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Trendy Christmas Sweaters for Dogs in 2024

Updated: 01/9/2024 with new items – As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, there’s a certain cheer that only the holiday season can bring. Amidst the brisk winter air, we find warmth in cozy traditions and festive garb—not just for ourselves but for our pets too. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to help you select Christmas Sweaters for dogs that promises both style and warmth, turning those chilly walks into moments of joyous celebration.

A well-chosen Christmas sweater for your canine companion is more than just a holiday statement; it’s a cuddle in clothing form, ensuring they stay comfortable despite the dipping temperatures. It’s about making the most of this festive time of year while keeping your pup toasty and included in the holiday spirit that lights up these darker days.

In our recommendations, you’ll find a variety of options to fit your dog’s unique size, shape and style, each with a link to where to find it. While some of the links are affiliate links, which we can earn a commission when you make a purchase, our selections are made with no bias from potential earnings. We’re dedicated to sharing products we genuinely value, and believe you will like too.

As an Amazon affiliate I may earn a commission from qualifying purchases after clicking on links.

Please keep in mind that the product descriptions featured here rely on the information provided by the sellers. While we at Happyoodles make every effort to ensure accuracy, we cannot guarantee it, and we are not liable for any inaccuracies. Prior to making a purchase, we strongly advise confirming all the details directly with the seller.

How to Know What Size Dog Sweater to Get?

When picking a size for your dog you need to pay attention to the sizing chart. Many dog sweaters are made for small dogs only. So when they offer the sweaters in sizes ranging from x-small to x-large it doesn’t necessarily mean the x-large will fit a large breed dog. In many cases x-large is just an x-large small dog like a mini poodle. So, make sure you look at the actual measurements provided on the sizing chart for that garment. Also if you are between sizes always try the larger size first.

How to Measure a Dog for a Sweater

When measuring your dog for a sweater there are four main areas you need to measure.

  1. The width of the neck
    • When measuring the width of the neck include room in the measurement for two adult sized fingers. Make sure to measure the widest part of the neck.
  2. The width of the head
    • In addition to measuring the width of your dog’s neck also measure the widest part of the head to make sure the sweater will fit over it.
  3. The width of the chest
    • When measuring the width of the chest do not pull the tape measure too tight. Make sure to measure the widest part of the chest.
  4. The length of the body
    • Measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

Tip: You might need someone to keep your dog still to make sure you get the correct measurements.

Tip: If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape you can use a string or even their leash to determine the length and mark it with a piece of tape. Then measure that using a straight ruler to determine the correct measurement.

Trendy Christmas Sweaters for Dogs in 2023 - Pin with bulldog in sweater
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Warning – Some of the sweaters listed here have pompoms or other add-ons that can be ingested. Sweaters can also be ingested if chewed. Please keep a watchful eye on your dog when wearing any garment. Always supervise your dog to ensure they do not destroy or ingest product. Pay attention to product warning labels

Descriptions are based on the sellers description. We are not responsible for incorrect descriptions. Please refer to the sellers site to confirm information before purchasing any item listed here.

Classic Christmas Sweaters for Dogs

Add some holiday cheer this season with these stylish Christmas sweaters for dogs. They are the perfect choice your pup’s annual Christmas card photo. Plus you can wear them throughout the winter.

Red Rudolph Holiday Sweater

Trendy Christmas Sweaters for Dogs in 2023 - Small dog with red sweater

Our first pick is this adorable holiday sweater that feature a white reindeer with a red nose. This knit sweaters is perfect for those brisk fall days or cold winter nights. You can find this sweater in eight sizes ranging from from XX-small or 3X large. Make sure to carefully review the size chart.


  • Made of 100% combed cotton.

Look for it at

Christmas Sweater Dress for Small Dogs

Trendy Christmas Sweaters for Dogs in 2023 - Small dog with red sweater and black and white skirt fringe

Our next pick is a cute sweater dress for small dogs. The classic red cable knit sweater is paired with a black white skirt that is sewn on the back. The outfit is complete with a bow on the back of the sweater. This outfit is meant for small dogs.


  • Sizes include small, medium and large.
  • Materials: knitted cotton and flannel

Available at

Festive and Cozy Knitted Christmas Sweater

Trendy Christmas Sweaters for Dogs in 2023 - Classical red Christmas sweater

This next sweater is a play on the classic Christmas Sweater with a red, blue and white pattern that features two Reindeer, trees and hearts. Comes in three base colors; red, navy and red & green.


  • Available in three sizes

You can find it at

Knitted Christmas Sweater for Dogs

Trendy Christmas Sweaters for Dogs in 2023 - cream colored dog sweater

This classic sweater is sure to be a favorite for you and your dog. The simple design means no fussing to get it on. The ribbed turtleneck and cozy knit pattern gives this sweater a timeless and classic look that your pup will love. With a wide range of sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your furry friend.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: Knitted, Handcrafted

You can find it at

Mark and Graham

Dog sweater with hohoho on the back

Have you heard about Mark and Graham by Williams Sonoma? They offer unique, personalized gifts for you and your pup. This season they are offering a Christmas themed Dog Sweater for x-small to medium sized dogs.


  • Cream and white sweater feature the saying “Hohoho Coco” on the back.

You can find them at Mark and Graham.


Classic Red Christmas Sweaters for Dogs on White Dog

If you are looking for a timeless Christmas sweater that won’t break the bank, Blueberry has what you are looking for.


  • Classic red cable knit sweater
  • Machine-washable wool blend.

It can be found at

The Chilly Dog

Grey and white snowflake dog sweater on doodle

The Chilly Dog snowflake dog sweater is perfect for a holiday party or chilly walk. The hand knit sweater is made by Artisans in South American out of soft pale grey alpaca wool.


  • Comes in sizes: XX-small to XXX- large
  • Made from 100% alpaca wool

You can find it at

Blueberry Pet

Trendy Christmas Sweaters for Dogs in 2023 Red and white snowflake design on white dog.

It’s time to get cozy with this Blueberry Pet snowflake dog sweater hoodie. The timeless red and white snowflake design is sure to bring holiday cheer to any occasion. Available at

Here we will show you wonderful dog related Christmas ornaments to add to your collection.

Christmas Sweaters for Large Dogs

Dog Christmas Sweaters are hard to find for extra-large breed dogs, but we found one that you may like.

Canada Pooch

Blue dog  sweater for large breed dogs

Next on our list of sweaters is for large breed dogs. This one comes from Canada Pooch. This navy mix sweater will look great on a wintry walk in the snow.

You can find it on

Including your dog in the holiday fun is a great way to bond with your dog. Join us as we show you 17 ways you can include your dog in your family’s holiday traditions or maybe start a new one.

Matching Christmas Sweaters for People and their Dogs

Yukon Sweater For Pups and People

Trendy Christmas Sweaters for Dogs in 2023 - matching Christmas sweaters

Get into the Christmas spirit with these matching sweaters for dogs, kids and adults.

Matching sweaters are brought to us by Dog Threads who were once on the Shark Tank


  • Fibers: 55% cotton 45% acrylic

You can find these sweaters and others at the Dog Threads website.

Funky Tails

The Perfect Dog Christmas Sweater for 2022 - for the whole family

Why should your dog have all the fun? Funky Tails has searched for matching dog and their people Christmas sweaters so you can join the fun.

Funky Tails matching sweaters comes in seven sizes for your dog. All the way from xs to xxxl. Make sure to check out their size chart to see which is the right size for you.

The Wobbly Snowman dog sweater can be found at Here is the link for the human sweater

Blueberry Pet

Reindeer pullover Christmas Sweater for dogs

The Blueberry Pet also offers matching Christmas Sweater Sets. Shown left is their Reindeer pullover which is perfect for the holidays. The vintage design is red and white with navy blue reindeer. You can find this sweater at and the family matching sweaters also at

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Just for Fun Christmas Sweaters for Dogs

I am all for the classic designs but sometimes you just want to have some fun. These next few fun picks will brighten up any day.

Gingerbread House Dog Sweater

Trendy Christmas Sweaters for Dogs in 2023

This over the top Gingerbread man and house is sure to give some holiday cheer for everyone who sees it. Handmade crochet sweater is made by My Knit.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: cotton yarn

You can find it at

Christmas Elf Dog Sweater

Trendy Christmas Sweaters for Dogs in 2023 - Elf dog sweater

This adorable Elf sweater is perfect for Santa’s little helper in your house. Made for small dogs it comes in sizes small, medium and large.


  • Handmade
  • Materials: acrylic yarn

Look for it on

Elf Stocking Hat

Trendy Christmas Sweaters for Dogs in 2023  Elf hat for dogs

Even if your dog will not wear a sweater you can get them in to the holiday spirit with this Elf Stocking hat by Gammy Sangel Wear.


  • Comes in Small, medium and large
  • Offers matching hats for adults

You can find it on

Simple DIY Dog Gift Wrap – Step by step instructions on how to make your own DIY doggy gift wrap. Our gift wrap is both beautiful and can be recycled.

Ugly Dog Christmas Sweater

When it comes to Christmas sweaters for you and your dog “ugly” is in. That is why we have added the ugly dog Christmas sweater list to our picks.

A word of caution: Ugly Dog Christmas Sweaters tend to come with sewn on accessories that can be harmful to your dog. Always keep an eye on your dog when they are wearing them.

Mint Green and Red Sweater

Mint green and red sweater on white dog

This mint green and red sweater from Blueberry Pet is sure to win a prize in an ugly dog Christmas sweater contest. Also available at

Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs

Brown and green ugly sweater on dog

Our last pick is the Blueberry Pet Christmas themed Dog Sweater. I think the picture speaks for itself. It’s available at

Happy Holidays!!!