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345 Best White Dog Names for Dogs That Are White

Updated 03/19/2024 – Welcome to “Best White Dog Names: 345 Names for White Dogs,” the ultimate guide for pet owners seeking the perfect name for their white-furred friend. Whether you’ve just welcomed a puppy with a snow-white coat into your home or are looking to rename an older dog, finding a name that reflects their personality and appearance can be a delightful yet challenging task.

In this comprehensive post, we’ll explore over 345 names inspired by various themes such as nature, characters from literature and film, mythology, and even food. Our list aims to cater to every type of dog and their owner’s taste.

Tips for Naming Your Dog

Choosing a name for your best new friend is more than just a fun task; it’s an important part of bonding with your new pet and understanding their personality. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect dog name:

  • Consider Your Dog’s Personality: Each dog has a unique personality. Some may be playful and energetic, while others are calm and cuddly. Observe your dog’s behavior and traits to find a name that suits them.
  • Keep It Simple: Names that are short and easy to pronounce are generally better, as they are easier for your dog to understand. Two-syllable names often work well, and they make it easy to get your dog’s attention.
  • Training and Commands: Choose a name that doesn’t sound like common command words (e.g., “Kit” might be too close to “Sit”). This helps avoid confusion during training.
  • Family Agreement: If your pup is a family pet, involve all family members in the naming process. This ensures that everyone feels connected to the pet and likes the name chosen.
  • Test It Out: Once you have a few names in mind, try them out for a day or two. You might find that a name’s suitability becomes clearer when you use it in everyday situations.
  • Uniqueness: While the most popular dog names are great, choosing a unique name can be fun and set your pet apart. Just make sure it’s a name you’ll be comfortable calling out in public.
  • Have Fun: Remember, choosing a name should be a fun and enjoyable process. Don’t stress too much over it – sometimes the best names are the ones that just naturally come to you!
399 Best White Dog Names for Dogs That Are White - Title pic with white westie puppy

Names for White Dogs

Kicking off our list is the “Pop Culture” category, or as we like to call it, “Pup Culture,” where you’ll find great names inspired by iconic characters, celebrities, and memorable moments from the world of entertainment.

White Dog Names from Pop Culture

When looking for the perfect white dog name the world of pop culture can offer a lot of inspiration. Our curated list below features names from dog-centric movies like “101 Dalmatians” and “Star Wars,” focusing on famous white dogs and other white characters from these films.

Female White Dog Name from Pop Culture

  1. Ana – Frozen’s ice princess
  2. Anita – 101 Dalmatians
  3. Arya – Game of Thrones
  4. Belle – Belle and Sebastian, Belle is a large white dog
  5. Betty – Betty white
  6. Bianca – The Rescuers
  7. Chloe – Beverly Hills Chihuahua
  8. Daisy – Daisy Duck in Disney cartoons
  9. Elsa – Frozen’s ice princess
  10. Gidget– White dog from The Life of Pets
  11. Jewel – 101 Dalmatians
  12. Khaleesi – Game of Thrones
  13. Kneesaa – Star Wars – White Ewok
  14. Lafayette – Aristocats
  15. Leia – Princess Leia from Star Wars
  16. Milou (Snowy in English) – The Adventures of Tintin
  17. Nana – Peter Pan
  18. Nanny – 101 Dalmatians
  19. Peg – Lady and the Tramp
  20. Penny – 101 Dalmatians
  21. Pepper – 101 Dalmatians
  22. Perdita – 101 Dalmatians
  23. Toto – From “The Wizard of Oz.”
Coton De Tulear - laying on side

White Male Dog Names from Pop Culture

  1. Bolt – Bolt
  2. Brian – Family Guy
  3. Casper – Pop culture’s friendliest ghost
  4. Chance – From “Homeward Bound.”
  5. Chilly – Chilly Willy – Penguin-1953
  6. Digby – Largest dog in the world
  7. Einstein – Doc Brown’s dog in Back to the Future
  8. Ghost – Dire-wolf from Game of Thrones
  9. Kristoff – Frozen
  10. Krypto – Superman’s dog.
  11. Lucky – 101 Dalmatians
  12. Lumière – Beauty and the Beast
  13. Marley – Marley and Me
  14. Milo – From The Mask
  15. Nicki – Star Wars White Ewok
  16. Olaf – Frozen – Troll
  17. Pabble – Frozen – Troll
  18. Patch – 101 Dalmatians
  19. Pongo – 101 Dalmatians
  20. Rolly – 101 Dalmatians
  21. Snoopy – Charlie Brown
  22. Snowy – Tintin’s dog in The Adventures of Tintin.
  23. Sparky – Frankenweenie
  24. Spotty – 101 Dalmatians
  25. Sven – Frozen
  26. Thunder – 101 Dalmatians
  27. Wishbone – The Jack Russell Terrier from “Wishbone.”
  28. Wilby – The Shaggy Dog
  29. Wizzer – 101 Dalmatians
  30. Zero – The ghost dog in “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”
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Most beautiful Names for White Girl Dogs

Next up, we’ve handpicked our favorite names for white dogs, specifically chosen to complement the charm and beauty of your adorable white furbabies.

  1. Pearl
  2. Ivory
  3. Aspen
  4. Coco – White Chocolate
  5. Crystal
  6. Glimmer
  7. Skye
  8. Winter
  9. Fluffy
  10. Marble
White Dog Names:  Names for White Dogs - Japanese Spitz

Cute White Dog Names

  1. Snowbell
  2. Puffball
  3. Angel
  4. Dove
  5. Frosty
  6. Alaska
  7. Snowdrop
  8. Popcorn
  9. Poppy
  10. Sugar
  11. Sky
  12. Chilly
  13. Glacier
  14. Star
  15. Starlight
  16. Pixie
  17. Willow
West Highland Terrier laying down with black background

Magical Dog Names

White dogs often possess an enchanting, almost mystical aura, reminiscent of the ethereal white wizards from the “Lord of the Rings” movies or the whimsical fairies that illuminate the night sky in fairy tales.

Considering this magical essence, why not choose a name for your dog that captures this spellbinding quality?

For those seeking something beyond the realm of magic, we’ve also included a selection of celestial names and ancient gods in our list, inspired by the heavenly wonders above. These names are perfect for a dog whose presence is as magical and awe-inspiring as the stars in the night sky

Mystical Names for White Girl Dogs

  1. Athena – Greek goddess of wisdom
  2. Artemis – Greek Goddess of the moon
  3. Aurora – Roman goddess of dawn
  4. Celeste – Heavenly or celestial
  5. Celine – Moon (French)
  6. Ceres – Roman goddess of agriculture
  7. Demeter – Greek goddess of the harvest
  8. Dianna – Roman goddess of the moon
  9. Eos – Greek goddess of the dawn.
  10. Fairy
  11. Faith
  12. Harmony – A gorgeous name that invokes purity, love and grace
  13. Hera – Greek queen of the gods.
  14. Hestia – Greek goddess of the hearth.
  15. Juno – Roman queen of the gods
  16. Luna – Italian for moon
  17. Lunar – Relating to the moon
  18. Lunette – Little moon (French)
  19. Nova – Star that suddenly releases a huge burst of bright light
  20. Nyx – Greek goddess of the night.
  21. Phoebe – Greek Titaness associated with the moon.
  22. Selene – Greek goddess of the moon.
  23. Sprite
  24. Stella – A celestial name
  25. Tinkerbell
  26. Moonbeam
  27. Mystic
  28. Venus – Roman goddess of love and beauty.
Cream Havanese

Mystical Boy Dog Names

  1. Alfie – Elf or magical counsel
  2. Anjo – Angel in Portuguese
  3. Apollo – Greek god of light and the sun.
  4. Atlas – Greek Titan who held up the sky.
  5. Boo
  6. Elf (or Elfie)
  7. Dumbledore – White wizard
  8. Gandalf – White wizard
  9. Helios – Greek god of the sun
  10. Imp – Mythical creature that resembles a fiend or demon
  11. Merlin – Wizard
  12. Orion – A hunter in Greek mythology.
  13. Sirius – After the dog star
  14. Yeti
Maltese puppy sitting on couch

Dog names inspired by white Foods

Looking for a great dog name? Turn to your favorite food or beverage for a touch of creative inspiration. Take “Chowder,” for example. This name not only captures the essence of the creamy, white Clam Chowder but also offers a distinctive and charming choice for your dog’s name. This approach combines culinary favorites with the joy of naming your furry friend.

  1. Biscuit
  2. Biscotti
  3. Blonde
  4. Brie
  5. Carmel – For a cream-colored dog
  6. Coconut or Coco
  7. Cookie
  8. Cupcake
  9. Chowder
  10. Custard
  11. Ginger
  12. Milky
  13. Mochi
  14. Oreo – Cookie
  15. Spud – Potato
  16. Sugar pie
  17. Tofu
  18. Truffles
  19. Waffles
  20. Whisky
Lhasa Apso dog with white fur and brown ears on white background

Fun Names for White Dogs

If you are looking for fun and unique dog names, consider the delightful option of “Bisou,” pronounced ‘bee-zoo.’ This charming term, meaning ‘a friendly kiss’ in French, perfectly encapsulates the loving and affectionate nature of your fluffy white dog. Don’t forget to explore our full list for more imaginative and fun name ideas for your furry friend.

Fun White Names for Girl Dogs

  1. Bisou – Kiss French
  2. Blondie
  3. Bubbles
  4. Button
  5. Cotton
  6. Daisy
  7. Dazzle
  8. Froyo – Frozen Yogurt
  9. Fluffy
  10. Glacier
  11. Icy
  12. Ivy
  13. Misty
  14. Lacey
  15. Powder 
  16. Puff – As in a powder puff
  17. Snowball
  18. Vanilla Bean
  19. Yeti
White Dog Names:  Names for White Dogs - American Eskimo Puppy running in grass

Fun Dog Names for Boys

  1. Bones
  2. Comet
  3. Dobby 
  4. Falcon -White Falcon Guitars
  5. Flash 
  6. Timber 
Chihuahua laying in bed

Fun Dog Names for Either Gender

  1. Beach 
  2. Cloud
  3. Ghost 
  4. Bean
  5. Bear
  6. Cotton
  7. Cue – Cue Ball – White ball in pool
  8. Echo
  9. Noodles
  10. Peanut
  11. Polar – As in Polar bear 
  12. Sprinkles
  13. Twinkle
  14. Usha  – French meaning Little Bear
White Dog Names: Names for White Dogs - Poodle running in grass

Nature Inspired Names for White Dogs

The color white symbolizes fresh starts, much like the beginning of your journey with your new puppy or the way spring flowers emerge after a long winter.

Nature is rich in color, yet it also offers an abundance of white elements, presenting unique opportunities for pet naming. Consider, for instance, the name Nari (pronounced ‘nah-ree’), which translates to ‘Lily’ in Korean—a beautiful and unique choice that reflects the purity and elegance found in nature’s white wonders.

Check out our list of female names for nature below.

  1. Breeze
  2. Calla – Calla Lily – white flowers
  3. Coral
  4. Dawn
  5. Edel – Short for Edelweiss a white flower
  6. Flurry
  7. Foxy – Arctic Fox
  8. Iris – White flower
  9. Jasmine – Small White flower
  10. Lilou – Lily Flower (French)
  11. Lily – White flower
  12. Lotus
  13. Nari or Naree – Korean meaning “Lily” 
  14. Opal – Gemstone that can be white in color
  15. Orchid
  16. Peony – A flower which can be white
  17. Petal
  18. Raine
  19. Rose
  20. Sunny
  21. Tulip
  22. Viola – Latin meaning winter flower
Great Pyrenees puppy laying in grass

Male or neutral names from nature

  1. Albie – Old English for Bright
  2. Birch – White Bark Tree
  3. Blaze
  4. Cedar
  5. Cliff – Cliffs of Dover
  6. Cloud
  7. Falcon
  8. Goose – Snow Goose
  9. Hail
  10. Nimbus – Nimbus cloud
  11. Pebble
  12. Pine
  13. Snowy – Snowy owl
  14. Storm (y)
  15. Thistle – White Flower
  16. Whisper
  17. Wolf – White Wolf
White Dog Names: Names for White Dogs - Bichon Frise puppy laying on red blanket

White Dog Names Inspired by the Nordic Lands

When the color white comes to mind, it’s hard not to envision the icy, snow-covered landscapes often associated with the Nordic regions. In this collection of white dog names, we delve into the rich Norse mythology, offering names inspired by Norse gods, along with ancient Old Norse words that would beautifully suit your dog. This selection is ideal for those seeking a name that echoes the majestic and frosty allure of the Nordic lands.

  1. Astrid – Old Norse -Divine strength, Female
  2. Eir – Norse goddess of healing.
  3. Freya – Old Norse for “lady,” associated with love and beauty.
  4. Freyja – Norse Goddess Beauty
  5. Imgram – Norse meaning Angel, Female
  6. Skadi -Norse Mythology- goddess of winter, Female
  7. Andri – Old Norse meaning snowshoe, Male
  8. Baldur – Norse god of light and purity.
  9. Bjorn – Scandinavian for Bear, Male
  10. Egil – Icelandic warrior, Male
  11. Fannar – Old Norse, meaning snowdrift, Male
  12. Fjord – Male
  13. Hans – Scandinavian – God is gracious, Male
  14. Heimdall – Son of Odin – Norse god
  15. Loki – Norse God
  16. Odin – Norse God
  17. Soren – Scandinavian name, Male
  18. Sven – Scandinavian – Youth, Male
  19. Thor – Norse god of thunder.
  20. Vale – Norse God
  21. Bein – Bone or Ivory (Norse), Neutral
  22. Bernie – Scandinavian – Strong as a bear, Neutral

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Siberian Husky laying in grass

Unique Names Inspired by Snow

Expanding our frosty-themed name collection, we present a selection of names that either directly translate to ‘snow’ in different languages or have a close association with snow. This list is perfect for those seeking names that encapsulate the essence of wintry landscapes and the serene beauty of snow.

Snow Inspired Names for Girls

  1. Berfin – Kurdish meaning snowdrop flower
  2. Chan – Chinese meaning snow
  3. Eira – Welsh meaning snow
  4. Fjolla – Albanian meaning snowflake
  5. Flykra – German and Danish meaning snowflake
  6. Frostine – French meaning snow
  7. Haukea – Hawaiian meaning white snow
  8. Haunani  – Hawaiian meaning beautiful snow
  9. Icyln – English meaning ice
  10. Ivory – Pure white snow
  11. Janara – Roman Mythology it’s the feminine form of Janus, god of the snow
  12. Lumi – Finnish meaning snow
  13. Miyuki – Japanese meaning deep, beautiful snow
  14. Neus – Catalan meaning snow
  15. Nevada – Snowfall in Spanish
  16. Neve – French meaning snow
  17. Nevis  – Caribbean Spanish meaning snow
  18. Nieves – Spanish meaning lady of the snow
  19. Nivia – Of Latin origin meaning snow
  20. Snow   
  21. Schnee – German meaning Snow
  22. Tundra
  23. Xuĕ – Chinese meaning snowfall
  24. Yukina – Japanese meaning snow Aurora  
Bolognese dog looking at camera

Snow Inspired Names for Boys

  1. Artic
  2. Bylur – Icelandic meaning snowstorm
  3. Denali – A snow-capped Mountain
  4. Edur /Edurne – Basque meaning snow
  5. Eryi – English or Welsh meaning From Snowdon
  6. Everest – Snow-capped Mountain
  7. Flocon – French meaning flake like a snowflake Frost  
  8. Fuji – Mt. Fuji – Snow-capped mountain
  9. Iggy – Short for igloo
  10. Jack – Jack Frost – character who represents winter
  11. Kari – Turkish meaning covered with snow
  12. Lixue – Chinese meaning pretty snow
  13. Nas – Native American origin meaning snow
  14. River
  15. Summit
  16. Tuhin – Indian meaning snow
  17. Tushar – Hindi meaning frost or snow
  18. Yukio – Japanese meaning snow
  19. Yukon – A cold Snowy place
Pomeranian sitting in grass

Unisex Snow Inspired Names for Dogs

  1. Ice  
  2. Igloo  
  3. North  
  4. Alaska  
  5. Arctic  
  6. Blizzard  
  7. Glacier  
  8. Iceberg  
  9. Juneau – June Mountain – Alaska
  10. Nieve – Snow in Spanish
  11. Snowball  
  12. Snowflake  
  13. Yuki – Japanese meaning snow
White Samoyed puppy in tall grass

Dog Names Inspired by Winter

Naturally, the mention of snow brings to mind the season that blankets the world in its chilly splendor. In this segment, we’ve compiled a list of winter-inspired names, perfect for your pup who might remind you of this frosty and enchanting time of year.

Winter Inspired Names for Girl Dogs

  1. Cherith – Hebrew meaning winter stream
  2. Demetria – Greek Mythology – goddess of winter Eve  
  3. Natasha – Russian name meaning Christmas
  4. Noelle – French name meaning Christmas
  5. Wren – Winter Bird
  6. Holly – Plant
  7. Winter
White Golden Retriever on white background

Winter Inspired Names for Boy Dogs

  1. Chilly
  2. Dong – Chinese meaning winter
  3. Kolya – Winter (Australia) 
  4. Quilo – Roman Mythology referring to the North Wind
  5. Yule – Old English meaning winter solstice
  6. Santa – Santa Claus
  7. Noel – French meaning Christmas
  8. Tinsel – Garland on a Christmas tree 
White pekingese dog in grass

Words That Mean White

Moving on to our next selection, we’ve curated a list of dog names that draw inspiration from the concept of ‘white.’ While ‘Whitey’ is a straightforward option, we offer a variety of other choices that signify ‘white’ with an added touch of uniqueness and style, giving your dog a name that stands out while celebrating their snowy hue.

Female Dog Names – Words That Mean White

  1. Baltas – Lithuanian meaning white    
  2. Bianca – White in Italian
  3. Blanc – White in French
  4. Blanca – White in Spanish
  5. Blanche – French meaning white
  6. Ginette – French meaning White Shadow  
  7. Guinevere – English name meaning white
  8. Gwenyth – Welsh name meaning white
  9. Olwen – Welsh name meaning white footprint
White bear like puppy running

Male Dog Names – Words That Mean White

  1. Alba – Latin for white
  2. Albus – Latin for white
  3. Alpin – Scottish meaning white
  4. Aubin – White Fair – French 
  5. Bain – Gaelic meaning white, fair
  6. Bán – Old Irish meaning white
  7. Blanco – Spanish for white 
  8. Eirwen – Welsh name meaning white as snow
  9. Weiss – German meaning white 
  10. Wit – Dutch for white 
  11. Vita – Swedish for white 
  12. Whitey  
  13. Whitney  
White Dog Names: Names for White Dogs - White dog looking at camera

Dog Names Inspired by Ski Slopes

Concluding our list of dog names, we turn to the slopes for inspiration, featuring names drawn from renowned ski resorts across the United States of America. Below, discover an array of top-notch dog monikers that double as names for some of the country’s most famous ski destinations.

  1. Alpine – Alpine Valley – White Lake, Wisconsin
  2. Alta – Alta Sierra, California
  3. Aspen – Aspen, Colorado
  4. Bretton – Bretton Woods, New Hampshire
  5. Brighton – Brighton Ski Resort, Utah
  6. Bristol – Bristol Mountain, New York
  7. Burke – Burke Mountain, Vermont
  8. Eldora – Eldora Mountain, Colorado
  9. Hunter – Hunter Mountain, New York
  10. Jackson – Jackson Hole, Wyoming
  11. Jay – Jay Peak, Vermont
  12. Loon – Loon Mountain, New Hampshire
  13. Okemo – Okemo Mountain, Vermont
  14. Pico – Pico Mountain, Vermont
  15. Stowe – Stowe Mountain, Vermont
  16. Taos – Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico
  17. Vail – Vail Ski Resort, Colorado
White mixed breed dog

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