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Lake George, NY: 14 Dog Friendly Things to Do

Updated: 01/09/2024 Whether you are looking for a summer vacation or a quick fall getaway in the Northeast, Lake George, NY has a lot to offer to those looking for a dog friendly vacation.

If you have read any of my other dog friendly vacation travel ideas, you will know that to be considered a dog friendly vacation location it needs to meet my three conditions:

  • First, it needs at least a few dog friendly hotels, or rental homes nearby.
  • Second, it needs to have multiple dog friendly places to eat.
  • Lastly, it needs to have enough dog friendly activities to keep us all busy while we are there.

It’s this last condition of dog friendly activities that most places lack. After all, what good is dog friendly accommodations if there is nothing to do with your dog once you get there.

Let me clarify what I mean when I say dog friendly activities. I mean places that offer family fun, but also allow dogs to tag along.

Who really wants to go on a vacation just to visit a dog park? Especially since most hotels that allow dogs, don’t allow you to leave your dog in the room while you are out.

But we recently took a trip to Lake George, NY and found there was plenty to do for our whole family even our mini doodle, Bella.

Note: Please confirm with the venue that dogs are still allowed prior to visiting. Information listed here is subject to change without notice. While we strive to insure accuracy on, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Also, the mentioning of a business on this page should not be viewed as an endorsement. Lake George Pier

Dog Friendly Ways to Get to Lake George, NY

First things first, you need to get to Lake George, NY.

Lake George is located in the Adirondacks region of New York State. The actual lake is just over 32 miles long and 2.5 miles at its widest point. The lake is mainly in Warren County, NY.

There are a few towns that run along Lake George, NY. But when people talk about coming to Lake George they are generally referring to the town of Lake George, which sits at the southern tip of the lake. This is also where we planned most of our activities for our trip.

The closest large city to the town of Lake George is Albany, NY which is about 60 miles to the south. By the way, Albany, NY, is another dog friendly place to visit.

Lake George, NY:  Dog Friendly Things to Do
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By car:

Getting to Lake George is easy by car. The New York State Thruway runs right by the town of Lake George.

Approximate time to get to Lake George from:

  • Albany, NY – 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Montreal, CA – 2.5 to 3 hours
  • New York City – 4 hours
  • Hartford, Ct – 3 hours
  • Boston, Ma -3.5 to 4 hours
  • Providence, RI – 3.5 to 4.5 hours
  • Philadelphia, PA – 3.5 to 5 hours
Bella in front of Lake George Visitor Center
Bella in front of Lake George Visitor Center

By Train:

While Amtrak does allow small dogs in a crate (under 20 lbs., including carrier) to ride on the Adirondack Rail Line for up to 7 hours, the closest stop to Lake George is in Saratoga Spring, NY. From there you will need to make your way to Lake George which is about 35 minutes away. Go to Amtrak’s pet policy for more information.

If you choose this option you will be limited to where you can go once you are in Lake George. The local buses and trolleys do not allow pets on board.

For passengers without pets, Amtrak offers bus service from Saratoga Springs to Lake George, but pets are not allowed on the buses.

By Plane:

  • The closest international airport is Albany International Airport, which is about 54 miles from Lake George.
  • The smaller Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport is approximately 12 miles away.

In both cases you will need to rent a car, taxi or call Uber Pet for a ride to Lake George. Dog Friendly Lake George Shoreline Walkway

Getting around in Lake George

If you plan on staying in Lake George Village you can walk around fairly easy, but not all the activities listed below are in walking distance from the village. There are a few that will require a car ride to get to them.

Parking in Lake George Village

If you are visiting Lake George during the busy season, you will find that most parking spots require a fee to park. The Lake George Examiner has a comprehensive guide to parking in the area

Lake George NY: Dog Friendly Things to Do

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14 Dog Friendly Things to Do in Lake George, NY

If you want to do all the activities listed below it will take you about 3 or more days to do all of them, depending on how rushed you want to be. We only had two days in Lake George so there are a few that we were not able to get to.

1. Go on a Cruise

No trip to Lake George is complete without a trip on the water. One of the ways to do this is a cruise around the lake.

There are a few cruise ships that take tourists on a trip around the lake but only one, that we found, allows leashed dogs to accompany you. Lake George Cruises - the Horicon
Lake George Shoreline Cruises – The Horicon

That ship is The Horicon. The Horicon is an 85-foot, double deck yacht that is part of the LAKE GEORGE SHORELINE CRUISES.

The Horicon offers multiple types of cruises throughout the day and evening, but not all of Horicon’s cruises allow pet dogs. You can find out which ones do by checking the description of the cruise on their website.

Lake George Shoreline Cruises also operates a larger ship named The Adirondac, but this ship does not allow pets on board.

Lake George Shoreline Cruises is located on the lake at 2 Kurosaka Lane in Lake George, NY. Phone # 518-668-4644.

Dog on boat looking back

2. Rent a Boat

If you would prefer to have more say on where you go on Lake George, you can rent a dog friendly boat, in season, from one of these vendors:

Brodies Lakeside -offers a few different boat types for rent. Some will require a boating license so please inquire with them before reserving a boat. Boats can be reserved in advance on-line.

Brodies allows pet dogs but will charge an additional fee if extra cleaning is needed. Also, dogs must be leashed while on their property.

Brodies Lakeside Boat Rentals is located on the lake at 3686 Lake Shore Drive in Lake George, NY. Phone # 855-525-2628.

LG Boat Rentals – is another dog friendly place that rents Pontoon boats on a first come first serve basis.

Unlike some of the other boat rental companies, they will rent boats for just a few hours at a time. But they are very busy so you need to get there early or be prepared to wait for a boat.

They are conveniently located in the Lake George Village at 204 Canada Street in Lake George. Phone # 518-685-5331.

Lake George Kayak Co. Boat House - outside pic
Lake George Kayak Co. Boat House

3. Go Kayaking or SUP

If your pup likes to be on the water you can take them for a ride on Lake George in a kayak, SUP or canoe.

Lake George Kayak Co is pet-friendly and just a few minutes away from Lake George Village in dog friendly Bolton Landing, NY.

They offer hourly, half day and full day rentals for single or double Kayaks, Stand-Up Paddleboards and Canoes.

It’s advised that your pup wear a life jacket while on Lake George. Lake George Kayak, Co does not offer doggy life jackets so you will need to bring your own.

The Lake George Kayak Co Boat House is located at 3 Boathouse Lane in Bolton Landing, NY. Phone: 518-644-9366.

Sign in Sagamore Resort to LG Kayak Co.
Sign in Sagamore Resort to LG Kayak Co.

Getting to Lake George Kayak Co.

Lake George Kayak Co. is located on Green Island. You will need to go over a bridge and enter the Sagamore Resort to reach them.

There is a guard at the entrance gate into the Sagamore Resort. Just let them know you are going to Lake George Kayak Co and they will give you a pass that allows you to enter without paying the daily parking fee. At least that is what happened when we went.

The Lake George Kayak Co. boathouse is right next to their store. You enter the store to rent the equipment and then take the paperwork to the back of the boathouse to get setup with life jackets and kayak equipment.

The Lake George Kayak co is located in a no wake zone that is protected by the island from the rest of Lake George, making it an ideal location for beginners.

We had a great time paddling around. The kids each had their own kayak and my husband and I shared a double with the dog. Even Bella started to relax after she became used to being in the boat with us. To hear more about our experience check out our review of the Lank George Kayak Co.

Remember to return the pass to the guard on the way out.

Lake George Dog Beach

4. Let your dog go for a swim at the Lake George Dog Beach

Located along the shore of Lake George, just west of Million Dollar Beach lies the Lake George Dog Beach. This area is not an official dog park, but locals have been letting their dogs swim in the water here for years.

The beach is free but small, with just a small patch of grass between the sand and a busy road. When we were there, the beach was about 20 feet deep and maybe 75 feet wide. The picture above was taken from the sidewalk next to the beach.

The area is not fenced in. There are also no lifeguards or bathrooms.

When we went by, there were signs that stated no bathing or wading. But there were still at least three families swimming in the water. Only one had a mini goldendoodle with them.

While it was quiet when we were there, it seems that the place can become very crowded with people and their dogs. I have heard that sometimes the beach fills up with an overflow of people, without dogs, from Million Dollar Beach.

I did not see waste bags so make sure to bring your own bags. It’s important to clean up after your dog so the lake stays clean and remains swimmable.

There is no parking at the Dog Beach, but you can park at Million Dollar Beach or nearby Fort William Henry for a fee.

Bill Perkins Memorial Booth K-9 Water Station - Lake George
Bill Perkins Memorial Booth K-9 Water Station – Lake George

5. Explore Lake George Village

The Lake George Village is a great spot to spend some time walking around on a nice day. The sidewalks are wide but have little shade in some areas.

You will find water bowls for canine visitors scattered throughout the town.

Take a walk along the Lake George shoreline starting at Million Dollar Beach and continue walking along the shore to Shepard Park. It’s about a mile between these two points.

Stop by the Lake George Visitor’s Center along the way to get maps of the area. You will also find an assortment of dog friendly restaurants with outdoor patios or decks that overlook Lake George.

When you reach Shepard park, walk up to Canada Street. There you will find an assortment of shops and some more restaurants. Many of the shops tend to be t-shirt type shops but there are a few that are different.

Old Courthouse Lake George
Old Courthouse Lake George

6. Take the Self-Guided Colonial Wars Walking Tour

Did you know that Lake George played a pivotal role in the early history of this country? Learn all about the history of Lake George with their Self-Guided Colonial Wars Walking tour.

The walking trail is 3.3 miles long and takes about two hours to complete. It starts at The Old Courthouse located on the corner of Amherst and Canada Streets and ends at the Fort William Henry Cemetery and Memorial.

Along the way you will see many historic sites, monuments and markers that help to tell the history of the area. Some of the stops, like the Battlefield Visitor Interpretive Center, do not allow pet dogs inside but most stops are outside and dog friendly.

Lake George Mystery Spot

7. Find the Mystery Spot

You can find the Lake George Mystery Spot between the Lake George Village Information Center and the Lake George shoreline. The exact location of the mystery spot is at the intersection of two lines that cross a raised, circular platform in Blais Park on Beach Road.

What makes this spot a mystery is that if you stand directly in the middle of the circle where the metal rods cross and speak, you will hear an unexplained echo that only you can hear. It works best if you stand facing the lake.

We did try it while we were here, but a storm was coming in. I think that might have affected the sound. We did still hear a small vibration of our voices, but not a true echo.

8. Visit Fort William Henry Museum

The Fort William Henry Museum is located on the site of the original French and Indian War Fort in Lake George. It is a replica of the original fort. As you walk around the fort you will learn about what life was like in the fort during the war.

Fort William Henry is pet-friendly as long as they are well-behaved and on a leash. You need to pick up after them of course.

It was also advised that you do not bring a dog that is scared of loud noises due to the musket and cannon demonstrations.

You can find the Fort William Henry Museum on 48 Canada Street in Lake George, just south of the Lake George Village. Phone: 518-668-5471

The Dog Cabin Store Front

9. Stop for a treat

If you and your pup need a break, you can stop by one of the many dog friendly restaurants (listed below) in the Lake George Village. But first stop by the Dog Cabin for some home baked treats made just for dogs.

You can find The Dog Cabin at 32 Montcalm Street (behind Caffe Vero) in Lake George Village. Phone: 518-688-3251

Shepard Park Amphitheater – Lake George

10. Enjoy a free outdoor concert in the park.

Shepard Park, which is located on the western shore of Lake George in the village, hosts free concerts at their outdoor lakeside Amphitheater during the summer. Most concerts start around 6 pm. You can find the concert schedule in the Lake George Examiner under their concerts section

Shepard Park is located at approximately 259 Canada Street, Lake George, NY  12845. You need to walk down towards the water to find the theater.

11. Visit the Lake George Battlefield State Park

Located across from Million Dollar Beach, the Lake George Battlefield State park is home to many battles between the colonists, the French and the Indians on both sides that fought during the French and Indian War.

As you walk through the park you will find a number of statues of historical figures. You can also find the ruins of Old Fort George along with markers and memorials from the war. It’s another great place to learn about the history of Lake George.

Lake George Battlefield State Park is also part of the walking tour but you don’t need to do the entire tour to appreciate the park.

Lake George Battlefield State Park Dog Policy – The website states that dogs are allowed in the Campground area but not in the day use areas. I wasn’t sure what ‘day use areas” meant, so I called the park office.

They stated that dogs are allowed to walk around the park as long as they are on a 6 foot or less leash and you clean up after them. Dogs are not allowed in buildings or the beaches.

12. Stop for a drink

The Adirondack Pub and Brewery offers up craft beers and a pet-friendly area on their outdoor patio. You can find them at 33 Canada Street in Lake George. Phone: 518-688-0002.

13. Go on a Hike

There are lots of dog friendly trails in the Lake George area, that range from easy to hard. To find the best trails for you I suggest looking on to find one that fits your capability and interest.

Just make sure you keep your dog’s abilities in mind too, when picking a hike.

Since we hike with a small dog we generally look for moderate or easy trails to do with her.

Bella at the end of the Sleeping Beauty Trail, Lake George, NY
Bella at the end of the Sleeping Beauty Trail, Lake George, NY

We chose to hike the Sleepy Beauty Mountain Trail. This trail is located outside of the Lake George Village so you will need a car to get there.

The trail leads you to the summit on the opposite side of the Lake from Prospect Mountain which is not dog friendly. This trail is long and steep but also has some flat sections. It is rated moderate on

14. Visit the Lake George Dog Park

If your pup needs some off-leash time you can take them to the Lake George Dog Park. The dog park is located at the Lake George Recreation Center on Transfer Road. It’s about 2.5 miles from the Lake George Dog Beach in downtown Lake George.

The park offers two fenced-in areas; one for small dogs and one for larger dogs. Each section offers some obstacles in the way of tunnels, slides or large rocks. Both areas also offer a place to sit.

There are no trees in either area and very little shed. Make sure to bring water and a bowl. Sometimes there are “water features” as in a tub of water, but it gets dirty quickly.

Poop bags are provided but bring your own in case they run out.

Lakefront Walkway Directory
Lakefront Walkway Directory – Lake George NY

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Lake George

Lake George is filled with restaurants that offer outdoor seating making finding a dog-friendly place to eat is pretty easy. Here are just a few of the restaurants with outdoor spaces that allow dogs to join you. Please call before going to make sure their policy has not changed.

1. The Breakfast Spot – As the name applies they serve breakfast but with a bit of a 1950’s flair. The restaurant is a little off the main road so you need to look for it. They offer a small outdoor patio in front of the restaurant that is dog friendly.

You can find them at 42 Amherst Street in Lake George. Phone:518-685-3449.

Lake George Beach Club - Dog Friendly Lake George NY
Lake George Beach Club – Dog Friendly Lake George NY

2. Lake George Beach Club – is a waterfront American tavern that is right next to the pier at Shepard Park Beach. They offer a large dog-friendly outside deck.

You can find them at 3 Montcalm Street in Lake George. Phone:518-685-5418.

Lake George Mall NY

3. The Lagoon – is located in the back of the Lake George Village Mall on the second floor. They offer pizza, seafood and American fare. Well-behaved dogs are allowed on the back deck.

The address is 204 Canada Street, Lake George. Phone: 518-685-5009.

King Neptune’s Pub – Lake George, NY

4. King Neptuneʼs Pub – is located on the water not far from the visitor’s center. They are an American grill that also serves drinks. Well-behaved, leashed dogs are allowed on their outside patio that overlooks the lake.

You can find King Neptune’s Pub at 1 Kurosaka Lane. Phone at 518-668-2017

5. 163 Tap Room – is a casual pub located on the main street of the village. Their offerings include sandwiches, items from the grill and street tacos. They have a fairly large patio in front of the Restaurant.

You can find them at 163 Canada Street in Lake George Village. Phone: 518-685-3236

Dog Friendly Places to Stay in Lake George

There are plenty of dog friendly places to stay in Lake George and the surrounding areas. You can choose from large resorts, smaller motels or vacation homes. Here are just a few stand outs we found during our research.

The Lake George Inn is a dog friendly motel in the heart of Lake George Village. They are located at 444 Canada Street in Lake George Village. Please contact them to get updated information on their pet-friendly rooms. Phone: 518-668-2673.

The Hill View Motel and Cottages also offers pet-friendly accommodations. Dogs are allowed to stay in the Hill View Cottages for a onetime fee per dog. Hill View offer guests, beach accessibility through its sister property Blue Lagoon Resort.

Address: 3647 Lake Shore Drive, Lake George. Phone: 518-668-5539.

Twin Birches Cottages are located further north up the west side of Lake George, but they are still in Lake George. They offer select cottages and 1st floor apartments that are pet friendly. In addition, they have two pools and a private beach.

Address is 3201 Lake Shore Drive, Lake George. Phone: 518-668-2741.

If you are looking for a luxury experience, the Sagamore Resort might be what you are looking for. You can find the Sagamore Resort on Green Island in Bolton Landing, NY

This resort offers a diverse range of accommodations that include lodge rooms, standalone houses, and residential style condos with some of them being pet-friendly.

Sagamore Resort Dog Policy: Welcomes well-mannered dogs 30lbs or less for a non-refundable fee per night per dog. Maximum of two dogs per room. Other restrictions may apply.

The Sagamore Resort is located at 110 Sagamore Rd in Bolton Landing, NY. Phone: 866-384-1944.

As Marriott Bonvay members we chose to stay at the Residence Inn in Saratoga Springs. The hotel was about 30 minutes away from the Lake George Village. We also explored dog friendly Saratoga Springs during this trip.

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