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4 Best Self-service Dog Wash in Roanoke, VA

If you have ever tried to bathe your dog at home you know that it is a back breaking job. Not only do you need to spend a lot of time in an uncomfortable position, but you also need to clean up the mess once you are done. Let’s not forget that all that hair can potentially clog your plumbing. But, now a days you have other options to get your dog clean. One of them is a self-service dog washing station at a local business. You can find a few self-service dog wash stations that are located right here in Roanoke, VA.

But finding one can be difficult, if you don’t know where to look. To help you we have done the research for you.

In this post we have listed out the best self serve dog washing stations we could find in Roanoke, VA

How much does it cost to use a self-service dog wash station in Roanoke, VA?

The cost to use a self-serve dog wash in the Roanoke is between $15 and $35. While most businesses charge a flat rate some places charge by weight. In addition to the self-serve pet wash, some places offer other add-on services like nail trimming and ear cleaning. The add-on services are most common at places that offer full service grooming.

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An alternative to going out to wash your dog is created a Dog Wash Station in your home. To learn more check out our post on Best Dog Wash Station Ideas for your Home with 75+ Photos

Selecting a Self-service Dog Wash Station in Roanoke, VA

Since the Roanoke area has a few do it yourself pet washes, you will need to decide which one to go to.

While going to the nearest one may be convenient, you might be better off checking out a few, then deciding which one is best for you. Self washing stations are not all alike and will differ from one business to the next.

Try to visit the store without your dog. That way you won’t be distracted when you take a look around. If there is an attendant make sure to ask any questions you may have.

Here are a few suggestions on what to look for and ask about.

  • Look for safely features like non-slip mats or flooring in the tub and on the floor outside of the tub
  • How do dogs enter the tub? Are there ramps or steps to get into the bath? If so, will your dog be able to safely use them? Some older dogs might have a hard time using stairs.
  • Are there tub restraints? How many? Tub restraints allows you to use both hands to wash them without worrying they might try to jump out.
  • Are the tubs cleaned in between use?
  • How much time do you get in the tub and at what cost? Can you add extra time if you need it?
  • What supplies are included with the price? Shampoo and conditioner? Towels or an air blower?
  • Do you need to make an appointment? Do they allow walk-ins?
  • What other services do they provide? Some stores may offer additional services like nail trimming and ear cleaning for an extra fee.
  • If you have a large dog like a Bernedoodle make sure the tub is big enough for them to comfortable turn around.
  • What form of payment do they take?
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How to Use a Self Serve Dog Wash Station

After you have done your pre-check of the facility, it’s time to bring your dog to get washed. Our tips listed here are based on our own experiences and may or may not apply to you. Use your best judgement when using a self-serve pet washing station.

  • Make sure to gather all your supplies before you go. Items that might not be included are; a dog brush, face wipes, preferred shampoos and conditioners.
  • If you have a reactive dog, go early in the morning or during the week when the store is less crowded.
  • Thoroughly brush your dog’s coat before going to the dog wash. This is an important step if you have a long or curly haired dog, like a mini Goldendoodle or mini Bernedoodle. Water can make fur mats worst if not brushed out ahead of time.
  • Take your dog for a walk to eliminate and burn off some energy before going into the store.
  • The pet wash area will be filled with smells. Give your dog a chance to smell the area and become comfortable.
  • Pay at the cash register. If the dog bath is token operated, pay for the token then insert into machine only once you are ready to begin.
  • Make sure to use the provided tub restraints. This will prevent your pup from getting out and possibly getting hurt.
  • Check the water temperature to ensure it’s not too hot or too cold for your dog.
  • Start washing your pup. Begin by rinsing them. Make sure you don’t get water in their ears, as it may cause an infection.
  • Next apply the shampoo and lather up. I prefer to start at the base of the neck and move down towards their backside. Don’t forget to wash underneath.
  • If your dog has a thick coat, a rubber dog bath brush will help you get down to their skin
  • When you are done washing make sure to rinse them thoroughly. Any shampoo that is left behind may irritate their skin.
  • If you choose to use a conditioner this is the time to apply it.
  • Now it’s time to dry your pup. Squeeze out as much water from their fur as you can. This will shorten the drying time. Next towel dry them. Then use the air blower to completely dry your dog.
  • If your dog has fleas call the retailer first before you bring your dog in. They will typically have special procedures to ensure the fleas do not spread from one dog to the next.
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Where to Find a Self-Serve Dog Wash Station in Roanoke, VA

You can find self-serve dog washing stations in a variety of locations throughout the Roanoke, VA area. Please visit their websites to get up-to-date information on their services and what is included. Here are the ones we found.

1. The Nature Dog

The Natural Dog offers a do-it-yourself dog wash station in their Roanoke store located on Rt 221. You have the option to can call ahead to make a reservation or if the tubs are available you can come as a walk-in.

  • Address: 3912 Brambleton Ave, Roanoke, VA 24018
  • Contact: 540-772-1980 ext. 1

For a set price you will get:

  • Platform tub for your pup
  • Shampoo
  • Brushes
  • Drying station
  • Apron for you

2. Taj Mapaw

You can find the Taj Mapaw off of Franklin Rd in South Roanoke. They are located at the very end of Townside Road. In addition to the Self Service Pet Wash, they also offer dog boarding, and grooming.

  • Address: 745 Townside Rd SW Roanoke, Virginia 24014
  • Contact: 540-342-2089

Included in the Self Service Pet Wash is use of:

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Bathing tools
  • Towels
  • Blow dryer
  • Perfume mist

3. Pet Supply Plus

You can find a Pet Supply Plus do it yourself dog wash station in nearby Salem, Virginia. Pet Supply Plus is a large pet supply store that also offers full service grooming.

  • Address: 1439 West Main Street, Salem,VA
  • Contact: 540-389-0615

To use the pet wash you first need to pay at the register. Then you can head back to the self wash station where they will turn the water on. At the wash station you will find most of what you need, including:

  • Non-slip mats
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Towels
  • Blow-dryers
  • Apron

However, Pet Supply Plus is a BYOB, meaning you need to bring your own brushes (and combs).

Pet Supply Plus, does have a reward program which includes a free dog wash after a set number of paid visits and also a free nail service after a set amount of paid services. They offer other types of rewards as well.

Remember that a reward program can change at any time. Please refer to their company’s official website for the most up to date information.

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4. Biscuits & Bubbles

Biscuits and Bubbles started out as a boarding kennel, but has expanded their services to include grooming and a self-serve dog wash.

You can find Biscuits and Bubbles in Salem, just outside of Roanoke. Their address is

  • Address: 109 W Main Street, Salem, VA 24153
  • Contact: (540) 378-5200

The cost of their “Do It Yourself Wash” includes:

  • Use of shampoo and conditioner
  • Bathing tools
  • Towels
  • Blow dryer
  • Pet body mist if desired

Biscuits and Bubbles sets their price based on weight. They also offer discounts for certain times.

Additional services include:

  • Flea Bath
  • Nail Trim
  • Teeth Cleaning Gel
  • Anal Gland Expression

Know of a Self-Service Dog Wash Station in Roanoke, VA that is not on this list?

Please let us know about them in the comments.