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White Dog Names: 265+ Names for White Dogs

Updated 08/08/2023 – Deciding on a name for your new puppy can be both exciting and frustrating all at the same time. If you have an all-white puppy you may want to give your dog a name that reflects this characteristic. Although you want a name that fits your pup, you probably also want one that is unique. To help you we created this list of over 275 White Dog Names.

Why choose a White Dog Name?

Some of the most popular dog breeds come with all white coats, like the American Eskimo Dog and the Great Pyrenees. So, it’s only natural that you would give your pup a name that is related to their color.

Here are some of the other dog breeds that come in all white or are primarily white:

  • American Eskimo Dog
  • White American Pitbull
  • Chihuahua
  • Great Pyrenees
  • Havanese
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Maltese
  • Poodle
  • West Highland Terrier
  • Bolognese
  • Pomeranian
  • Bichon Frise
  • Samoyed
  • Siberian Husky
  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
  • Coton de Tulear
  • Japanese Spitz
White Dog Names: 265+ Names for White Dogs

If you want to see what they look like, we have pictures of all the dogs listed above in this post.

Interesting Facts About White Dogs

Did you know that some multicolored dog breeds are born with all white coats? This includes the:

  • Dalmatian – Dalmatians are born completely white. Their spots begin to develop around 10 days old and continue until they are approximately 1 1/2 years old.
  • Australian Cattle Dog -The Australian Cattle Dog are also born all white. Their coats start to change color around four weeks of age.
White Dog Names: 375+ Names for White Dogs - White American Pitbull

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Name for your Dog

  1. When choosing a name for your dog, make sure the name is clear and easy to say. It is best to keep the name to no more than two syllables. Practice saying the name to make sure you are comfortable with it.
  1. Your dog’s name will influence what people think of your dog.  If you name your German Shepherd, Killer, people may believe that your dog presents a danger to others.
  1. Try to choose a unique name.  The last thing you want is to call your dog at the park and have five other dogs respond.
  1. It’s important to ensure that the name does not resemble another command you will use with your dog.
  1. Also remember that you will be saying this name over and over again when they are young so make sure you really like it.
West Highland Terrier laying down with black background

Names for White Dogs

Inspiration for a name for your white dog can be found in everyday life and out in nature. You can choose a name that is descriptive or one that is fun.

The perfect name is only limited by your imagination.

Below we have divided our white dog names into a several different categories. Our first category is Pop Culture or should I say “pup culture”.

White Dog Names from Pop Culture

Pop culture is a great place to start to look for the perfect name. Below you will find names from movies like 101 Dalmatians, Star Wars and other dog friendly movies.

Many of the names are the names of white dogs in the movies or other characters that are white. To make it easier to find the right name, the names are divided by gender.

White Dog Names from Pop Culture – Female

AnaFrozen Female
Anita101 DalmatiansFemale
Betty Betty whiteFemale
ChloeBeverly Hills ChihuahuaFemale
ElsaFrozen Female
Gidget White dog from The Life of PetsFemale
Jewel101 DalmatiansFemale
KneesaaStar Wars – White EwokFemale
NanaPeter Pan Female
Nanny 101 DalmatiansFemale 
PegLady and the TrampFemale 
Penny 101 DalmatiansFemale 
Pepper101 DalmatiansFemale 
Perdita101 DalmatiansFemale 
Coton De Tulear - laying on side

White Dog Names from Pop Culture – Male

Name MovieGender
ChillyChilly Willy – Penguin-1953Male
DigbyLargest dog in the worldMale
KristoffFrozen Male
Lucky101 DalmatiansMale
Lumière Beauty and the Beast Male
MarleyMarley and MeMale
NickiStar Wars White EwokMale
OlafFrozen – Troll Male
Pabble Frozen – Troll Male
Patch101 Dalmatians
Pongo101 DalmatiansMale
Rolly 101 DalmatiansMale
SnoopyCharlie Brown Male
Spotty101 DalmatiansMale
SvenFrozen Male
Thunder101 DalmatiansMale 
WilbyThe Shaggy DogMale 
Wizzer101 DalmatiansMale 
White Dog Names: 375+ Names for White Dogs - Japanese Spitz

Magical Dog Names

White dogs have a magical feel to them. Kind of like the white wizards in the Lord of the Ring movies or the magical fairies that light up the night sky in movies.

So why not name your dog one of these magical names. If that’s not what you are looking for we also added some heavenly names to the list since what’s more magical than the heavens above.

Name Description Gender
Artemis Greek Goddess of the moonFemale
CelesteHeavenly or celestial.Female
CelineMoon (French)Female
DiannaRoman goddess of the moonFemale
HarmonyA gorgeous name that invokes purity, love and grace.Female
LunaItalian for moonFemale
LunarRelating to the moonFemale
LunetteLittle moon (French) Female
NovaStar that suddenly releases a huge burst of bright light Female
Stella  A celestial nameFemale
Cream Havanese
Name Description Gender
AlfieElf or magical counselMale
Anjo Angel in PortugueseMale
Elf (or Elfie)Male
GandalfWhite wizard Male
MerlinWizard Male
Sirius After the dog starMale
DumbledoreWhite wizardMale 
ImpMythical creature that resembles a fiend or demonNeutral 
Maltese puppy sitting on couch

Dog names inspired by white Foods

Food and drink can be another great source of inspiration for a dog’s name. For example, let’s look at the word Chowder. Clam Chowder is not only white but it makes a great name for a dog.

Name Description Gender
Sugar pieFemale 
ChowderAs in Clam ChowderNeutral 
Oreo CookieNeutral 
Spud PotatoNeutral 
WafflesBreakfast foodNeutral
Lhasa Apso dog with white fur and brown ears on white background

Fun Names for White Dogs

While we are having some fun with food related dog names, let’s look at other fun white names for your dog.

One such name is Bisou. Bisou is pronounced like bi.zu. It means a friendly kiss. Isn’t that just the perfect name for your best friend? Plus, you won’t run into too many other dogs with the name. Check out the rest of our list of fun names.

Fun Dog Names for Girls

Name Description Gender
BisouKiss FrenchFemale
Puff As in a powder puffFemale 
White Dog Names: 375+ Names for White Dogs - American Eskimo Puppy running in grass

Fun Dog Names for Boys

NameDescription Gender
Casper Like the GhostMale
Dobby Male
FalconWhite Falcon Guitars Male
Flash Male
Timber Male 
Chihuahua laying in bed

Fun Dog Names for Either Gender

Beach Neutral
Ghost Neutral
CueCue Ball – White ball in poolNeutral 
PolarAs in Polar bear Neutral 
Usha French meaning Little BearNeutral 
White Dog Names: 375+ Names for White Dogs - Poodle running in grass

Nature Inspired Names for White Dogs

The color white often represents a new beginning, like the start of your new life with your puppy. Or like the spring flowers that grow from the earth after a cold winter.

Although there is a lot of color in nature, there are also many things that are white, providing us with opportunities to find unique names for our pets. One such example is the name Nari (pronounced as nārī) which means Lily in Korean.

Check out our list of names for nature below.

NameDescription Gender
CallaCalla Lily – white flowerFemale
EdelShort for Edelweiss a white flowerFemale
FoxyArctic FoxFemale
IrisWhite flowerFemale
JasmineSmall White flower Female
LilouLily Flower (French) Female
LilyWhite flowerFemale
Nari or NareeKorean meaning “Lily” Female
Opal Gemstone that can be white in colorFemale
PeonyA flower which can be white Female
Viola Latin meaning winter flowerFemale
Great Pyrenees puppy laying in grass
NameDescription Gender
CliffCliffs of Dover Male
WolfWhite Wolf Male 
AlbieOld English for BrightNeutral 
Birch White Bark TreeNeutral 
Goose Snow Goose Neutral 
Nimbus Nimbus cloudNeutral 
SnowySnowy owl Neutral 
Storm (y)Neutral 
ThistleWhite Flower Neutral 
White Dog Names: 375+ Names for White Dogs - Bichon Frise puppy laying on red blanket

Dog Names Inspired by the Nordic Lands

I can’t think about the color white without thinking about the land of ice and snow or more commonly known as the Nordic lands. In this grouping of white dog names, you will find names of the Norse gods and also Old Norse words that would make a perfect name for your dog.

AstridOld Norse -Divine strengthFemale
FreyjaNorse Goddess BeautyFemale
Imgram Norse meaning Angel Female
Skadi Norse Mythology- goddess of winterFemale
Andri Old Norse meaning snowshoeMale
BjornScandinavian for BearMale
EgilIcelandic warriorMale
Fannar Old Norse, meaning snowdriftMale
HansScandinavian – God is graciousMale
HeimdallSon of Odin – Norse god Male
LokiNorse GodMale
OdinNorse GodMale
SorenScandinavian name Male
SvenScandinavian – Youth Male
ValeNorse GodsMale
BeinBone or Ivory (Norse)Neutral
BernieScandinavian – Strong as a bearNeutral

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Siberian Husky laying in grass

Dog Names Inspired by Snow

To add to our snowy list of names, here are names that either mean snow in different languages or relate to snow in some way.

Snow Inspired Names for Girls

NameMeaning Gender
Berfin Kurdish meaning snowdrop flowerFemale
Chan Chinese meaning snowFemale
Eira Welsh meaning snowFemale
FjollaAlbanian meaning snowflakeFemale
FlykraGerman and Danish meaning snowflakeFemale
FrostineFrench meaning snowFemale
HaukeaHawaiian meaning white snowFemale
Haunani Hawaiian meaning beautiful snowFemale
Icyln English meaning iceFemale
Ivory Pure white snowFemale
JanaraRoman Mythology it’s the feminine form of Janus, god of the snowFemale
LumiFinnish meaning snowFemale
Miyuki Japanese meaning deep, beautiful snowFemale
Neus Catalan meaning snowFemale
NevadaSnowfall in SpanishFemale
Neve French meaning snowFemale
Nevis Caribbean Spanish meaning snowFemale
NievesSpanish meaning lady of the snowFemale
Nivia Of Latin origin meaning snowFemale
Snow Female
Xuĕ Chinese meaning snowfallFemale
Yukina Japanese meaning snowFemale
Schnee  German meaning SnowFemale 
Bolognese dog looking at camera

Snow Inspired Names for Boys

NameMeaning Gender
Bylur Icelandic meaning snowstormMale
DenaliA snow-capped MountainMale
Edur /EdurneBasque meaning snowMale
Eryi English or Welsh meaning from SnowdonMale
EverestSnow-capped MountainMale
FloconFrench meaning flake like a snowflake Male
FujiMt. Fuji – Snow-capped mountainMale
Iggy Short for iglooMale
JackJack Frost – character who represents winterMale
KariTurkish meaning covered with snowMale
Lixue Chinese meaning pretty snowMale
Nas Native American origin meaning snowMale
Tuhin Indian meaning snowMale
TusharHindi meaning frost or snowMale
YukioJapanese meaning snowMale
YukonA cold Snowy placeMale
Pomeranian sitting in grass

Unisex Snow Inspired Names for Dogs

Name MeaningGender
JuneauJune Mountain – AlaskaNeutral 
NieveSnow in SpanishNeutral 
YukiJapanese meaning snowNeutral 
White Samoyed puppy in tall grass

Dog Names Inspired by Winter

Of course, you can’t think of snow without thinking of the season that brings all the snow. Here you will find winter inspired names for your pup.

NameMeaning Gender
Cherith Hebrew meaning winter streamFemale
Demetria Greek Mythology – goddess of winterFemale
Eve Female
Natasha Russian name meaning ChristmasFemale
Noella French name meaning ChristmasFemale
Noelle French name meaning ChristmasFemale
WrenWinter Bird Female
HollyPlant Female 
White Golden Retriever on white background
NameMeaning Gender
DongChinese meaning winterMale
KolyaWinter (Australia) Male
QuiloRoman Mythology referring to the North WindMale
Yule Old English meaning winter solsticeMale
Santa Santa ClausMale 
Noel French meaning ChristmasNeutral
Tinsel Garland on a Christmas tree Neutral 
White pekingese dog in grass

Words That Mean White

Our next list of dog names is inspired by the word white. Of course, you could simply name your dog Whitey, but here we give you some more choices to give your dog a name that means white but with a bit more flare.

Name Meaning Gender
BiancaWhite in ItalianFemale
BlancWhite in FrenchFemale
Blanca White in SpanishFemale
Blanche French meaning whiteFemale
GinetteFrench meaning White Shadow  Female
Guinevere English name meaning whiteFemale
Gwenyth Welsh name meaning whiteFemale
Gwyneira Welsh meaning blessed snow or white snowFemale
Olwen Welsh name meaning white footprintFemale
Baltas Lithuanian meaning whiteFemale 
White bear like puppy running
Name Meaning Gender
AlbusLatin for whiteMale
Alpin Scottish meaning white Male
AubinWhite Fair – French Male
BainGaelic meaning white, fairMale
Weiss German meaning white Male 
Wit Dutch for white Male 
Bán Old Irish meaning whiteNeutral
Eirwen Welsh name meaning white as snowNeutral
Alba Latin for whiteNeutral 
Blanco Spanish for white Neutral 
VitaSwedish for white Neutral 
White Dog Names: 375+ Names for White Dogs - White dog looking at camera

Dog Names Inspired by Ski Slopes

Last on our list of dog names are names inspired by ski resorts. Below you will find the best dog names that are also the names of ski slopes in the USA.

Dog NameSki Resort NameLocation
AlpineAlpine Valley – White LakeWisconsin
Alta Alta SierraCalifornia
Bretton Bretton Woods New Hampshire
Brighton Brighton Ski ResortUtah
BristolBristol MountainNew York
BurkeBurke MountainVermont
EldoraEldora MountainColorado
HunterHunter MountainNew York
Jackson Jackson HoleWyoming
JayJay Peak Vermont
LoonLoon MountainNew Hampshire
OkemoOkemo MountainVermont
PicoPico MountainVermont
SmugglerSmuggler Notch Resort Vermont
SnowbirdSnowbird Mountain Utah
StoweStowe Mountain Vermont
TaosTaos Ski ValleyNew Mexico
VailVail Ski Resort Colorado
White mixed breed dog

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