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Goldendoodle Names: 275 Best Names for Goldendoodles

Updated 12/28/2023: Deciding on a name for your new Goldendoodle puppy can be both exciting and frustrating all at the same time. You probably want a name that fits your Goldendoodle, but one that is also unique. We felt the same way when we were looking for a name for our puppy. This is why we decided to gather all the best Goldendoodle names we could find into one post.

Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to pick the perfect name for your Goldendoodle.

In this post you will find more than 275 Names to choose from for your Golden doodle puppy. To make it easier to find what you are looking for, we have separated the names as follows:

  • Popular Golden doodle names
  • Unisex Golden doodle names
  • Names for black Golden doodles
  • Names for red Golden doodles
  • Scottish dog names for your Golden doodle
  • Nature inspired Golden doodle names
  • Golden doodle names for girls
  • Golden doodle names for boys
Goldendoodle Names: 275 Best Names for Goldendoodles title pic with Goldendoodle

How to choose a name for your Goldendoodle

Here are 6 tips to help you choose the perfect name for your Goldendoodle puppy.

  • Choose a unique name.  Our current adopted puppy came with the name “Bella”. Since she already knew the name we decided not to change.  But it is a very popular name on our street. She sometimes gets confused when she hears her name in the neighborhood.
  • Pick a name that you are comfortable saying in public. What may seem funny in private might not go over well in public.
  • Your dog’s name will influence what people think of your dog.  If you name your 100-pound Goldendoodle “Killer”, people may believe that your dog presents a danger to others.
  • Choose a name that is easy to say and that you really like.  You will be saying it a lot over the next 10 to 15 years.  
  • Don’t choose a name that can be mistaken for a command. (Example: Bo sounds like no)
  • Choose a name with one or two syllables. Dogs can recognize shorter words easier. If you do choose a longer name consider using a nickname for everyday use. We will give you some nickname ideas too.
Trio of Goldendoodle puppies

Popular Goldendoodle Names

As I just mentioned in our list of Tips on how to choose the best name for your goldendoodle, you want to pick a unique name.

Having a unique name doesn’t mean it has to be an odd name, (though it can be, if you want). It just means you don’t want to pick a very popular name for your dog.

When we named our late English Springer Spaniel, “Molly”, we had no idea that it was a VERY popular name for the breed. For the next fourteen years we often ran into other ESS with the same name.

To help you avoid this issue, our first group of names are the most popular names for Goldendoodles per the database.

goldendoodle sitting on couch with bone in his mouth

Top 10 Most Popular Goldendoodle Names for Girls

  1. Luna
  2. Lucy
  3. Daisy
  4. Bella
  5. Rosie
  6. Maggie
  7. Zoe
  8. Sadie
  9. Ruby
  10. Millie

Top 10 Most Popular Goldendoodle Names for Boys

  1.     Charlie
  2.     Cooper
  3.     Teddy
  4.     Bailey
  5.     Ollie
  6.     Oliver
  7.     Murphy
  8.     Winston
  9.     Milo
  10.     Leo

Names Based on your Goldendoodle’s color

Finding the perfect name for your puppy can be hard. This is why many people choose a name for their puppy that is inspired by the puppy’s coloring. For that reason, we have created the following lists of names that are perfect for a dog that is all black or partially black and a separate list for Goldendoodles that are red or apricot in color.

For even more dog names for black dogs, check out our post 450+ Names for Black Dogs.

Black and white picture of a black Goldendoodle on a couch

Names for Black Goldendoodles

Black dog names for boys

  1. Asher
  2. Bandit
  3. Bear
  4. Bolt
  5. Coal
  6. Cola
  7. Cooper
  8. Dash
  9. Diesel
  10. Dusty
  11. Elvis
  12. Finn
  13. Flash
  14. Gatsby
  15. Gizmo
  16. Gunner
  17. Harley
  18. Hunter
  19. Jett
  20. Knight (Night)
  21. Maverick (Mav)
  22. Nero (Hero)
  23. Ninja (Jin)
  24. Phantom (Tom)
  25. Raven (Rave)
  26. Rebel (Bel)
  27. Reece (Reese)
  28. Rocky (Rock)
  29. Sooty (Soot)
  30. Spike (Spikey)
  31. Spooky (Spook)
  32. Stormy (Stormie)
Goldendoodle Names: 275 Best Names for Goldendoodles - Black Goldendoodle profile

Black dog names for girls

  1. Cinderella (Cindy)
  2. Cookie
  3. Fudge
  4. Gypsy
  5. Hershey
  6. Jetson
  7. Kiki
  8. Ladybug (Lady)
  9. Magic (Maggy)
  10. Missy Mocha
  11. Onyx (Nyxie) or (Nyx)
  12. Sable (Saby)
  13. Sparkle (Sparky)
  14. Starlight (Star)
  15. Sugarplum (Sugar)
  16. Taffy
  17. Twilight (Twila)
  18. Eclipse
  19. Licorice
  20. Midnight
Apricot and white goldendoodle dog in snowy field

Unisex black dog names

  1. Blackie
  2. Ebony
  3. Oreo (Reo)
  4. Panther (Panth)
  5. Pepper
  6. Shadow (Shady)
  7. Smoke (Smokey)
Goldendoodle puppy sitting on wood floor

Names for Red Goldendoodles

  1. Amber
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Coral
  4. Hazel
  5. Scarlett
  6. Blaze
  7. Crimson
  8. Jasper
  9. Phoenix
  10. Red
  11. Rory
  12. Rowan
  13. Rufus
  14. Rusty
Goldendoodle Names: 275 Best Names for Goldendoodles - Goldendoodle puppy laying on their back with tennis ball in mouth

Goldendoodle Names Based on Heritage

You probably already know that the Goldendoodle is a cross of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. What you may not know is that the Golden Retriever is part of the sporting class. While they are mainly companion dogs in the USA, they were developed in the 19th century as a gun-dog and water-retriever to assist Scottish hunters in recovering game birds.

The Poodle was also originally bred to be a gun-dog and water-retriever. The Poodle is believed to have originally developed in Germany, but the French took a keen interest in the poodle. It is now the national dog of France.

The point of mentioning this, is that you may want to consider giving your Goldendoodle a name that honors their origins.

Goldendoodle and women on peak above lake

Scottish Dog Names for your Goldendoodle

Scotland is a country with a rich culture and history, and many of its names reflect that. Here we have names you can choose from that are inspired by the Gaelic language, the Scottish clans and surnames, famous Scots, and Scottish landmarks and symbols.

For even more Scottish dog names, check out our post on: Scottish Dog Names: 500 Dog Names

Here are some Scottish dog names for male Goldendoodles that you might like:

  1. Archie – “bold” or “true” in Gaelic
  2. Brodie – “muddy place” in Gaelic
  3. Bruce – “from the brushwood thicket” in Gaelic
  4. Cameron – “crooked nose” in Gaelic
  5. Campbell – “crooked mouth” in Gaelic
  6. Clyde – “warm” or “cleansing” in Gaelic
  7. Dougal – “dark stranger” in Gaelic
  8. Duncan – “brown warrior” or “brown chieftain” in Gaelic
  9. Fergus – “man of force” in Gaelic
  10. Finlay – “fair hero” or “fair warrior” in Gaelic
  11. Fraser – “strawberry” or “curly-haired” in French
  12. Hamish – “he who follows after” in Hebrew
  13. Innes – “island” or “from the river island” in Gaelic
  14. Jock – “God is gracious” or “God will increase”
  15. Lachlan – “from the land of lakes” or “fjord-land” in Gaelic
  16. Logan – “little hollow” or “small valley” in Gaelic
  17. Mac – “son of” in Gaelic
  18. Murray – “settlement by the sea” or “lord and master” in Gaelic
  19. Neil – “champion” or “cloud” in Gaelic
  20. Oscar – “deer lover” or “friend of deer” in Gaelic
  21. Rocco – name of a Scottish saint and a town in Renfrewshire2.
  22. Ross – name of a Scottish clan and a region in the Highlands
  23. Scotts – “from Scotland” or “a Scotsman” in English
  24. Wallace – famous Scottish hero, William Wallace
Apricot Goldendoodle with blue ID

Here are some Scottish dog names for female Goldendoodles that you might like:

  1. Ainsley – name that means woodland or meadow
  2. Darcy – dark or fortress
  3. Effie – well-spoken or pleasant
  4. Fiona – white or fair
  5. Gilly – youthful or servant of Jesus
  6. Isla – island or from the Islay island in Scotland
  7. Jessie – the Lord exists
  8. Kenna – born of fire or handsome
  9. Lassie – girl or young woman
  10. Maisie – pearl or child of light
  11. Nessie – from the headland or pure
  12. Orla – golden princess or ruler of the land
  13. Paisley – Name of a town and a pattern in Scotland
Goldendoodle Names: 275 Best Names for Goldendoodles - Wet Goldendoodle in baby pool

French Dog Names for your Goldendoodle

French is a beautiful and romantic language that can inspire many names for your furry friend. Whether you want to honor your dog’s French heritage, or you just like the sound of French words, there are many options to choose from.

For even more French dog names, check out our post on: French Dog Names: 475+ Best Dog Names.

Here are a few French dog names for male Goldendoodles that you might like:

  1. Alain – A name that means handsome or cheerful
  2. Arlo – fortified hill or army hill
  3. Axel – father of peace or source of life
  4. Beau – handsome or beautiful
  5. Benji – son of the right hand or son of the south
  6. Blaise – firebrand
  7. Bruno – brown or dark-haired
  8. Cesar – long-haired or hairy
  9. Claude – lame or enclosure
  10. Coco – coconut or chocolate
  11. Darcy – dark
  12. Dior – golden or gilded
  13. Edouard – wealthy guardian or prosperous protector
  14. Hugo – mind or spirit
  15. Jacques – he who follows after
  16. Jules – youthful or downy-bearded
  17. Lancelot – servant or attendant
  18. Leo – lion or brave as a lion
  19. Louis – famous warrior or renowned fighter
  20. Marcel – little warrior or warlike
  21. Maxime – greatest or most excellent
  22. Milo – merciful or mild
  23. Nico – victory of the people or people’s champion
  24. Oliver – Derived from the olive tree also a symbol of peace
  25. Pascal – Easter child or lamb
  26. Pierre  – French form of Peter, a common apostle and saint’s name.
  27. Remy (Remi) – oarsman or remedy
  28. Rex – king or ruler in Latin.
  29. Romeo – pilgrim to Rome or Roman citizen in Italian
  30. Serge – servant or attendant in Latin
  31. Theo – gift of God or divine gift in Greek
  32. Yves -Name of a famous French fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent
  33. Zane – Variant of John, a common royal name in Scotland and England
Standard sized goldendoodle on beach

Here are a few French dog names for female Goldendoodles that you might like:

  1. Bijou – Means jewel or trinket.
  2. Brigitte – Means exalted or high goddess
  3. Celeste – Means heavenly or celestial
  4. Cherie – Means darling or dear
  5. Chloe – Means blooming or verdant
  6. Claire – Means clear or bright
  7. Esme – Means esteemed or beloved
  8. Fleur – Means flower or blossom
  9. Giselle – Means pledge or hostage
  10. Ines – Means pure or holy
  11. Juliette – Means youthful or downy-bearded
  12. Lila – Means night or dark beauty
  13. Lola – Means sorrows or pains in Spanish
  14. Lucie – Means light or bright in Latin
  15. Margot – Means pearl or child of light in Greek
  16. Mimi – Means sea of bitterness or rebelliousness in Hebrew
  17. Noelle – Means Christmas or birthday in French
  18. Odette – Means wealthy or prosperous in German Paris Capital city of France
  19. Renee – reborn or born again in French
  20. Simone – Feminine form of Simon, a common apostle and saint’s name.
  21. Ziggy – victorious or the Lord is my rock in Hebrew
Goldendoodle Names: 275 Best Names for Goldendoodles - Small goldendoodle puppy in someone's hand

Nature inspired Goldendoodle Names

There are many names that you can name your Golden doodle that are inspired by nature, such as the names of flowers, trees, animals, weather, and landscapes. Here are a few examples of outdoorsy names you can choose for your Goldendoodle.

For even more nature inspired dog names, check out our post on: Flower Names For Dogs: 300 Plus Nature Names

Let’s start with nature inspired male dog names

  1. Basil – An herb that smells and tastes good
  2. Baxter – The high point of Maine’s highest mountain (Katahdin)
  3. Brady – Sports figure
  4. Cedar – A tree-inspired name
  5. Flint
  6. Huckleberry (Huck for short) = Classic character Huckleberry Finn
  7. Java
  8. Kale – A leafy green that is trendy and healthy
  9. Lemon – A citrus name that is bright and zesty
  10. Oakley – A name that combines a tree and a brand of sunglasses
  11. Peanut
  12. Ruger
  13. Sage – Herb name that also means wise and calm
  14. Thyme – Herb name that also sounds like time
  15. Winston – A plant name that is exotic and unique
  16. Zorro – Inspired by the fictional masked vigilante
  17. Zorro
  18. Zuma – Inspired by the beach town in California
Goldendoodle puppy staring into camera

Here are a few nature inspired female dog names

  1. Autumn – Name that is inspired by the season of autumn
  2. Blossom – Means to flower
  3. Holly – Derived from the plant holly, which is a symbol of Christmas and winter
  4. Jade – Derived from the green ornamental stone
  5. Lily –
  6. Nala – Means successful in African
  7. Nova – Means new in Latin
  8. Petunia – Derived from the flower petunia
  9. Sky – Inspired by the sky
  10. Stella (Stelly) – star in Latin and Italian
  11. Summer
  12. Sunny
  13. Sunshine
  14. Willow – Inspired by the willow tree
Goldendoodle dog in yard with red scarf

Even More Goldendoodle Names for Girls

If you are still looking for a name for your pup where are even more dog names to choose from.

  1. Angel
  2. Athena
  3. Aurora
  4. Bambi
  5. Buttercup
  6. Caramel
  7. Dolly
  8. Ginger
  9. Goldie
  10. Honey
  11. Ivory
  12. Jasmine (Jazz)
  13. Lulu
  14. Marshmallow (Marshy)
  15. Minnie
  16. Misty (Mist)
  17. Muffin
  18. Pearl (Pearly)
  19. Pebbles (Pebble)
  20. Poppy (Pops)
  21. Princess (Prinny)
  22. Rosie (Rose)
  23. Sadie (Sadey)
  24. Sapphire (Sapphy)
  25. Snowball (Snowy)
  26. Sparky (Spark)
  27. Sweetie (Sweetie Pie)
  28. Twinkle
Sleeping Goldendoodle in bed with chunky knit throw

Even More Goldendoodle Names for Boys

  1. Alfie
  2. Bailey
  3. Benny
  4. Bingo
  5. Biscuit
  6. Boomer
  7. Brody
  8. Buddy
  9. Buster
  10. Chester
  11. Chewie
  12. Chuckie
  13. Cody
  14. Dexter
  15. Duke
  16. Jack
  17. Koda
  18. Levi
  19. Loki
  20. Louie
  21. Lucky
  22. Max
  23. Murphy
  24. Ollie
  25. Otis
  26. Sam
  27. Samson
  28. Shadow
  29. Simba
  30. Toby
  31. Tucker
  32. Wally
Mini Goldendoodle sitting on white wood floor.

Unisex Names

  1. Aspen
  2. Curls
  3. Fluffy
  4. Fuzzy
  5. Oreo (Reo)
  6. Puff
  7. River
  8. Teddy
Goldendoodle Names: 275 Best Names for Goldendoodles -  Cream Goldendoodle in snow

We hope you found the perfect name for your Goldendoodle

Please let us know which name you picked