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Dog Friendly Beaches – Cape Cod, Massachusetts (MA)

Updated: 01/09/2024 – Visiting Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a time-honored tradition for many families.

Walking along the shoreline looking for shells or playing in the surf is a favorite activity for most people who visit the cape.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog could join you on those walks? Well he can, at least in some towns.

Join us as we look at dog friendly beaches on Cape Cod, Massachusetts (MA) that you can both enjoy.

A few things to keep in mind when looking for a dog friendly beach on Cape Cod, Ma.

  • First, when we use the phrase “dog friendly” at Happyoodles, we really mean pet dog friendly. Service dogs are regulated by different guidelines and are out-of-scope for this article.
  • The same thing goes for the term “pet friendly”. We only researched beaches that allowed pet dogs, not other types of pets.
  • As you go through the list below, you will find that most beaches on Cape Cod, Massachusetts are only dog friendly in the off-season. We have indicated which beaches are dog friendly during the summer with the following sign to make it easier for you to find.
Yellow circle with green paw print to indicate which beaches in Massachusetts (MA) is Dog Friendly
Dog Friendly
  • For the few beaches that allow dogs during the summer, none allow dogs on the lifeguard protected sections, which means if you choose to swim, you are doing it at your own risk.
  • Another thing you need to keep in mind is that pet friendly does not mean they can be off-leash. Most Massachusetts dog friendly beaches require your pup to be on a 6-foot leash.
  • Most importantly is that you clean up after your dog when on the beach (really you should do it everywhere). Pet Waste can contribute to health risks to both you and your dog. In addition, bacteria from pet waste found in the water can contribute to beach closures and possibly banning of dogs from the beach.

To learn more about the health risks pet waste can cause, please check out this Pet Waste and Bathing Beaches Brochure from

Cape Cod Dog Friendly Massachusetts title pic with white sand beaches and bright blues waves in the background

Dog Safety Tips for the Beach

Keeping your dog safe on a trip to the beach should be a priority.  Here are a few tips to help keep your dog safe. This is not a comprehensive list. Remember to use your best judgement.

  • The first thing to think about is that not all dogs can swim or like even like the water. Before bringing your dog to the beach, find a quieter body of water to test out their swimming abilities.
  • Before taking your dog anywhere they may be off leash, make sure they have a strong recall.  This means the second you call them they return to you.
  • Watch for overheating in your dog. This can lead to a heatstroke.
  • Apply dog safe sunscreen to your dog in areas that the fur does not cover, like their nose, and ears.
  • Make sure to bring plenty of fresh water to the beach for both you and your dog.  Dogs should not drink sea water or water in ponds or puddles.
  • Pay attention to any flags or warnings in the area. Warnings can cover an assortment of issues, like rough surf, undertows or even sharks.
  • Watch your dog carefully to make sure they do not eat something they shouldn’t, like sand, garbage, or sea animals.
  • Check the sand before allowing your dog on it.  Hot sand can burn paw pads.
  • Watch out for sea life that could hurt your pup like, jellyfish or stingrays.
  • Consider taking your dog in the morning or early evening to avoid the heat of the day.


Please confirm that dogs are still allowed and when they are allowed prior to visiting any of these beaches. Information listed here is subject to change without notice. Also make sure to review pet policies on town operated sites prior to going.

While we strive to insure accuracy on, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Pictures in this post may not be of the same areas as the one’s dogs are allowed in.

Dog Friendly Beaches on Cape Cod, Massachusetts (MA)

Cape Cod is a large peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean off the Massachusetts southern coast. The cape is 65-miles long and up-to 20-miles wide in some areas.

In the best of times, driving from the Sagamore Bridge to Provincetown can take about an hour and fifteen minutes. During the summer it can take much longer than that.

If you planning on traveling with a dog to Cape Cod and you need to decide where to stay in Cape Cod or looking to take a day trip here, keep in mind the travel time. Especially, if you want to go to a dog friendly beach, since dog friendly beaches in the summer are far and few between.

To make it easier for you to find a location with a dog friendly beach, we have sorted our list by the four regions that make up the main portion of Cape Cod.

Dog Friendly Beaches - Cape Cod, Massachusetts - black and white pic of cape cod outline with the four 7 regions of cape cod highlighted in different colors
Cape Cod Regions

Four Regions of Cape Cod:

  • Upper Cape
  • Mid Cape
  • Lower Cape
  • Outer Cape

Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are Islands and not really part of the Cape.

If you looking for a beach in the “Just Off Cape Cod” area please refer to our post, Dog Friendly Beaches in Massachusetts (MA). You will find a list of dog friendly beaches in this area under the heading “Dog Friendly Beaches – Southern Coast of Massachusetts (MA)”

If you are looking for dog friendly vacation ideas check out our post Dog Friendly Island Vacation Ideas in the USA

Dog Friendly Beaches in the Upper Cape Cod Region

Dog Friendly Beaches - Cape Cod, Massachusetts - black and white pic of cape cod outline with upper -cape section colored in red
Dog Friendly Beaches in the Upper Cape Cod Region

The Upper Cape Cod region is located along the Cape Cod Canal on the west. To the north is the Cape Cod Bay and to the south is the Atlantic Ocean. All three water ways offer a different experience for you and your dog. Friendly Cape Cod Bay Beach
Dog Friendly Cape Cod Bay Beach

The primary beach towns in this area are Sandwich to the north, Bourne which runs along the canal and Falmouth to the South.

Sandwich and East Sandwich beaches are located on the northern part of the Upper Cape along the Cape Cod Bay. The Town of Sandwich allows dogs at town owned public beaches in the off-season only. Please see below for dates

The Town of Sandwich Public Beach Dog Rules and Regulations

  • Dogs are prohibited from any salt water public beach in Sandwich during the spring and summer seasons, April 1 to September 15. This ban includes the dunes and in beach parking areas.
  • From May 15 to September 15, pet dogs are prohibited on all fresh water public beaches including beach parking areas. These beaches are for residents only in 2022.
  • Owners are responsible for keeping their dogs under close control and picking up their pet’s waste and disposing of it properly.
  • From April 1 to September 15, no person or their pets shall enter areas marked for the purpose of protecting critical habitat for state and federally-listed shore birds

Public Town Salt Water beaches:

Beaches in Sandwich, Ma

  • Town Neck Beach/Boardwalk
  • First Beach
  • East Sandwich Beach

Fresh Water Public Beaches – Residences only in 2022

  • Snake Pond Beach
  • Wakeby Lake at Ryder Conservation
  • Peters Pond

Private Beaches in Sandwich, Ma

Even though Sandwich, MA does not have public beaches that are dog friendly in the summer they do have private beaches.

Since Massachusetts law allows beachfront homes to own the beach in front of them, it’s up to the owner to decide if you can have your dog on the beach when you rent their home.

Before renting a dog-friendly beachfront home confirm with the owner that dogs are allowed on the beach. Some private beach communities prohibit dogs on their beaches.

Bourne Bridge over Cape Cod Canal

Beaches in Bourne, Ma

Bourne, Massachusetts is located along Buzzards Bay, the Cape Cod Canal and also a small section runs along the Cape Cod Bay. In all Bourne features over fifty-miles of coastline. It’s also the first town you encounter after you cross any of the Cape Cod Canal bridges.

The Town of Bourne only allows dogs at their town owned public beaches in the off-season. Starting on May 1 and going through October 15 dogs are not allowed on the town’s fresh or salt water beaches.

The Town of Bourne Public Beach Dog Rules and Regulations

  • It shall be unlawful for any person to allow their dog(s) on any public beach. A public bathing beach is defined as a Town owned beach. This section shall not apply to a service dog. This section will be enforced from May 1 until October 15.

Town of Bourne Dog By Laws – this includes when dogs can be on the beach.

Bourne Town Beaches include:

  • Barlows Landing (Pocasset)
  • Electric Avenue (Buzzards Bay)
  • Gray Gables Beach
  • Hen Cove (Pocasset)
  • Massasoit Avenue (Pocasset)
  • Monks Park (Pocasset)
  • Monument Beach
  • Phillips Road (Sagamore Beach)
  • Picture Lake (Pocasset)
  • Pocasset River
  • Queen Sewell [Bumps] Pond (Buzzards Bay)
  • Red Brook Harbor (Cataumet)
  • Sagamore Beach [First Beach]
  • Sagamore Beach [Second Beach]
  • Squeteague (Cataumet)

Town owned beaches & boat ramps require a Bourne Town Parking Sticker

The Bourne Conservation Trust (BCT)

While the Town of Bourne does not allow dogs on the beach in season, the Bourne Conservation Trust (BCT), does allow leashed dogs on some of their lands all year. The Bourne Conservation Trust (BCT) is a private, nonprofit land trust with a primary objective of acquiring land and leaving it in its natural state.

The catch is that you either need to hike or paddle to the beach. Most of the Bourne Conservation Trust properties are inland, but there are two BCT properties that include small natural beaches. Besides a bench or two, there are no amenities at these locations. You must carry everything in and out.

Please make sure to clean up after your dog, keep them on the trails and do not let them harass the wildlife.
Beach in Falmouth, Massachusetts

Beaches in Falmouth, Ma

Falmouth, Massachusetts sits in the south west corner of the cape. The town has coastline along both Buzzards Bay and the Vineyard’s Sound. Falmouth, Ma does not allow dogs on their public beaches in season. Dogs are allowed in the off-season but must be on a leash.

For some off-leash time for your pup check out our list of Off-leash Dog Parks on Cape Cod.

The Town of Falmouth Public Beach Dog Rules and Regulations

Animals are NOT permitted on the beach or in beach parking lots from May 1 to October 1. This includes leaving pets in parked vehicles. Service dogs required because of a disability are permitted.

Falmouth Town Beaches include:

  • Bristol Beach
  • Chapoquoit Beach
  • Falmouth Heights Beach
  • Grew’s Pond, Goodwill Park Beach (fresh water beach
  • Megansett Beach
  • Menauhant East Beach
  • Menauhant West Beach
  • Old Silver Public Beach
  • Old Silver Residents’ Beach
  • Stoney Beach
  • Surf Drive Beach
  • Wood Neck Beach
The Knob Falmouth, Ma

Salt Pond Bird Areas Sanctuaries, Inc.

The Salt Pond Bird Areas Sanctuaries owns and maintains the The Knob. The Knob is a small preserve (only 12 acres) that juts out into the Quissett Harbor in Falmouth, Ma. The area consists of trails and a few small beaches surrounded by natural areas.

They do allow well-behaved, leashed dogs. You must clean up after them, not allow them to dig and keep them off the fragile banks and vegetation. You will find a limited number of parking spots on Quissett Harbor Rd near the Quissett Yacht Club.

Dog Friendly Beaches in Mashpee, Ma

Compared to the other towns, Mashpee is small, and most of the beaches are either private owned or part of the South Cape Beach State Park. The town does have a small beach on the east end of South Cape Beach, but dogs are not allowed on this beach at any time during the year.

Mashpee Dog Beach Rules

Section 54-7 Dogs on Beaches- No dogs shall be brought upon any said public beaches, nor permitted thereon.

However, the South Cape Beach State Park in Mashpee does allow dogs on the beach in the off-season.

The South Cape Beach State Park Dog Rules:

No dogs or other pets, with exception of service animals, allowed on the beach April 1st to Sept. 15th.

Dog Friendly Beaches - Cape Cod, Massachusetts - black and white pic of cape cod outline with mid -cape section colored in blue

Dog Friendly Beaches in the Mid Cape Cod Region

The Mid Cape Cod region is located in the middle section of Cape Cod Canal. To the north is the Cape Cod Bay and to the south is the Vineyard’s Sound.

The town in the Mid-Cape are Barnstable, Yarmouth, Dennis, Brewster and Harwich.

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Dog Friendly Beaches in Barnstable, Ma

The town of Barnstable stretches from the Cape Cod Bay to the Nantucket Sound. There are seven villages in the Barnstable Township: Barnstable, Centerville, Cotuit, Hyannis, Osterville, Marstons Mills, and West Barnstable. The Town of Barnstable allows dogs at town owned public beaches in the off-season only.

Town of Barnstable Dog Beach Rules

Pursuant to the Town Manager’s Dog Control Regulations, no person owning or having the care, custody or control of any dog shall allow said dog on any Town Beach or Recreation area from May 15 to September 15 without the written authorization of the Town Manager or official in control of said Beach or Recreation area.

This restriction includes the parking lots of these public areas. It also includes Bodfish Beach at Sandy Neck Beach and the beach parking lots. Dogs must be leashed year-round in the Town of Barnstable. Always remember to please pick-up after your pet.

Beaches in the town of Barnstable include:

  • Covell’s Beach
  • Hathaway’s Pond
  • Craigville Beach
  • Loop Beach
  • Dowse’s Beach
  • Lovell’s Pond
  • Hamblin’s Pond
  • Millway Beach
  • Joshua’s Pond
  • Kalmus Beach
  • Ropes Beach
  • Keyes Beach (Sea Street)
  • Wequaquet Lake Beach
  • Veteran’s Park Beach

Some beaches in Barnstable are private and some public beaches have residents only sections. Please follow the local signs.

Dog Friendly Sandy Neck Beach Dunes- pic of dunes, beach grass and little yellow flowers
Sandy Neck Beach Dunes

Dog Friendly Sandy Neck Off Road Vehicle beach

Dog Friendly

However, the Sandy Neck Off Road Vehicle Beach does allow dogs during the summer. This section of Sandy Neck Beach is located on the Cape Cod Bay, far from the public, life-guarded beach.

There are some stipulations to taking your dog to this beach though:

  • First dogs must remain on a leash at all times.
  • You can only drive to the beach if you have an ORV permit from Sandy Neck Beach Park. Permits are for the entire year and can be considered expensive if you only want to go for a day. You also need an off-road capable vehicle and other equipment to get a permit.
  • If you don’t qualify for an ORV permit you can walk your dog along the Great Marsh Hiking Trail to get to the beach. It’s about a mile walk in heavy sand. The trail starts are the Gate House. There is limited parking at the gate house.
  • Dogs can also be walked down the Access Trail from the Gatehouse to get to the Off-Road Vehicle Beach. It is about a half a mile hike.
  • Keep in mind that sand and any pavement you encounter will be hot during the summer. Hot surfaces can burn your pup’s paws. Watch out for heat exhaustion. You will also need to carry in everything you need including water.

You can find Sandy Neck Beach Gate House at 590 Sandy Neck Road, W. Barnstable, MA 02668.

Beaches in Yarmouth, Ma

Most of the beaches in Yarmouth are on the southern side of the town. Grey’s Beach is the only beach in Yarmouth that is on the Cape Cod Bay. The Town of Yarmouth allows dogs at town owned public beaches in the off-season only. When dogs are allowed differs by location. Please see below.

Yarmouth, Ma Dog Beach Rules

  • Dogs are not allowed on Seagull Beach and Grey’s Beach from April 1, through Labor Day.
  • Dogs are not allowed on all other beaches and ways beginning May 15 through Labor Day.
  • When allowed on the beach dog owners must clean up after their dog(s) immediately and appropriately.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times.
  • Dogs are allowed on public boardwalks

West Yarmouth Salt Water Beaches

  • Bay View Beach
  • Colonial Acres Beach
  • Englewood Beach
  • Seagull Beach

South Yarmouth Salt Water Beaches

  • Smuggler’s Beach
  • Parker’s River Beach
  • Sea View Beach
  • South Middle Beach – residents only
  • Wilbur Beach
  • Windmill Beach

Yarmouth Port

  • Bass Hole Beach

Dog Friendly Cape Cod Beach in Dennis MA - pic of white sand beach, dunes, beach grass and wooden fences
Cape Cod Beach in Dennis MA

Beaches in Dennis, Ma

The town of Dennis also stretches from the Cape Cod Bay to the Nantucket Sound. You can find beaches on both sides of bodies of water.

Dennis, Ma Dog Beach Rules

  • Dogs are not be allowed on any Dennis public beaches or parking areas anytime, effective from the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day of each year.
  • The rest of the year dogs are welcome on the beaches as long as their owners respect the dog control bylaws for all public places in Dennis.
  • It is required by Town of Dennis Bylaw that owners pick up after their dogs and dispose of it properly even in the off season.

North Side Beaches

  • Chapin Memorial
  • Mayflower
  • Bayview – resident only parking
  • Corporation
  • Howes Street
  • Scargo – fresh water beach
  • Princess – fresh water beach
  • Harborview – residents only parking
  • Cold Storage- residents only parking
  • Sea Street (East Dennis)

South Side Beaches

  • West Dennis – resident parking only
  • South Village – resident parking only
  • Haigis
  • Glendon Road
  • Sea Street (Dennis Port) Raycroft
  • Depot Street
  • Inman
  • Metcalf Memorial Seaview

Dog Friendly Beaches - Cape Cod, Massachusetts - black and white pic of cape cod outline with lower -cape section colored in purple

Dog Friendly Beaches in the Lower Cape Cod Region

Brewster Mud Flats, Brewster, Ma
Cape Cod Brewster Flats in Brewster Ma

Beaches in Brewster, Ma

Brewster is well-known for the Brewster Flats. The flats are created at least once during the day when the tide on the Cape Cod Bay pulls out leaving behind long stretches of wet sand. At low tide you can walk out almost a mile into the bay. However, when the tide is in the beaches can be rather skinny. The Town of Brewster allows dogs on town owned public beaches from September 16 to April 30.

Brewster, Ma Dog Beach Rules

Dogs and other pets are not allowed on public beaches, tidal flats, landings, and public ponds between the dates of May 1th and September 15th per Board of Health regulations

Brewster Salt Water Beaches

  • Crosby Landing
  • Linnell Landing
  • Ellis Landing
  • Breakwater Beach
  • Saint’s Landing
  • Mant’s Landing
  • Paines Creek

Brewster Fresh Water Beaches

  • Long Pond
  • Sheep Pond
  • Upper Mill Pond

Beaches in Harwich, Ma

You will find Harwich’s beaches are on the Nantucket Sound side of Cape Cod. The town offers many small public beaches nestled in between private ones so make sure to watch out for signs you are entering a private area.

Harwich, Ma Dog Beach Rules

No animals or pets are permitted on any beaches. The term beaches shall include sand, dune, water and parking lots. Effective – The day after Labor Day through the day before Memorial Day of any year.

Beaches in Harwich, Ma

Saltwater Beaches in Harwich

  • Red River Beach
  • Pleasant Rd Beach
  • Earle Road Beach – West Harwich
  • Grey Neck Beach – West Harwich
  • Bank Street Beach – Harwich Port

Fresh Water Beaches in Harwich

  • Seymour Pond
  • Long Pond
  • Cahoon’s Road
  • Sand Pond

Beaches in Chatham, Ma

Chatham has beautiful beaches, but pay attention to the warning signs. Some of their beaches have deadly undertows and there have been shark sightings along the shore in the last few years here. You may also encounter seals at the beaches. For more information on the dangers and information on parking please see the link below.

Chatham, Ma Dog Beach Rules.

Dogs are not allowed on town beaches from May 1st to September 15th of each year, with the exception of seeing-eye animals, and police K-9 animals.

Salt Water Chatham Beaches

  • Chatham Lighthouse Beach
  • Bridge Street Parking for Lighthouse Beach
  • Harding’s Beach, West Chatham
  • Ridgevale Beach, West Chatham
  • Cockle Cove Beach, South Chatham
  • Oyster Pond Beach, Chatham
  • Forest Beach, South Chatham
  • Pleasant Bay (Jackknife), North Chatham
  • Pleasant Street Beach, South Chatham

Fresh Water Chatham Beaches

  • Schoolhouse Pond, West Chatham

Beaches in Orleans, Ma

Orleans is the last town you will encounter before you get to the outer cape. The town stretches between Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. In between you will find many waterfront homes and private beaches on Little Pleasant Bay. This is also where the Cape Cod National Seashore begins. At least the area that you can reach by land. Beach rules regarding dogs differ by beach. Please see the list of beaches below.

Orleans, Ma Dog Beach Rules

For these beaches:

  • Nauset Public Beach
  • North of Nauset Public Beach Parking Lot
  • South of Nauset Public Beach Parking Lot to Trail #1

Pet dogs are prohibited from April 1st through Labor Day at these beaches

  • South of Trail #1 to Chatham Inlet

Dogs are required to be on leash (not greater than 30 feet) at all times April 1st through Labor Day

For these beaches:

  • Skaket Beach
  • Rock Harbor

Pet Dogs are prohibited from Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day

For these beaches:

  • Crystal Lake
  • Pilgrim Lake

Pet dogs are prohibited from June 15th through Labor Day

For 70 Willie Atwood/Wildflower Lane from June 15th through Labor Day

  • Dogs are prohibited from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Dogs are not allowed within 300 feet of Skaket Public Beach at all times
  • Dogs are required to be on leash (not greater than 30 feet) at all times unless they are a minimum of 300 feet seaward of the high tide line

Dog Friendly Beaches - Cape Cod, Massachusetts - black and white pic of cape cod outline with outer-cape section colored in yellow

Dog Friendly Beaches in the Outer Cape Cod Region

The Cape Cod National Seashore

Dog friendly Cape Cod National Seashore - pic of white sand beach and surf
Cape Cod National Seashore
Dog Friendly

The Cape Cod National Seashore spans over four towns on the outer cape and offers forty miles of pristine sandy beach, marshes, ponds, and uplands that support diverse species. With all this space there is plenty of beach for everyone to enjoy, even your pup.

The National Seashore offers pet dog friendly ocean beaches all year long. However, during the summer, dogs are not allowed to stay in the lifeguard protected areas.

They are allowed to pass through the lifeguard protected areas to get to the beach beyond that section, unless the area is closed for the shorebird nesting.

The National Seashore is subject to closures due to shorebird nesting and staging. These closures typically happen from April 1 to October 15, limiting the amount to time your dog can be on the beach.

Make to check the Cape Cod National Park website for updated information on closures.

All dogs must remain on a 6-foot leash at all times. You are responsible to clean up after your dog immediately and properly dispose of the waste. You must keep your dog away from other people on the beach.

While dogs are allowed on the beach, there are other areas in the National Seashore where they are not allowed. Please refer to the Cape Cod National Seashore Dog Rules to learn more.

Beaches in Eastham, Ma

The Town of Eastham located on the Outer Cape is consider to be the gateway to the National Seashore. It is easy to see why considering about 11% (1,500 Acres) of the Town is included in the National Seashore Park. But, Eastham does have their own beaches with different rules for dogs than the National Seashore. The Town of Eastham allows dogs on town owned public beaches in the off season.

Eastham, Ma Dog Beach Rules

Town of Eastham Beach Rules and Regulations state “No animals or pets will be permitted on the beaches, in the parking areas, or in vehicles in the parking areas at any time during the period of June 15th through Labor Day.”

Eastham Town Beaches include:

  • Boat Meadow Beach
  • Campground Beach
  • Cole Road Beach
  • Cooks Brook Beach
  • Dyer Prince Area
  • First Encounter Beach
  • Great Pond
  • Hemenway Landing
  • Herring Pond
  • Herring Brook Road Area (Herring Run)
  • Sunken Meadow Beach
  • Thumpertown Beach
  • Wiley Park

White Crest Beach in Wellfleet, Ma

Dog Friendly Beaches in Wellfleet, Ma

Dog Friendly

Compared to other towns on the Cape, the Town of Wellfleet has a generous dog policy. They welcome dogs throughout the year in non-lifeguard sections of the town beaches. In addition to that the Dog Friendly National Seashore is also partly located in Wellfleet.

Keep reading to learn more.

Wellfleet, Ma Dog Beach Rules

  • Dogs are not allowed on the life-guarded portions of Newcomb Hollow, Cahoon Hollow, White Crest and Maguire Landing at LeCount Hollow between the hours of 9am and 5pm during the summer season except to walk from the parking lot to a point beyond the end of the guarded beach.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times on town beaches and landings where they are permitted. You must promptly clean up after your dog and not allow them near other sunbathers.
  • Pets may not be left unattended in any parked vehicle in any beach parking lot or in any beach area or on Nauset Road from May 1st to October 1st .
  • Dogs are never allowed on the following salt water beaches and landings: Burton Baker, Indian Neck and Nauset Road, Mayo Beach and Powers Landing.
  • Pets are not allowed in the following freshwater ponds or on the beaches of these ponds: Gull Pond, Long Pond, Great Pond, Duck Pond, Higgins Pond, the Sluiceway, Spectacle Pond, or Dyer Pond from May 15th through October 15th.

Town Beaches in Wellfleet

  • Newcomb Hollow
  • Cahoon Hollow
  • White Crest
  • Maguire Landing at LeCount Hollow

Beach in Truro, Ma

Dog Friendly Beaches in Truro, Ma

Dog Friendly

The town of Truro consists of two villages, Truro and North Truro. 75 percent of Truro is designated as part of the National Seashore. Pet dogs are allowed on township beaches in the summer, but only during the off hours from 6:00 pm until 9:00 am. Plus, town beaches are subject to pet closures throughout the year due to nesting shorebirds.

Truro, Ma Dog Beach Rules

All animals are prohibited between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm, from the third Saturday in June through Labor Day. In addition, beach restrictions for pets may be increased due to the presence of shorebirds. Please refer to the towns beach website for updates on pet closures.

Truro Ocean Town Beaches

  • Ballston Beach
  • Coast Guard Beach
  • Head of the Meadow
  • Longnook Beach

Truro Bay Town Beaches

  • Beach Point
  • Cold Storage Beach
  • Corn Hill Beach
  • Fisher Beach
  • Great Hollow Beach
  • Noon Landing
  • Ryder Beach

Race Point Beach – Cape Cod National Seashore

Dog Friendly Beaches in Provincetown, Ma

Provincetown sits are the very end of the Cape. It’s surrounded by the Cape Cod National park. The two main beaches in Provincetown are Herring Cove Beach and Race Point Beach. Both are part of the National Park and therefore covered under the dog rules mentioned above.

There is one dog friendly beach that is owned by the town aptly named Dog Beach. According to the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce, dogs are allowed on this beach off-leash from Memorial Day through November 1st, 6am to 9am and 6pm to 9pm and November 2 through the day before Memorial Day, 6am to 9pm.

Provincetown, Ma Dog Beach Rules

Note : The outer cape has been known to have shark sightings. This is due to the seal population in the area.

For more things to do with your dog in Provincetown, visit our post on Dog Friendly Guide to Provincetown, MA.

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If you know of any Dog Friendly Beaches in Cape Cod, Massachusetts?
Please let us know about them in the comments.