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39+ Dog Room Ideas – How to Create a Dog Room

Updated 03/13/2024 with new pictures – The Dog Room is one of the hottest, new trends in dog care today and we have over 39+ Dog Room Ideas to inspire you to create your own space for your best friend.

Why have a dog room in your home?

As more people choose to live with a dog, they realize that dogs have a lot of STUFF. Let’s face it, dogs need stuff. Stuff like a bed, bowls for food and water, storage for dog food and treats. Let’s not forget about the dog toys. The list goes on and on.

All that stuff can be overwhelming when it doesn’t have a permanent place in the house. Introducing the Dog Room, a dedicated place for all your dog’s stuff and maybe even your dog. Join us as we show you 39+ ideas for a dog room that you can do too. Plus, tips on how to create the perfect dog room for you. Oh, and your dog too.

What is a dog room?

A dog room is a room or even just space in a room that is dedicated to your dog’s needs in some way. Some people create a dog room to give their dog a quiet space and others create a dedicated space to store all their dog’s stuff.

It can also be a place that is dedicated to taking care of them, like a dog wash station, grooming station, feeding station or all of the above.

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Best Dog Room Ideas: 33 Ways to Create a Dog Room - Title picture with dog on gray bed with toys around them.

Should dogs have their own Dog Room?

Most dogs prefer to be with their family at all times, so a room of their own is not required. Having a few comfortable places for your dog around the house is a better option for most dogs.

But, most dog rooms are created to make the lives of dog owners easier, rather than a private room for their dog. As you look at the dog room ideas we have in this post you will see that many of the dog rooms do double duty, like the one in the photo below.

This dog room is part of a mudroom/laundry room. In addition to having a nice comfy raised bed for their dog, there is also a large dog shower, and a place to store their food. On the other side of the room which is out of the picture is a washer and dryer, and a place for hang coats, mittens and boots.

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A few exceptions

There are a few exceptions to a dog wanting to be with their family at all times. Here are a few reasons why having a place for your dog to be alone might be better for them.

  • If the dog is a rescue that has not been raised around people, they may find it comforting to have a safe space away from people and noises.
  • An older dog might also enjoy a place out of the way in a busy household. But, they will still want to be in a place where they can see everything that’s going on. As you can see by the picture below, a space was carved out under the staircase for one lucky pup.
  • Another reason to have a dedicated room for your dog is to keep them safe. If you have a puppy or a dog like the Bernedoodle or Labradoodle that has a knack for eating things they shouldn’t, it’s best to have a dog proof space. Especially, when no one can watch them. While many people use a crate for this, having a larger area that they can move around in will make it easier on your dog and ultimately you.

This next dog room is separated from the rest of the house with a metal, swinging gate that allows the homeowner’s two large dogs to see out of the room.

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If you don’t have space to create a dog room you can use gates to limit where you dog can roam when you are not home. Here is an example of a built-in gate.

Our Dog Room

When we created a mudroom from unused space in our home, we decided to add a dog wash station (see a picture of it below), for our English Springer Spaniel. She tended to “collect” stuff in her fur. During the winter it was snow that clung to her long fur and in the warmer months it could be mud, leaves or even twigs.

White tile in dog shower with silver hose.

In addition to the dog bath we made sure to include storage for her food and toys, plus a place to hang her leash and harness. It’s not as fancy as many of the professional dog rooms pictured in this post, but it serves its purpose.

The dog bath worked perfectly for what we needed, but now we use the mudroom sink to bathe our much smaller poodle-mix.

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Ideas for a Dog Room with Inspirational Photos

Simple or Elaborate – Examples of Dog Room Ideas that you can do too

Dog rooms can be as simple or elaborate as you want. In our first inspirational room, the homeowner chose to dedicate a large room to their dog.

This luxury pet room has everything you would need for most dogs. In the middle of the room is a large walk-in dog shower. At the far end, near the windows, is a grooming station and a space for storage. There is also a large dog bed in the room, plus plenty of space for a large dog to roam around. On the opposite side of the room is a washer and dryer as seen in the picture below.

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Under the Stairs Dog Room Ideas

Dog rooms don’t have to be a room at all. It can just be a space for your dog that is a little out of the way.

Here an example of a dog space carved out of a beautiful staircase in the hallway of a pre-war colonial in New York. In this case there is just enough space for the dog to create a cozy dog bedroom of their own.

You don’t need to have a grand staircase to create the perfect cubby for your dog’s bedroom. Here is one that was created from extra space in a mudroom. Notice that the flooring by the door and in the cubby is ceramic tile for easy clean up.

 Under the stair cubby with dog  bed
Photo by Zelaya Properties LLC

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Compact Dog Room Ideas

While the first few dog room examples were grand, they don’t have to be. Here is another example of a dog room that is fairly compact in size. It is also part of a laundry room.

In addition to cabinets to store their dog’s stuff, there is a vented space with a dog bed, a place for the bowls on the side of the cabinets and a dog shower to keep them clean. This compact design even has a place to hang wet towels.

In our next photo the homeowners carved out space in their mudroom to add a dog shower, a place for food and water bowls and wall space to hang leashes.

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Dog Room Ideas for Multiple Dogs

The dog room pictured below was part of a mud room addition for a family with multiple dogs. The room has almost everything you would need to care for five dogs. Each dog has their own personal food bowl plus there is space for food prep, a water bowl with a faucet, lots of storage space and of course a dog bath.

This dog bath was set waist high so the homeowners did not have to bend over to wash their dogs. Pullout stairs allow for easy access.

On the opposite side of the room there is plenty of storage and a spot to hang their leashes. Note that the tile floor makes for easy clean up after a bath or dog walk in the rain.

Some dog rooms might be more like dog areas. In the picture below a small space was carved from the kitchen to create a feeding and food storage area.

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Close up of dog food storage and in drawer feeding bowls

Photo by Hartmark Cabinet Design & Mfg., Inc

Here is an example of a small laundry room with a dog shower and space in the cabinet for a dog bed.

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How to Create a Dog Room

1. Decide how you want to use your dog room

The first thing you need to do when creating a dog room or space is to decide on how you want the space to function.

Here are a few suggestions on how you might want to use the room.

  • Safe place for your dog to be in the house – In this case you may want to incorporate an area where the dog can be contained.
  • Storage space for your dog’s food, leashes, toys etc.
Dog Room Ideas pin with a pic of a Corgi in a dog bed with toys.
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  • An out of the way place for food and water bowls. I can’t tell you how many times I have kicked the water bowl.
  • A place to clean your dog. This can be a dog shower or a large sink that your dog fits into.
  • A grooming station. Particularly if have a dog that need frequent haircuts like the mini Goldendoodle and you plan to do it yourself.

This dog room offers a place to shower your dog, space for their food and a cubby for them to sleep.

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2. Determine where to locate your dog room

Once you decide on how you plan to use the dog room, you need to determine a place for it.

Dog room house additions

If you don’t have space in your home, adding on may be the answer. In the next photo below the dog bath is part of a garage and mudroom addition.

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Convert an unused space into a dog room

If you have an unused bedroom or back room that does not have a use, you can turn that into a dog bedroom. The dedicated dog room shown below was part of a sun-room remodel. In this case they used pre-made window benches to create elevated dog beds with a step for easy access.

The other side of the room contains storage space, plus food and water bowls and a dedicated faucet.

The Mudroom or Laundry Room

Mudrooms or Laundry Rooms are the most common rooms that double as dog rooms. For many people these rooms already do double duty as a back entry (i.e. Mudroom) and laundry room. Here are a few examples of Dog Rooms that share space with a laundry room or mudroom.

Our first design takes the dog room idea to the extreme. Here the dog room shares space with the laundry, but you would never know it just looking at the pictures. Did you notice the elevated panels to the right of the dog washer? That’s the washer.

Instead of a dedicated dog bath, this dog room utilizes a large farm sink to double as a place to wash their pup. Using a large sink as a dog bath works great if you have a small dog. You just need to add a pull-out hose to make rinsing them easier.

This room also has space to store the dog’s food, a food prep area and a pull-out drawer that houses the food and water bowls.

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In our next dog room idea, the homeowners used space between cabinets in a laundry room to make space for a multi-functional dog bath. In addition to washing your dog, you can also clean muddy boots and let umbrellas dry here.

Basement Dog Room Ideas

You might not think to place your dog room in the basement, but as you see here it can be the ideal place to have one if no other space is available.

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This room has everything your pup needs. A space to sleep, eat, bath and storage for food and other necessities.

Space under the stairs for a dog bed

The empty, unused space under the stairs is the perfect place for a quiet dog spot. Just make sure to have an expert determine if it’s safe before knocking out any framing. Here are some innovative ideas people have come up with for their dogs.

This tucked away space under the stairs has everything a dog needs; a comfy bed, with pillow to lay their head. A place to hang the leash and even a pull-out tray to eat.

Here’s another under the stairs space that truly mimics a dog cave. The added doors with an open lattice make this dog cave double as a crate when the homeowners go out.

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To get more ideas for tucked away spaces for your dog take a look at our post: The Home Office – Finding Space for Your Dog

Unused Closet

A large closet can also double as a dog room as seen below. What once was a simple under-stair storage area was turned into a cozy pet parlor. The Dutch door turns the quiet space into the perfect kennel when you need to keep your pup safe.

Portion of a larger room

In our next example, the homeowners took a small space from the open concept mudroom to create a space for their pup to stay safe. If you look carefully you can see a built-in rolling gate between the mudroom and the kitchen. You can also create a dog friendly space in your home in a larger room like the kitchen by tucking in a dog bed under the cabinets.

3. What to Put in a Dog Room

So now that you have decided on the purpose and a space for your dog room, it’s time to decide what is going in it. Just remember that if you have a dog that gets into stuff or you have a puppy you need to puppy proof the area.

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Flooring and walls

When designing your dog room, you need to be practical about how it’s created. Look for materials that will be durable.

Young puppies and older dogs both have accidents. Having a waterproof flooring will be a better choice than hardwood floors or carpeting. You will notice many of the Dog room ideas we presented here have tile floors.

Also think about moldings and drywall. Both of these items can be destroyed by a bored dog.


Lighting is another area you may not think about when creating your dog room. If your dog room is located under the stairs or in a basement make sure you provide a safe light source for your dog. Again, only you know your dog, but if your dog has separation anxiety or you may think that they will chew it, make sure all lighting and electrical wires are out of your dog’s reach.


Unless the sole purpose of your dog room is a safe place for your dog, storage is a common request when designing a dog room. But before you start buying cabinets, make a list of all your dog’s stuff. This should include items like food, leashes, toys, grooming tools, towels, etc. Basically, everything you use for your dog. Once you have your list you can start thinking about the best way to store them.

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floor height drawer in kitchen with dog toys and other dog supplies.

Photo by Cardell Cabinetry

  • Food Storage

To keep food fresh and also to keep your dog out of it make sure their food is enclosed in an airtight bin. Many people use under the cabinet trash bins (new of course), but you would be better off replacing the bin with something that is seal-able.

  • Dog Toys

If you want to allow your dog access to their toys, a low shelf with a basket will work for their storage. Just keep in mind that while a decorative basket will look nice, a destructive dog might decide to turn it into a chew toy. Another option is to use bins behind closed doors.

  • Leashes and other outdoor accessories

For items that are used every-day, like leashes and waste bags, simple hooks and shelving work well to store these items. In the picture below, this homeowner incorporated easy access storage solutions to make getting out the door fast. The resulting look is clean and simple.

The hooks over the bath not only offer a place for the dog’s leash, but also a place to hang wet towels.

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  • A place to store their crate

Many people including myself believe that being crate trained is a life skill every dog needs to have. But once our dog was comfortable in the crate we stopped using it. However, there are still times that we need to use it, like when we travel, so having the crate accessible is important.

In the dog room shown below, the owners not only incorporated storage and a dog bath but they also included an area for their dog crates.

This idea is both simple and practical, Not only are they out of the way but the crates can be used right where they are. This is a less expensive option than built in crates and also can-do double duty.

A place for their food bowls

Having a built-in feeding station gives a nice clean look to any room. Especially if they can be closed when not in use. But you need to make sure your dog has access to water when they need it. Also place the feeding station in a place that is out of the way. In the below pictures the feeding station is placed in a buffet that is located outside of the kitchen’s main work area.

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Another option is a feeding station that is located in an open cabinet. This option still keeps the bowls out of the way but allows easy access to your pup. The homeowners below opted to have the feeding station just outside the kitchen area. This is a great choice for a busy kitchen or for dogs that can get skittish when eating.

Yet another option for a feeding station is an alcove for standalone bowls. In the first picture the bowls are raised up on a shelf or you can skip the shelf and just have an open area on the floor like in the next photo.

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Finding a comfy place to sleep is most dog’s way of dealing with boredom, so giving them a nice place to stay is an important part of creating a dog room. Especially if they are going to be staying in the room for any length of time. But before you start looking for a bed for your dog, think about what your dog’s needs are.

Large dogs will need a bed made for large breeds. These beds can stand up to the weight of a large dog and not sink down to the floor. Dogs bred to live in cold climates will get hot quickly, so that nice warm dog bed may never get used.

Also pay attention to heating and cooling vents as you are designing your room. You don’t want to place your dog in a crate where they can get too warm or too cold.

Try to stay away from dog beds that contain harsh chemicals. I prefer to only buy dog beds made in the USA. I have found that they last much longer than other, cheaper beds.

Door or no door

If the purpose of creating a dog room is to keep your dog safe when you are gone, you are going to need a door or gate to contain them.

This modern Dutch door with see-through glass inserts is the perfect option for when you want to keep them in safe but you don’t want to isolate them from the rest of the home.

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Here is another option for keeping your dog in their safe place. This hinged gate looks adorable as an entrance to this private dog room.

This pup’s safe place is a small section of the room that is divided by a pocket door. When not in use the pocket door is hidden in the cabinetry.

Things to consider when creating a safe room for your dog

  • It’s important to remember that dogs are pack animals. They want to be around us or at least other dogs. Leaving your dog locked in a room or in a crate by themselves for long periods of time is not good for your dog. It will only make them nuts.
  • When dogs are left alone for too long or too often they can and will be destructive.
  • You also need to be careful when leaving more than one dog together in a small enclosure. Dogs can get into disagreements and start to fight. Never leave your dogs home alone, together, if there is any chance a fight will break out.
  • I prefer to leave our dog collarless when home alone. Although there is a risk that they will get out and get lost, there is also a risk of them accidentally getting hung if the collar catches on something.

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4. Built-in Kennel or Crate

If you can’t dedicate an entire room to keeping your dog safe, you many want to add space for a kennel into your dog room plans. Here are some innovative ways of including a built in dog kennel or crate in your home.

Under the stairs dog kennel

Our first photo features a dog kennel that is located under the homeowner’s staircase near the kitchen. In the photo below you can see the under the stairs dog kennel with a custom door that matches the angle of the staircase.

Here is another adorable dog kennel that is also located under a staircase. In this project the dog kennel is designed to look like a dog house that was built into the staircase. The kennel door is built to match the rustic charm of the cabin.

Dog Kennels that are Built into cabinets

In the photo below the dog kennel is built into the cabinet that features drawers and a counter above the dog crates.

This built-in dog kennel is located in a laundry room. The cabinet space above the kennel can be used for storage while the space below the cabinet is utilized as a dog kennel

Here is another example of a built-in kennel.

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5. Decor

This is where you can let your creative juices go wild. After all, it’s not like your dog is going to complain about the decor. Just make sure it is safe for them to be around or make sure it is out of reach. Here is a cute dog house that is located under the stairs.

6. Dog Bath

Adding a dog bath is probably the most expensive item in dog rooms. It requires a decent amount of work and the plumbing required can be expensive. Plus, they take up a lot of space. Before you incur that expense, first decide if you really need it. If you have a small dog a mudroom sink might be able to do double duty.

I hope you have been inspired by the dog room ideas in this post