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Celebrating Dog Moms on Mother’s Day

Celebrating Dog Moms on Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to acknowledge the love and dedication these special women show towards their furry companions.

Just like any mom, dog moms invest countless hours caring for their pups, from early morning walks to late-night cuddles, ensuring their beloved pets are happy and healthy. They juggle the responsibilities of daily life, and provide endless affection and care to their four-legged family members.

This Mother’s Day, it’s the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for the dog moms in your life. Whether it’s planning a day filled with dog-friendly outings or remembering special moments with a “Memory Jar”, there are numerous ways to make this day as special as the bond they share.

Join us as we explore fun and thoughtful ways to celebrate dog moms and their unbreakable love for their dogs.

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As you read through this post you may notice that Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop for handmade custom items. Just make sure to read their product descriptions carefully. Not all products are handmade.

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9 Ways To Honor Dog Moms On Mother’s Day

1. Customized Gift

Creating personalized gifts for a dog mom can add a truly special touch to her Mother’s Day. Here are some ideas:

  • Custom Dog Portraits: Commission a local artist or find an online service that can create a portrait of her dog. You can choose from various styles such as watercolor, digital art, or even a cartoonish style. Some artists also offer the option to incorporate elements that represent the dog’s personality or the special bond they share with their owner. You can find hundreds of options at at all different price points. Just pay attention to the arrival dates. Some great options come from outside the U.S.
  • Jewelry with the Dog’s Paw Print: This can range from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings. Many jewelers now offer to take a paw print mold or a clear picture of the paw and transform it into a beautiful piece of silver, gold, or even platinum jewelry. Some also engrave the pet’s name or a significant date (like the day the dog was adopted) on the piece. This is another item you can find on at many different price points depending on the materials used.
How to celebrate dog moms on Mother's Day; women on beach running with dog.

2. Plan a Dog Friendly Weekend

Consider booking an overnight stay at a pet-friendly resort that not only offers rejuvenating experiences for dog moms but also features special amenities just for their pets. Here a couple of pet-friendly resorts:

Inn by the Sea, Maine

Inn by the Sea in Maine provides a delightful beachfront experience that caters to both pets and their owners. Known for its welcoming, pet-friendly atmosphere, this resort allows pets to indulge in gourmet menus specifically designed for them, available with advanced reservations. Additionally, the Inn offers a comprehensive guide to nearby pet-friendly beaches, walking trails, and free-range parks, enhancing their stay.

Inn by the Sea is also actively involved in community service, fostering dogs from the local animal refuge. This initiative allows guests to interact with, and potentially adopt, these dogs, making their stay even more memorable.

For more information about their pet-friendly services visit the Inn by the Sea website.

SeaCrest Oceanfront Hotel, Pismo Beach, California

SeaCrest Oceanfront Hotel in Pismo Beach, California, offers a delightful coastal retreat perfect for families and their furry friends. Situated directly on the beach, the hotel features bright ocean view guest-rooms and a variety of amenities designed to enhance relaxation and enjoyment.

For those traveling with dogs, SeaCrest Oceanfront Hotel is notably pet-friendly. It provides dog-friendly rooms that grant easy access to a spacious 5-acre lawn and the beach, ensuring plenty of space for pets to explore and play.

For more details you can visit their website: SeaCrest Oceanfront Hotel.

Clear canning jar filled with colorful paper

3. Memory Jar

Here is an idea that won’t break the bank. Create a “memory jar” to capture special moments between a dog mom and her pet.

Choose a decorative jar and fill it with colorful notes detailing funny moments, milestones, and sweet memories from the past year. Personalize the jar with photos or stickers of her dog, and invite others who know the dog to add their own memories.

Present this gift on a special occasion like Mother’s Day or her birthday, suggesting that she continues to add new memories over time.

Woman holding a beagle in her arms outside

4. Professional Photoshoot

Booking a professional photo shoot for a dog mom and her pet is a great way to capture their connection. This can be done in various settings, like a photo studio that specializes in pet photography or a picturesque outdoor location.

Older couple on hiking trail with a yellow lab

5. Dog-Friendly Outing

Planning a dog-friendly outing is a wonderful way to enjoy a day with their canine companion. Consider visiting a local park, beach, or trail that welcomes dogs. Before you go, make sure to check the specific rules and amenities, such as off-leash areas or available water sources.

For a truly memorable day, pack a picnic with snacks that both the dog mom and her furry friend can enjoy. Include dog-safe treats and fresh water for the pup, alongside a delicious lunch for the humans.

Dog looking over a box as a woman holds a small bone treat with a bow on it.

6. Subscription Box

Gifting a subscription box tailored for dogs is an excellent way to keep the Mother’s Day celebrations going throughout the year. These subscription boxes are typically filled with a variety of items that can include fun toys, tasty treats, and essential dog care products.

Subscription boxes come in various plans and customization options, allowing you to choose the frequency of delivery and the type of products you think the dog and owner will appreciate most.

7. Custom Dog Mom Gear

Gifting clothing like sweatshirts, t-shirts, or hats that say “Dog Mom” or feature a print of her dog is a charming and stylish way for her to express her pride in being a dog mom. These items can be customized with text or graphic prints of her dog’s breed or even a photo of her own pet, making them both personal and fashionable.

To find these items, consider shopping at online platforms that specialize in custom apparel, such as Etsy, where you can upload a photo of her dog and select the design layout like the one above.

Physical stores like Petco or specialty pet boutiques might also carry a range of “Dog Mom” themed merchandise.

We have our own list of dog mom gifts ready for you to browse through at Dog Mom Gift Guide: 33 Unique Gifts for Dog Moms

8. Charitable Donation

Making a donation in her name to a dog-related charity or local animal shelter is a thoughtful and meaningful way to honor her love for animals. Opt for a charity that aligns with her values or one she feels passionate about. Perhaps the rescue she found her pup at?

Many organizations will provide a certificate or acknowledgment card that you can give her, making it a tangible reminder of her contribution to a cause she cares about.

Couple sitting on a couch with a dog in between them watching the television.

9. Relaxing Evening at Home

Organizing a relaxing evening with dog-themed movies or books is a perfect way for a dog mom to unwind and enjoy some quality time with her pet. Set up a comfortable space for both her and her dog to snuggle up. You can enhance the atmosphere with some gentle lighting and perhaps a dog-safe treat for her furry companion, along with some snacks for her.

For a dog-themed movie night, consider films that celebrate the joy and companionship dogs bring. Some great dog-centric movies include:

  1. “Marley & Me” – A heartwarming story about the lovable but naughty dog Marley and his impact on his family.
  2. “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey” – An adventure tale about two dogs and a cat who embark on a journey to reunite with their owners.
  3. “A Dog’s Purpose” – A touching movie that explores the many lives of a dog as it finds its purpose through different owners. This one is my favorite dog movie.

For those who prefer reading, you could select a book like “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein, which is told from a dog’s perspective and explores the profound bond between a dog and his human.

Let us know how you celebrated Mother’s Day

We wish all dog moms a Wonderful Mother’s Day!