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Goldendoodle Rescue: 7 Best Rescues in Georgia (GA)

04/18/2024 – Are you looking for a Goldendoodle Rescue to adopt in or near Georgia? But don’t know where to look? You are probably not alone. The best place to find a Goldendoodle to adopt is at a Goldendoodle rescue organization that specializes in re-homing Golden doodles.

You can find these rescues on both the national and local levels. Some specifically deal with all types of poodle mix-breeds and some are pure-bred focused rescues that also help dogs that are part of the breed they work with.

When looking for a Goldendoodle Rescue you should also look at Golden Retriever Rescues, Poodle Rescues and doodle rescues.

On occasion, you may be able to find a Golden doodle in need of re-homing through a local shelter or general rescue but it’s not very common.

Here is what you will find in this post:

  • Why do Goldendoodles end up in rescues?
  • Are you ready to share your life with a Goldendoodle Rescue?
  • Best Places to Find a Goldendoodle Rescue in Georgia (GA)
  • How much does a Goldendoodle Rescue Cost in Georgia?

Why do Goldendoodles end up in rescues?

Before we get into where to find a Goldendoodle rescue, let’s talk about why these wonderful dogs find themselves looking for a new home.

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Here are the 7 most common reasons why a Goldendoodle ends up in a rescue:

  1. Caretakers Health – Sometimes people become ill and they are unable to care for their beloved dog. These rescue pups are generally well-trained and cared for.
  1. High Energy Level – Some people bought into the hype that Goldendoodles are low maintenance dogs. While that are great dogs, Goldendoodle puppies they have a lot of energy.
  1. Not properly trained by owner – While wonderful pups they still need to be trained properly.
  1. Shedding – Family wanted a non-shedding dog, but some Goldendoodles can still shed a lot.
  1. Changes in the family
  1. Allergies – Although Goldendoodles are considered hypoallergenic, some people with pet allergies can still be allergic to them
  1. Released from a breeder – this is more common in areas with puppy mills.
Goldendoodle Rescue: 9 Best Rescues in Georgia (GA) - Pic of a Goldendoodle in the grass in a yard.

Are you ready to share your life with a Goldendoodle Rescue?

Before you adopt a Goldendoodle make sure to do your research. Goldendoodle are wonderful dogs, but they are not for everyone. If possible, ask other Goldendoodle owners what it’s like to care for one.

Here is a quick overview of life with a Goldendoodle.

  • The Goldendoodle and Mini Goldendoodle are a cross between the fun-loving Golden Retriever and the highly intelligent Poodle.
  • When you cross these two breeds you end up with a high energy, fun loving dog that is a family favorite.
  • But you can also end up with a very large dog. A full-grown Goldendoodle can be larger than either of the parent breeds.
  • A Goldendoodle requires regular coat maintenance.  This includes having professional haircuts every four to six weeks and daily brushing at home.  
  • While the Goldendoodle is billed as a non-shedding dog, as I mentioned above they can still shed. 
  • Goldendoodles can be hypoallergenic due to less shedding, however a person with pet allergies can still be allergic to them.

How To Increase Your Chance Of Being Selected For A Rescue Dog

Infographic listing out 12 tips to help you get selected by a rescue organization
Goldendoodle sleeping

Best Places to Find a Goldendoodle Rescue in Georgia (GA)

The first place on our list does not have headquarters in Georgia. Instead they are a national organization that use volunteers throughout the country to rescue and re-home Goldendoodles in need.

1. IDOG Rescue

IDOG Rescue is a national rescue organization that has a network of volunteers that rescue and foster Goldendoodles, Labradoodles and other doodle types throughout the USA.

Their volunteers have working relationships with local shelters that inform them when a Goldendoodle is surrendered or becomes available for adoption at the shelter. This allows the group to get the dogs out of the shelter environment and into a foster home quickly.

Dogs that are placed in a foster home have a better chance of being adopted then ones that reside in a shelter.

They also work directly with individuals that are looking to re-home their Goldendoodle.

To find a Goldendoodle Rescue from IDOG Rescue follow their Facebook page. They list available and upcoming dogs there.

You can find a Goldendoodle rescue in Georgia by looking for “GA” after the dog’s name in IDOG’s Facebook post.

Example: the Facebook post will state “Click here to learn more about Levi-GA:” indicating that Levi is in a foster home in Georgia.

Goldendoodle Rescue: 9 Best Rescues in Georgia (GA - Goldendoodle in a car.

Golden Retriever Rescue in Georgia (GA)

Most breed specific rescues will work with mixed breeds dogs as long as the dog has some recognizable traits of the breed. This means Golden Retriever and Poodle rescue are a great place to look for a Goldendoodle.

2. Grateful Goldens Rescue

Grateful Goldens Rescue was started in Charleston, South Carolina, but has expanded along the coasts of South Carolina and Georgia with the help of volunteers and supporters.

While they focus on Golden Retrievers in need, they also help Golden mix breeds. Dogs come into their program either through shelters, rescue requests, or re-homing services.

Dogs are housed in volunteer foster homes. If needed dogs are provided with necessary medical care and training before being offered for adoption.

Grateful Goldens Rescue runs a semi-annual meet and greet and also publishes a seasonal newsletter that you can sign up for.

You can find Goldens and Golden mixes available for adoption on their website and also on their Facebook page.

3. Adopt a Golden- Atlanta

Adopt a Golden is based in Atlanta and is staffed by volunteers. They are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to finding forever homes for Golden Retrievers and high Golden Retriever Mixes, like the Goldendoodle.

All Golden’s brought into the program receive a comprehensive evaluation, and spay/neutering services. Veterinary care and behavioral training are provided as needed.

Dogs come into the programs in a variety of ways including owner surrender, shelters, rescue requests and overseas programs.

You can learn more about Adopt a Golden in Atlanta via their newsletter and YouTube channel.

4. Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta

Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta (GRRA) is a non-profit organization located in Atlanta, Georgia

Through volunteers, they provide foster care and adoption services for Golden Retrievers and Golden mix-breeds.

Their network of volunteers works with local shelters and animal control officers in Georgia to quickly remove dogs from less than desirable situations giving them the best chance to live a happy life.

GRRA does offer a group meet and greet to approved applicants so you can meet their dogs in person before the final decision. They also offer other private events, like group hikes for their adopted pups and their families.

Goldendoodle Rescue: 9 Best Rescues in Georgia (GA) - Happy goldendoodle outside.

Poodle Rescues in Georgia (GA)

5. Carolina Poodle Rescue

The Carolina Poodle Rescue (CPR) is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit.  They are a no-kill / limited entry private group that is open to poodles, poodle mixes and other small dogs.

All dogs with the CPR are housed at the Dreamweaver Farm located in the northern part of South Carolina.

Dogs that are adopted from the CPR are spayed or neutered before being placed in their forever homes. The rescue also provides rehabilitation for dogs in need and has 50 senior and special needs dogs that they care for.  

Although located in South Carolina they do allow out of state adoptions, but all adopters must come to meet the dogs and volunteers before final approval. This includes all members of the household and other pets.  Make sure to read all the requirements before filling out an application.  

You can learn more about Carolina Poodle Rescue by checking out their YouTube Channel.

Goldendoodle sitting outside.

Other Places to look for a Goldendoodle Rescue in Georgia (GA)

6. Best Friends Animal Society

You might have heard of the Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah, but did you know that they have a regional office in Atlanta? Well, they do and they offer the same great services there for unwanted animals in need.

Best Friends Animal Society in Atlanta collaborates with shelters, rescue groups and individuals across Georgia and the Southeast to save the lives the dogs and cats through adoption, foster and transport programs.

Unlike Best Friends in Utah, the Atlanta based office utilizes foster homes to care for dogs waiting to be adopted.

While they don’t specialize in Goldendoodles, they do provide services to all types of dogs in need.


You may also be able to find a Goldendoodle Rescue at a shelter or general rescue in Georgia, but there will be few to choose from. Rather than spend hours sifting through these websites, I suggest you use allows you to sort by breed, including the Goldendoodle and Mini Goldendoodle. You can even set up an alert to let you know when a new Goldendoodle in your area is listed.

Need a name for your Goldendoodle? Check out our post with 275 Goldendoodle Names.

How much does a Goldendoodle Rescue Cost in Georgia?

Because Goldendoodles are very popular is it common to pay higher adoption fees for them. Adoption costs can range between $300 and $1000 to adopt a Goldendoodle in Georgia.

Rescue groups generally have the dog vet checked before re-homing which adds to the cost. Either way the adoption fees should be lower than the cost of a Goldendoodle from a reputable breeder.

We wish you the best of luck in finding your Goldendoodle Rescue


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I want to get on a wait list for doodle adoptions. My son is allergic and I would like some type of poodle mix.


Tuesday 31st of October 2023


Although we write about resources for dog adoption, we are not a rescue group. Try reaching out to one of the national rescue groups on the list in this post.

Best of luck Bonnie