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Dog Christmas Ornaments: For Dogs Lovers in 2024

Updated; 01/09/2024 – Collecting Christmas tree ornaments is one of our favorite holiday traditions. My husband and I have collected ornaments for years. We collect ornaments that represent the places we have been and the changes in our lives.

We even have dog Christmas ornaments for each of our dogs. These ornaments remind us of the good times and some sad ones. Even so, we cherish our walks down memory each year as we put up the tree.

We invite you to join us in this holiday tradition with these themed Dog Christmas Ornaments.

With that said, some of the links are affiliate links. This means is that if you decide to make a purchase through these links, we may earn a commission, all without any additional cost to you. As an Amazon affiliate I can earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

Please note that the product descriptions featured here rely on the information provided by the sellers. While we at Happyoodles make every effort to ensure accuracy, we cannot guarantee it, and we are not liable for any inaccuracies or incorrect information. Prior to making a purchase, we strongly advise confirming all the details directly with the seller.

Dog Christmas Ornaments

1. Custom Felt Ornament

Surprise a loved one with this one of a kind felt ornament designed to resemble your dog. Snowfelts will design the ornament based on pictures you send.

  • Handmade
  • Materials: felt, cotton thread, suede cord
  • Ornaments measure around 3.5-4 inches tall
  • Enhancements can be added for an additional fee.

You can find it on

2. Handmade Dog Pottery Ornament

For a truly custom ornament check out this whimsical dog with a bone in his mouth by Artzfolf. Not only can you have this ornament personalized with your dog’s name on the bone, you can also have your pup’s image made into a stylized ornament based on a photo.

Key Features:

  • Handmade
  • Personalized with name

For more information follow this link to

3. Willow Tree Angels

Dog Christmas Ornaments:  For Dogs Lovers - -Willow Tree Store- The “angel of friendship” ornament.

Our next ornament is from the Willow Tree Store.  The “angel of friendship” ornament features an angel holding a dog in her arms. 

These ornaments are a smaller sized version of the Willow Tree angels and figures.     

Artist Susan Lord hand carves the original of each Willow Tree piece from her studio in Kansas City, MO. This piece is cast based on Susan’s original carving and painted by hand.

Key Features:

  • Measures 4.5″h
  • Hand-painted resin ornament with wire wings

It can be found on

Breed Specific Dog Christmas Ornaments

4. Painted Pooches

Dog Christmas Ornaments:  For Dogs Lovers - - Christmas ornament by Painted Pooches.

Our first breed specific dog Christmas ornament comes to us by Painted Pooches.  Each ornament is hand painted on a glass bulb with your favorite breed.  Glass ornaments come in a selection of colors too.   If that’s not enough they will also create custom ornaments painted from your photo. 

Key Features:

  • Hand Painted
  • Glass bulb
  • Measures 3 3/8″ in diameter
  • Gift boxed with tissue paper
  • Personalized with pet name and year

To find out more contact them directly in the Hand-made section of

5. Duct Tape and Denim

Dog Christmas Ornaments:  For Dogs Lovers - - Rustic metal dog ornaments

Next on our list are these rustic metal dog ornaments by Duct Tape and Denim. Each ornament comes with Merry Christmas and paw charms on spiral ornament hanger to hang from your Christmas tree.  You can find this ornament in a variety of breeds.   

Key Features:

  • Dog shapes are approximately 2″
  • Cut from rustic metal in the USA

Available in the handmade section of

6. Mystic Sloth

Dog Christmas Ornaments:  For Dogs Lovers -

Next on our list is the adorable dog breed ornament by Mystic Sloth.  This ornament breaks tradition by using bright colors to match a modern Christmas theme.  You can find this ornament in an assortment of breeds.  Show here is their Boxer Ornament with a bright turquoise back ground, perfect for Christmas in the tropics.

Key Features:

  • Comes in more than 20 dog breeds
  • Measure 2.75″ in diameter
  • Double sided printing

You can find this ornament at

7. Old World Christmas

Dog Christmas Ornaments:  For Dogs Lovers - - rustic metal dog ornaments

The first glass blown ornaments were created in German in the mid 1800’s.  They quickly became popular after Queen Victoria was depicted with them hanging from her tree. Now rustic metal dog ornaments produces these ornaments using the same techniques.   

Key Features:

  • Made from glass, and hand painted
  • Size vary based on breed
  • The Golden Retriever Ornament shown here is 3.5” x 3.5” x 1.75”

You can find these ornaments in an assortment of breeds and designer breeds on

Dog Christmas Ornaments Made from Recycled Materials

I am really excited about this category of ornaments.  Now more than ever we need to think about how, what we do affects the planet.  The next few Dog Christmas Ornaments listed here are made with recycled materials.

8. Kings Bench Creations

Dog Christmas Ornaments:  For Dogs Lovers -

First on our list is this adorable Schnauzer dog ornament. The black Schnauzer dog shown here is made of recycled kick board and other found objects.  Much of the kickboard comes from martial arts studios after the students have broken the boards.  

Key Features:

  • Measuring approximately 6″ tall and 4″ wide
  • Handmade in USA
  • Made from recycled wood and discarded materials

You can also find this ornament in an assortment of colors and breeds. It’s available in the handmade section of   

Before you know it the holidays will be here. 

That is why we have gathered the perfect dog Christmas sweater picks for you.

Rustic Dog Christmas Ornaments

I love adding a touch of nature to our fake Christmas tree. It gives the tree an added warm and draws people closer. These next few dog Christmas ornaments on our list will add interest to your tree while still sticking with a dog theme.

9. Handmade Wooden Ornament

Last on our list of breed specific ornaments is a handmade wooden Golden Retriever ornament. You can get the ornament in an assortment of breeds. Check out their online store at This ornament can be personalized with a name, and year.

Graphic Spaces ornaments are designed and handmade in Tennessee. This ornament is laser cut and comes in either light or dark wood.

  • Handmade
  • 100% MADE IN USA
  • 1/4″ thick quality heirloom ornament
  • Measures 5 inches long by 3.5 inches high

10. Adore Your Door

Dog Christmas Ornaments:  For Dogs Lovers - - a laser etched wooden ornament by Adore Your Door

Our first ornament in this category is a laser etched wooden ornament by Adore Your Door.  This made to order wood piece is truly one of a kind since no two pieces of wood look the same. You can also include your dog’s name on the bone. It comes in an assortment of dog breeds. 

Key features:

  • Personalized with name
  • Made from Natural birch wood
  • Measures approximately  3.5 inches wide by 4.10 inches high

It is available on

11. Redwood Home

Dog Christmas Ornaments:  For Dogs Lovers - -  Rustic, hand-painted Labrador retriever ornaments

Looking for a dog Christmas ornament to represent your labrador retriever?  These rustic, hand-painted Labrador retriever ornaments are made with sliced hardwood circles. The edges are barked. They are sealed and finished with jute rope for a perfect rustic look. Set includes four ornaments, one of each style including: lab wrapped in Christmas lights, lab with reindeer antlers, lab with Santa suit and hat, lab with Christmas Elf suit.

Key Features:

  • Hand painted
  • Made in USA
  • Measures approximately 3 inches in diameter

It’s available at Handmade Shop

Looking to add some more holiday cheer to your home?

Join us as we show you 12 ways you can include your dog in your family’s holiday traditions or maybe even start a new one.

12. Sugar Crush Co.

Dog Christmas Ornaments:  For Dogs Lovers - -  personalized bone silhouette ornament

If you are looking for a unique dog ornament to hang your tree this personalized bone silhouette might be the one.  The bone shaped ornament is made from 1/8’ Baltic birch wood. It can be personalized with your dog’s name up to 10 characters.  

Key Features:

  • Laser cut out of 1/8″ baltic birch wood.
  • Made in Canada
  • Measures approximately 4″ wide by 2″ tall
  • Personalize with name up to 10 characters
  • Includes a gift box

Available at in their handmade section.    

Rescue Dog Christmas Ornaments

Rescue dogs give us so much in return for rescuing them. Don’t they deserve their own place on the tree? Celebrate your rescue dog with these Dog Christmas ornaments.

13. Kurt Adler 

Dog Christmas Ornaments:  For Dogs Lovers -

This Kurt Adler rescue dog ornament asks the question ‘Who Rescued Who”.  I think that saying goes for many of us who have rescued dogs in our life.  This adorable ornament features a white dog bone and a dangling red heart.

Key features:

  • Dog bone can be personalized by you
  • Made of Resin and Paint/Mica
  • Measures 4.25 Inches

You can find this ornament at

14. Personalized Gift Market

Dog Christmas Ornaments:  For Dogs Lovers -

Here’s an option for your pup’s “Gotcha Day”. This round, white, porcelain ornament by Personalized Gift Market.  Comes personalized with your dog’s name, and a paw print highlighting the date you brought them home.  It will make a great addition to your tree.

Key features:

  • Personalized white porcelain ornament
  • Measures approximately 3 inches
  • Can be personalized with names and date

You can find this ornament at    

Personalized Dog Christmas Ornaments

Personalized ornaments are an easy way to remember the past. The more information on the ornament the less you need to remember each year.

15. Gift Center Ornament

Dog Christmas Ornaments:  For Dogs Lovers -

There are many personalized ornament to choose from but finding one that includes a dog is a little hard to do. Here we have found one that is for a family of 4 plus the dog. You can personalize each person with their name.

Key Features:

  • Made from Polyresin
  • Free personalization
  • Only the front is painted

You can find it on

16. Family Mantel Personalized Ornament

Our next ornament is for the whole family. This personalized ornament has room for up to 6 family members and can be customized with a dog or cat. Make sure to read the directions carefully to include a pet.

  • Dimensions: 5″ x 3.5″.
  • 100% resin
  • Hand painted and hand-written

You can find this ornament at Glory Party on

Maybe you would prefer to create your own DIY Dog ornaments. Here we show you a easy, no sew DIY Dog Christmas Ornament Craft.

Dog Christmas Ornaments for Service Dogs

There are approximately 500,000 service dogs in the United States helping people every day.  These dogs make all of our lives safer and richer.   For this reason we have found two dog ornaments designed to honor the service dog in your life.  

17. Kurt S. Adler

Dog Christmas Ornaments:  For Dogs Lovers -

To honor of all the service dogs that help people every day, Kurt S. Adler offers this service dog ornament. It features a service dog wearing a red and black vest suitable for personalizing and is carrying his red leash in his mouth.

Key Features:

  • 4.5-inches tall
  • Made of resin
  • Can be written on for personalization

You can find this ornament on

18. Old World Christmas

Dog Christmas Ornaments:  For Dogs Lovers -

Here is another beautiful option from Old World Christmas.  This ornament is hand-crafted using traditional methods.  The ornament features a yellow lab sitting while wearing a red service dog vest.  

Key Features:

  • Measures 4 x 3 x 0.2 inches
  • Made of glass and paint
  • Comes with a gift box

You can find this ornament on

Looking for a fun way to add more dogs into your holiday? Check out our simple DIY Dog Gift Wrap.

We include step by step instructions on how to make your own DIY doggy gift wrap. Our gift wrap is both beautiful and recyclable.

Memorial Dog Christmas Ornaments

Remember your pup with these Memorial Dog Ornaments

19. Dog Angel Christmas Ornament

Dog Christmas Ornaments:  For Dogs Lovers -

Remember your precious pup with a handmade Dog Angel Christmas Ornament. Each ornament is hand sculpted from polymer clay.

  • Each piece is signed and dated
  • Approximate Measurements: 2.75″ X 1.75″ X 1.75″ 3 Dimensional
  • Customization is available at an additional cost.
  • Available in most colors and breeds

Available in the Hand-made section at    

Thank you for reading our post on Dog Christmas Ornaments

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