
  13. Nessa (not gentle)
  14. Orla (golden princess)
  15. Peigi (pearl)
  16. Rhona (rough island)
  17. Sìle (youthful)
  18. Skye (sky)
  19. Tara (hill)
  20. Una (unity)

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