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Dog Décor for Your Home

These days it is easy to add a personal touch to your home that includes a nod to your favorite pooch. You can find everything from the whimsical and colorful to serious art that will match your home style and give praise to man’s best friend. Check out these fun accessories to add a little dog décor to your home. Most of which is customizable to your favorite breed.

Dog Decor Prints

Dog Décor for Your Home
Gemini Studio by Steven Fowler –

This Corgi print fits in perfectly with the blue and brown hues that are so popular in today’s home decor. Creator Stephen Fowler of Gemini Studio Art in Ohio got his start with creating these whimsical illustrations of dogs with bold typography, when he was inspired by the tequila and liquor bottles he designed at work as a graphic designer in downtown Chicago. His creations which he sells on Etsy and at local shops in Ohio can be found featuring a variety of dog breeds drinking coffee, baking cupcakes, playing sports or other human activities.

Dog Decor Pillows

Dog Décor for Your Home

Sophisticated Pup – Chicago-made premium pet-themed home decor –

These fun and colorful pillows from Sophisticated Pup are sure to bring a smile to everyone who walks in the door. Inspired by the love of the designer’s own little pug named Penny. The pillows are passionately hand drawn and crafted in Chicago Il.

FabFunky Book Prints

Dog Décor for Your Home
FabFunky Antiquarian Book Prints –

The FabFunky Antiquarian book prints feature the illustrations of Kelly Stevens-McLaughlan printed on the pages of books from the 1800’s. These whimsical dog prints add a pop of color to the popular gray palette and come in a variety of dog breeds each with their own exaggerated human characteristics.

Dog Decorative Pillows

Dog Décor for Your Home
Sleeping Pup Pillow Covers by Narais Studio –

Cute and funny decorative pillows from Narais Studio fits in perfectly with today’s contemporary home decor. Hand drawn dogs offer a bit of whimsy with one asleep while the other lies awake keeping an eye out. These stylish pillows come in an assortment of colors and sizes to match your home decor.

Fine Art

Sleeping Dog by Knee Deep Originals –

Looking for a sophisticated piece to add to your collection?  This wall hanging could easily fit into a modern setting or the ever popular rustic farmhouse design. Rebecca Dresser brings a minimalist approach to this fine art open edition print.  The original art was created with watercolors and pen and ink.  The subject of the art is the creators hound dog, Foster. 

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