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The Best Dog Beds Made in the USA

We all want the best for our dogs including a safe, comfortable place for them to rest. This is why many people choose dog beds that are made in the USA for their dogs.

When you buy a dog bed that is made in the USA, you are buying a bed that has been made with pride.

Dog beds made in the USA also are often crafted with higher quality materials and standards then their cheap foreign counterparts. That is not to say all dog beds from other countries are bad.

But if you are looking for a dog bed that will last, choose a dog bed made in the USA. Below you will find a list of the best dog beds made in the USA to choose from.

Why Buy Dog Beds Made in the USA

Have you ever purchased a dog bed that smelled of chemicals when you took it out of the packaging or bought a dog bed that looked great when you first brought it home but within a few months it started to lose all its fluff? I bet in both of those cases the beds you purchased were made overseas or with imported materials. I can make this bet because over 95% of all dog beds sold in the USA are imported. Dog beds that are made in China are made with cheap foam that is full of chemicals. These chemicals can cause harm to you and your dog and the foam deflates after only a few months of use.

When you buy a quality, made in the USA, dog bed, you will get a dog bed that is safe for you and your dog. All of the dogs beds listed below have made in the USA fillers that are certified safe. Plus the fabrics are also made in the USA.

Understanding the Made in the USA Label

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) governs and sets the standards for the “Made In the USA” Label. You can find detailed information on the standards in the FTC’s “Made in the USA Standards” document. But basically it states that textiles are permitted to have the “Made in the USA” label if; the product is cut and sewn in the US; and the fabric was created in the US. However the fibers and yarns that are used in the fabric can come from elsewhere.

However the standards also state that there can be an unqualified or qualified claim to the “Made in the USA” label. An unqualified claim means that the product must be “all or virtually all” made in the U.S. They further explain that all significant parts and processing that go into the product must be of U.S. origin. A qualified claim refers to products that are assembled in the US with some or all of the parts are imported. Qualified claims must disclose that the parts are imported.

Don’t be fooled by claims of “Made in the USA”. Many popular Made in the USA Dog Beds are actually qualified claims. Meaning they are manufactured in the USA but with imported parts. To determine if the claim is qualified or not you need to look at the materials used in the product. See a sample below:

What Makes it the Best Dog Bed?

Although everyone’s vision of “Best” might be different, I think there are some items that we can all agree on.

Safe – Providing our pups with a bed that is free from harmful chemicals is on top of everyone’s list. Chemicals found in imported beds have been linked to cancer.

Comfort – There is no point in buying a bed that our dogs will not sleep on. Cheap beds might be comfortable in the beginning but they tend to lose their support in less than a year.

Durability – Have you ever bought one of those cheap big box store dog beds that didn’t last more then a year? I know we did. This means that over the lifetime of your dog you will spend more on cheap dog beds then if you chose a quality dog bed made in the USA.

Convenience – Dog beds that are waterproof and washable make caring for your dog easier. Choose a dog bed with a removable cover for added convenience.

Understanding Certifications

Since it’s easy to make claims that may not be true, USA makers of dog beds can have their products certified by an independent source. There are three main certifications to look for when buying a dog bed:


CertiPur-US certifies that the foam used in the dog bed is free from harsh chemicals. The certification program is administered by the Alliance For Flexible Polyurethane Foam Inc. To learn more about CertiPUR-US please visit

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

The Global Organics Textile Standards Certification requires that at least 95% of the materials used to create the bed are certified organic. It also prohibits the use of certain substances, such as chemical flame retardants and polyurethane. Visit the GOTS website to learn more

Global Organics Latex Standard (GOLS)

The Global Organics Latex Standard Certification (GOLS) is for mattresses that contain latex. The GOLS ensures that a mattress with latex is made of 95 percent organic latex, with restrictions on the other 5 percent of the mattress’s components. Visit the GOLS website to learn more.

Natural-latex mattresses may have both the GOTS and GOLS labels.

What’s Best for your dog?

Finding the best dog bed is just half the solution. You need to decide what type of bed is going to be the best bed for your dog. To help you figure that out read our post on how to determine what is the best dog bed for your dog.

The Best Dog Beds Made in the USA

Because what is best can differ based on your needs we have categorized the best dog beds made in USA based on needs. But you can decide which made in the USA dog bed works the best for you.

Best Luxury Dog Beds Made In the USA

As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a commission from qualifying purchases., however the selections for this article are solely based on research for the safest materials and best reviews.

Animals Matter Mod Fur Ortho Nest Bed

It’s hard to beat the luxurious style of the Animals Matter’s Mod Fur Ortho Nest Bed. Not only is this dog bed made in the USA, Animals Matter is a vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly company. Plus I couldn’t find a single complaint about this bed.

You can find this dog bed at Animals

Luxury Faux Fur Sydney Companion Dog Bed

Next we have what looks like a luxurious throw rug but it’s really a dog bed. The Faux Fur Orthopedic Snug Rug Dog Bed is also made by Animals Matter here in the USA.

The Sydney Companion Dog bed might have the look and feel of a lush shag rug but the CertiPUR-US Certified Orthopedic Memory Foam will keep your pup comfortable for days to come.  

The dense, soft, faux fur combined with authentic, NASA-certified orthopedic memory foam provides therapeutic comfort and support for aching joints.

  • Made in USA
  • Cover zips off to machine wash

You can find this dog bed at Animals

Animals Matter Mod Fur Ortho Lounger

This popular shaggy faux-fur lounger bed is available with a removable cushion of authentic, NASA-certified orthopedic memory foam that provides superior joint support and therapeutic relief for aching and senior dogs

  • Polyfiberfill bolster adds security and comfort
  • Microsuede bottom
  • Covers zip off to machine wash
  • Made in USA

You can find this dog bed at Animals

Best Dog Beds Made In the USA for Small Dogs

Ali Jewel Ortho Puff Orthopedic Luxury Dog Bed

Smaller dogs tend to like a bed they can burrow into and feel safe. The Animals Matter Ali Jewel Ortho Puff Orthopedic Luxury Dog Bed lets them do just that. The high sides of the Ortho Puff dog bed allows dogs to snuggle down into the center or rest their head on the bolster so they can keep an eye on their surroundings.

Plus the thick CertiPUR-US® Certified, Orthopedic Memory Foam bottom provides extra support lifting your pup up off the floor.

The Ali Jewel Ortho Puff is sized to fit small dogs. The X-small size fits dogs up to 15lbs and the small fits dogs up to 25lb.

Of course Animals Matter also makes the Ali Jewel Ortho Puff in larger sizes too. You can find this dog bed at Animals Matter.

Best Organic Dog Beds Made in the USA

If you are looking for an organic bed for your dog NaturoPet offers an all-natural pet bed.

NaturoPet Natural Pet Bed

NaturoPet’s natural pet bed is made from organic cotton and virgin wool.

The core is made from 100% natural American grown virgin wool and has a GOTS certified organic cotton shell. 

The outer cover is also made from GOTS certified organic cotton and is machine washable in cold water.  However the wool core is not washable.

The biggest downside to this bed is that some dogs did not like the feel of the wool core. 

You can find this bed at

Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs Made In the USA

Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Big Barker dog beds are specifically designed for the comfort of dogs that weight 50 pounds or more.

Unlike other beds that flatten out over time Big Barker guarantees their dog beds will hold up to the weight of a big dog for 10 years.

Plus the beds are CeritPUR-US certified so you know the foam is safe for your pup.

You can find Big Barker on

Best Outdoor Dog Beds Made In the USA

Raine Outdoor Orthopedic Contour Lounger with Waterproof Cover

Our last category is outdoor pet beds and Animals Matter makes our list again with their Raine Outdoor Orthopedic Contour Lounger dog bed.

Like their other beds the lounger is made with a high-density foam base topped with CertiPUR-US Certified, Orthopedic Memory Foam.

But unlike the other beds on our list, this bed is meant to be outside. The Outdura Performance Fabric, which is woven in the USA and manufactured in California, is weatherproof.  

Plus the contoured design provides comfort and therapeutic relief.

You can find this dog bed at Animals Matter.

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Linda Nagri

Sunday 11th of April 2021

I’ve been trying to find a bed for my three rescues two 30 pounders and one 10 pound. None of them really are young dogs anymore but I cannot find a bed that does not have sourced materials the inside or the outside that is not made in China it’s very tricky because they’ll say they’re made in one place but they really sourced from China. I did find a couple but two $300 each is way more than I can spend for three dogs. Any help would be appreciated thank you


Wednesday 14th of April 2021

Hi Linda,

West Paw makes a made in the USA bed called the Heyday Dog Bed. At the moment it is just over $100 for a medium sized bed. Plus they have a promotion going on right now if you sign up for emails. Not sure of the shipping costs. You can also find it on Amazon.

Just make sure you read the reviews before buying. Most people love the bed but there were a few complaints which is why it did not make this list.

Best of luck, Bonnie