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Self Serve Dog Wash Station: Where to Find One

Looking for a Self-serve Dog Wash Station to clean your dog?

Anyone who owns a dog knows that dogs can get very dirty quickly. Especially during the muddy seasons of late winter and spring.

While some dogs enjoy getting clean, most would rather skip the bath and stay dirty.

This turns giving them a bath at home into a back breaking experience. Not to mention the mess and puddles that are created when they try to get out.

Oh, let’s not forget that all that washed out fur can clog up your drains, causing yet another headache.  

To make your life easier many national chains and independent pet stores have opened self-serve dog washing stations throughout the USA.

If you are looking for one you have come to the right place.

Join us as we show you where to look for a self serve dog washing station near you.

Self Serve Dog Wash Station: Where to find One -

Questions to Ask Before Using a Self Serve Dog Wash Station

Self serve pet washing stations can differ from one company to the next. You may even find differences within the same company but at different locations.

Before taking your dog to a commercial dog washing station, visit the location to scope out everything you need to know beforehand. If there is an attendant ask any questions you may have.

If you are lucky enough to have multiple pet washing stations near you, I suggest that you check-out each one before deciding on one to take your dog to.

Here are a few suggestions on what to look for and ask about.

  • Look for safely features like non-slip mats or flooring in the tub and on the floor outside of the tub
  • Are there safety gates in case your pup jumps out of the tub?
  • Are there ramps to allow easy access for older dogs?
  • Is there an in-tub leash to free up your hands.
  • Are the tubs cleaned in-between use?
  • How much does it cost? How much time do you get? Can you add extra time if you need it?
  • What supplies are included with the price?
    • Do they supply shampoo and conditioner? Is it the kind of shampoo you would use on your dog?
    • What about towels or an air blower?
  • Is everything done in at one station? Or do they have a washing station and a drying station?
  • What form of payment do they take?
  • Do you need to make an appointment?
  • What other services do they provide?
    • Many stores will cut your dog’s nails or clean their ears for an extra cost.
  • If you have a large dog like a Newfiedoodle make sure the tub is big enough for them to comfortable turn around.
Yorkie getting washed

An alternative to going out to wash your dog is created a Dog Wash Station in your home. To learn more check out our post on Best Dog Wash Station Ideas for your Home with 75+ Photos

How to Use a Self Serve Dog Wash Station

After you have done your pre-check of the facility, it’s time to bring your dog to get washed. Our tips listed here are based on our own experiences and may or may not apply to you. Use your best judgement when using a self-serve pet washing station.

  1. Make sure to gather all your supplies before you go. Items that might not be included in the cost of a self serve dog wash, are a dog brush, face wipes, preferred shampoos and conditioners.
  1. If you have a reactive dog, go early in the morning or during the week when the store is less crowded.
  1. Thoroughly brush your dog’s coat before going to the dog wash. This step is crucial if you have a long or curly haired dog, like a Goldendoodle or mini Bernedoodle. Water will make the mats tighter. Mats will also prevent you from completely drying your dog which can lead to skin infections.
  1. Make sure to allow your dog to eliminate before going into the store. That way you don’t have to worry about accidents in the store.
  1. Give your dog a minute to smell the area and become comfortable.
  1. Don’t forget to attach your dog to the tub using the provided restraints. This will prevent your pup from getting out and getting hurt.
  1. Check the water temperature to ensure it is not too hot or too cold for your dog.
  1. Begin washing your pup. Start by wetting down your dog. Make sure to not get water in their ears. If water gets in it may cause an infection.
  1. Next apply the shampoo and lather them up. I prefer to start at the base of the neck and move down towards their backside. Don’t forget to wash their underside. If your dog has a thick coat a rubber dog bath brush will help get down to their skin.
  1. When you are done washing make sure to rinse them thoroughly. Any shampoo that if left behind may irritate their skin.
  1. If you choose to use a conditioner this the time to apply it. Follow the directions on the conditioner bottle. Some need to be rinsed out and others are leave in.
  1. Now it is time to dry your pup. Start by squeezing as much water out of their fur as you can. This will shorten the drying time. Next, if you have access to dog towels, use them to absorb some of the water that is left. If they have an air blower use it to completely dry your dog.
Self Serve Dog Wash Station: Where to find One - Golden getting a bath

How much does it cost to use a self serve dog wash station?

The average cost of a self serve dog washing station is between $10 and $20 at large pet supply stores. The cost maybe higher at independent pet washing businesses or if you add on services like nail trimming and ear cleaning.

Self Serve Dog Washing Station: Where to find One - Pin -

Where to Find a Self-Serve Dog Wash Station Near You

You can find self-serve dog washing stations in a variety of locations throughout the USA. Large pet supply stores like Petco and Pet Valu offer them in select stores. You can also find them in smaller regional stores and at independent pet supply stores. You can even find them at self-serve car washes.

A popular trend these days are small business whose main purpose is offering self-serve dog washing stations. These are more commonly seen in large cities.

1. PetCo – Self Serve Dog Wash

The first retailer on our list is also the biggest one. PetCo. has approximately 1,482 stores in the United States and Mexico. But not all of their stores offer a self-serve pet wash station.

You can find a self serve wash station at Petco by using their self-service dog wash locator. All you need to do in enter your zip code and they will show you all the locations that offer this service. Then call the store to check on availability and cost.

Once you arrive you need to check in at the grooming salon desk and an associate will help you get started.

Petco provides you with just about everything you may need to wash and dry your dog including:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Combs
  • Brushes
  • Towels
  • Blow-dryers
  • Apron

2. Pet Supply Plus

Next on our list is Pet Supply Plus. This is a growing company with over 640 stores in the East Coast, Midwest, Texas and California. But not all stores offer self serve wash stations.

You can find a Pet Supply Plus store that offers self-serve dog wash, by using their store locator and looking for stores that list “dog wash” under the amenities.

To use the pet wash you first need to pay at the register. Then you can head back to the self wash station where they will turn the water on. At the wash station you will find most of what you need to get them clean. Including:

  • Non-slip mats
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Towels
  • Blow-dryers
  • Apron

However, Pet Supply Plus is a BYOB, meaning you need to bring your own brushes (and combs).

Pet Supply Plus, does have a reward program which includes a free dog wash after 8 paid visits and also a free nail service after 8 nail services. They also offer other types of rewards.

Remember that a reward program can change at any time. Please refer to their company’s official website for the most up to date information.

White dog getting dried by air dryer

3. Pet Supermarket

You can find Pet Supermarket Stores in the Southeast, California and Nevada. Though not all stores offer self-serve wash stations. You can use their store finder to find stores in your area. To locate one with a self wash station, you need to scroll down past the map and check off the self-wash option.

Washing stations differ from store to store, but they should all have elevated baths for bathing smaller dogs.

Pet Supermarket offers three options; Clean, Squeaky Clean and Sparkling.

The Clean Option includes:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Blow-drier
  • Towels
  • And a treat

Squeaky Clean and Sparkling offers add-ons like a facial wipe.

Pet Supermarket also offers complete grooming with add-ons like nail trimming and ear cleaning.

4. Bentley’s Pet Stuff

Bentley’s Pet Stuff can mainly be found in the Midwest and Georgia. To find the nearest Bentley’s Self-service pet wash use their self-serve wash location finder. Just enter in your location and select self wash under category.

To get started, you first need to check in with one of the Pet Consultants. They will help you get started at a dog wash station. Self wash visits are limited to 30 minutes with an extra cost for additional time. Only two people are allowed in the area at a time. Use of Scissors, Nail clippers, Dremel, or Clippers are prohibited

Supplies Included:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Towels
  • Blow-dryers
  • Aprons

Bentley’s Pet Stuff also offers à la carte grooming services that include nail trimming and ear cleaning.

Self Serve Dog Wash Station: Where to find One - Dog with towel

5. Hollywood Feed

You will find Hollywood Feed mainly in the south and Midwest. As with the other business in this post, Hollywood Feed offers self-serve pet washing at select locations. To find one you need to go to their grooming page. Scroll down to get to the store locations. You will need to look for the pet wash icon next to the store’s location.

The elevated dog washing stations at Hollywood Feed come with a tub door and stairs or a ramp to make it easier for large dogs to get into the tub.

The price of a self wash includes:

  • Dog shampoo
  • Dog conditioner
  • Towels
  • Grooming brushes
  • Blow dryers.

Hollywood Feed offers self washing packages at a discount

6. Pet Food Express

Pet Food Express is located in California. You can find a store with a self-serve dog wash by using their store locator and checking off pet wash in the filter.

To get started at the pet wash you first need to purchase a token from the cashier to operate the pet wash. At this time, you are also given a towel.

The self wash tub is elevated with steps leading up to a platform. Dogs then either need to jump down to the tub or be lifted into the tub.

Once you deposit the token, you can begin washing. The shampoo and conditioner come out with the water.

The Pet Food Express Self-Service Pet Wash includes;

  • Premium plant-based shampoos.
  • Fresh towels
  • Waterproof aprons
  • Air dryers
  • And treat

Pet Food Express offers a “Buy 3, Get the 4th Free program” Ask them about it at the checkout.

7. Kriser’s

Based out of Chicago, Kriser’s operates stores in Illinois, South California, Colorado, Texas and Virginia. They offer self-wash bathing stations at many of their locations but I couldn’t find an easy way to locate them.

The Kriser’s Self-wash Pet Station includes:

  • Ramp access tubs
  • Shampoos
  • Conditioner
  • Towels
  • Air dryers

They also offer Self-wash upgrades that can include specialty shampoos or extra cleaning supplies like ear cleaning and tooth brushing.

Kriser’s has a few frequent visitor type discount packages that you can find on their self-wash page.

8. Chuck and Don’s Pet Food

You can find Chuck and Don’s Pet Food mainly in the Midwest. They offer self-wash stations in these cities:

  • Derby
  • Wichita East
  • Wichita West
  • Greenwood Village
  • Shakopee
  • Apple Valley
  • Chanhassen
  • Bloomington
  • Wayzata
  • Plymouth East
  • Roseville
  • Hudson
  • Elk River

The Chuck and Don’s Pet Food self-wash pet station includes:

  • Ramp access tubs
  • Shampoos
  • Conditioner
  • Towels
  • Air dryers

Chuck and Dons offers multi-wash discount packages that you can find on their self-wash page.

They also have a few self-wash upgrades. These upgrades can include specialty shampoos or extra cleaning supplies like ear cleaning and tooth-brushing.

Self Serve Dog Wash Station: Where to find One - Corgi wrapped in towel

9. Earthwise Pet Supply

Earthwise Pet Supply is another regional pet supply store that offers self-serve pet wash stations at select locations. These stores are independently owned so you will need to reach out to your local store to see if they have a pet wash station.

Most locations work on a first come first serve basis, but some allow you to reserve a time.

Earthwise Pet Supply Self-wash includes:

  • Easy to use waist-high tubs with ramps or steps.
  • Pet-safe shampoos
  • All-natural products
  • Specialized options for health and skin concerns
  • Soft towels
  • Brushes
  • Air dryers

Know of a Regional or National Self Serve Dog Wash Station not on this list?

Please let us know about them in the comments.

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