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Dog Friendly Guide to Provincetown, MA

Updated 03/13/2024: If you are looking for a dog friendly vacation spot on the east coast that is easy to get to and allows dogs on the beach, then Provincetown, MA is the place to go.

You will find Provincetown at the Northern tip of dog friendly Cape Cod, Massachusetts, overlooking the Cape Cod Bay.

This picturesque town is the site of the Mayflower’s first American landing in 1620. They moved over to Plymouth, MA to begin a settlement after a month of exploring the Cape.

This piece of history is memorialized by the iconic Pilgrim Monument towers that stands at the center of town. The tower offers vast views of the town and National Seashore, but unfortunately, per the Monument’s website, pet dogs are not allowed on the campus.  

The next group to settle in Provincetown was the Portugese immigrants. They settled in the area in the 1860’s. Many of these first immigrants were sailors who came to dominate the fishing industry in the area. You will still find many Portugese influences in the area with Portugese restaurants, bakeries, festivals and parades.

The beauty and solitude that Provincetown provides, has a long drawn artists to the area. In the 1960’s Providence’s reputation as a welcoming, bohemian art community began to draw travelers from the gay and lesbian communities. Today, P’town as it’s commonly called, continues to welcome a diverse group of people to its shores.

Keep reading to discover dog friendly things you can do and places you can stay in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Dog Friendly Guide to Provincetown, MA

First time traveling with your dog?

If you have never traveled with a dog before, you might not know where to start or what to bring. To help you we have put together a couple of posts with our best tips for traveling with a dog and also tips on hotel stays with a dog.

Please confirm with all venues that pets are still allowed. Information in this post is subject to change without notice. Mentioning of a business in this post should not be viewed as an endorsement.

Dog Friendly Guide to Provincetown, MA - Entering Provincetown sign

Dog Friendly Provincetown – How to Get There

How you get to the cape will have a lot to do with where you are coming from. While most people drive to Cape Cod, Ma, you can also take your dog on a ferry or flight from the Boston Area.

Drive to Provincetown

  • From New York City (NYC) it should take between five to six-hours to drive to Provincetown, MA. But having done this trip many times, I can tell you that the trip will probably take much longer than 6 hours due to traffic and what seems to be never ending road work in Connecticut.
  • From Boston, Ma the drive is about a 2.5 hours ride without traffic.
  • From Providence, RI the drive is a little over two hours.

Dog Friendly Ferry to Cape Cod

You can get to Provincetown, MA via ferry from either Boston or Plymouth. All ferries land at MacMillian Pier in the heart of Provincetown.

From Plymouth

Captain John’s Boats takes you from Plymouth to Provincetown via a fast ferry. The trip takes 1.5 hours. Ferry only runs one trip each way per day and only runs in-season.

Dog Policy – “Leashed and well-behaved dogs are allowed and are free of charge.”

From Boston

Bay State Cruise offers a fast ferry from the World Trade Center on Seaport Blvd in Boston to Provincetown. Trip takes about 95 minutes.

Dog Policy – “Yes, we love dogs and they are allowed aboard at no additional charge. They are required, however, to have a leash.”

CityExperiences by Hornblower – offers a fast ferry from 1 Long Wharf, in Boston to Provincetown. The trip takes about 90 minutes.

Dog Policy – “Dogs are allowed on board as long as they are leashed or in a carrier.”

Dog Friendly Flights to Cape Cod

Cape Air offers a number of flights to Provincetown Municipal Airport in Provincetown from regional airports located in Boston, Maine and New Hampshire.

Dog Policy – Dogs are accepted on most flights BUT they only allow one dog per flight, unless they are from the same household and there is space. Dogs must be in a kennel to board the plane. Please see their pet policy on their website for complete details.

Dog Friendly Guide to Provincetown, MA - view of Provincetown from pier

Dog Friendly Ways to Get Around Provincetown

At only three miles long Provincetown is easy to walk around. However, if you are planning to go to the National Seashore you will probably want another form of transportation. Here are some of your pet friendly options to getting around Provincetown.

1. Provincetown Shuttle

During the summer months the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority (CCRTA) runs a local shuttle. The Shuttle travels to and from MacMillan Pier, down Bradford Street to the First Pilgrim Park and Herring Cove Beach, to Shankpainter Road, to Conwell Road, to Race Point Road, to the Province Land Visitors Center, to the Race Point Beach and the Airport.

Passengers may board the Shuttle at any of the scheduled bus stops or they may flag the bus down anywhere along the bus route.

Pet Policy:

  • Pets are allowed to ride if in a secure carrier.
  • Service Animals are allowed on CCRTA buses during all hours of operation and are to be kept under control at all times. No certification is required, nor is the animal expected to wear a special harness, scarf or other identifying marking.

2. Bike

Biking is a great alternative to walking or driving in Provincetown. Especially on Provincetown’s narrow streets. If you don’t already have a bike, there are a couple bike rental places that offer bike rentals with dog trailers.

  • The Bike Shack is one of them. Located at 3 Shank Painter Road in Provincetown, Ma.
  • Gale Force Bikes is the other and is the closest to the bike trails at the Cape Cod Sea Shore. Gale Force Bikes is located at 144 Bradford Street Extension in Provincetown.
  • Both places offer free parking with hourly bike rentals.

3. Pedicab

There are two pedicab services in Provincetown that will allow you to take your pup along for the ride.

Commercial Street Pedicab will take you and your well-behaved, leashed dog anywhere you need to go in Provincetown. All you need to do is call them.

Pet policy: Well-behaved pet dogs must be able to safely sit and ride in the cab. Large dogs may not be allowed for their own safety.

Phone: 508-257-1277

Ptown Pedicab services the Provincetown area and also allows dogs in their pedicabs. Just give them a call to arrange a ride.

Phone: 508-487-0660

4. Drive

While driving is always an option it might not be the best one. Road in Provincetown are narrow and during the high season filled with pedestrians. Also, public parking is very limited in Provincetown and most lots charge a fee.

Race Point Beach
Race Point Beach

11 Dog Friendly Things to Do in Provincetown

Provincetown is a small town with a lot to do. It makes a great day trip, weekend or a weeklong trip. Here are some of the way you can enjoy Provincetown with a pet dog.

1. Enjoy the Beach

No visit to the Cape would be complete without going to the beach. Provincetown not only has their own town beaches, but they are also close to the Cape Cod National Seashore. In fact, Provincetown is surrounded by the water on three sides.

Provincetown allows leashed dogs on their town beaches year round unless there are signs that state otherwise. Beaches may be closed temporarily or permanently based on town needs.

In-season, starting Memorial Day weekend and going until November 1, unleashed dogs that are under voice or sight control are only allowed on the beach during the early morning hours of 6:00 am to 9:00 am and again in the evening from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm dogs must be on a leash between Memorial Day Weekend and November 1.

In the off-season dogs are allowed on the beach from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm, without a leash, but they must be under voice or sight control.

Most of the town beaches can be accessed through small paths between the homes and business that line Commercial Street. Make sure to stay off personal property and always clean up after your dog.

Dog Beach

The most popular dog friendly beach in Provincetown is Dog Beach. This is probably due to its name and also since it has an attached parking lot. A parking fee is required to park here.

This beach is not very wide, but when the tide is out there is plenty of room to run around.

Located at: 55 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657

For more dog friendly beaches in Massachusetts, check out our post on Dog Friendly Beaches – Cape Cod, Massachusetts (MA) and Dog Friendly Beaches in Massachusetts (MA)

Provincetown, MA Shoreline
Provincetown Shoreline

Cape Cod National Seashore

The Cape Cod National Seashore also allows leashed dogs on the beach but with a lot of restrictions. Please make sure to read through all the restrictions on the Cape Cod National Park website’s pet page.

Here are a few highlights from the Pet Page.

  • Pets are not allowed on Herring Cove from April 1 through October 15 to protect nesting and staging shorebirds
  • Pets are not allowed on lifeguard-protected beaches during the summer months. However, leashed pets are permitted to pass through lifeguard protected areas to reach areas where they may otherwise be allowed.
    • If there are shorebird closures on or beyond lifeguard-protected beaches, pets are not allowed to walk through. Shore bird closing tend to run from April to October, so in-season there is limited access.
  • No pets are allowed on the Province Lands bike trails from May 1-October 31
  • Pets are NOT permitted on most park trails

Make sure to check the Cape Cod National Park website for updated information on closures.

Provincetown Street

2. Commercial Street

Take a stroll along the famous Commercial Street. Here you will find an assortment of galleries, restaurants, nightclubs, cabarets and shops.  

Commercial Street runs the entire length of the town, but you will find that most shops are close to MacMillian Pier.  Many of the shops, galleries, restaurants (with outdoor areas) will welcome well-behaved dogs on a leash. But it is at the business owner’s discretion so please ask before stepping in.

Many of the businesses will offer treats to your dog and most offer water outside.

Here are a few shops that welcome dogs.

  • The Black Dog General Store – clothing
    • Address: 293 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA, 02657
    • Phone: 508-487-8776
  • Paws & Whiskers – Pet store and bakery
    • Address: 306 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657
    • Phone: 508-487-3441
  • The Nut House – Ice cream and sweets shop
    • Address: 237 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA, 02657
    • Phone: 508 487-6888
  • Marine Specialties – Army Navy Store
    • Address: 235 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA, 02657
    • Phone: 508-487-1730

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3. Pilgrim Bark Park

If your pup is need of a little off leash time take them over to the Pilgrim Bark Park. The Bark Park is located at the intersection of Route 6 and Shank Painter Road. It’s open from dawn to dusk, year-round. Access to parking and the main entrance is on Route 6 heading east.

Make sure to read the Bark Park rules before going.

This park sits on an acre of land and has a general dog section and a section exclusively for small dogs under 25 pounds. There are also many beautiful sculptures and structures donated by local artists.

The ground cover is a combination of sand, gravel and concrete which can be an issue during the hot summers. Plus, there is very little shade at the park.

If you plan to go during the summer, make sure to go early in the day or in the evening. And remember to check the ground to see if it’s too hot for your pup’s paws.

Located at: 227 US-6, Provincetown, MA 02657

For more dog parks on Cape Cod, check out our post on Off-leash Dog Parks and Beaches on Cape Cod.

Beach Shack
Beach Shack

4. Explore the Dune Shacks Trail

If you are up for a strenuous hike that climbs up large sand dunes and ends with spectacular views of the ocean and a deserted beach the Dune Shacks Trail will not disappoint.

The 2.4-mile round trip hike takes you along a sandy path that leads to a secluded beach. Along the way you will find primitive beach shacks among the dunes that can be rented seasonally.

There is no shade on this path. It is not advised that you do this hike with your dog during the heat of the summer as the sand can get hot and burn both feet and paws. Remember to bring plenty of water for you and your pup.

On windy days blowing sand can also be an issue. Make sure to dress appropriately and bring sunglasses and sunscreen. There are no facilities here.

You will find the trail head on Route 6 right where Snail Road intersects with route 6. There is only room for three cars to park at the trail head. The trail is not well marked but you can get directions and offline maps at

Pet Policy: Leashed dogs are allowed on the trail, but some areas may be closed to pets. Please obey all signs.

Provincetown Shoreline - Shack along the MacMillan Pier
Shacks along the MacMillan Pier

5. Take a walk along the pier

The MacMillan Pier is a nice little walk where you can see both private boats and the large ferries that dock here. Along the walkway, you will find small shacks with people selling their wares. At the end you may find a fishing vessel or lobster boat docked for the night.

There are also seals that frequent the area hoping for some dropped fish. If you take this walk in the evening after dinner, it’s a nice place to watch the sunset over the harbor.

6. Go for a Sail

Sailing is an integral part of the Cape Cod Community and a great way to spend a few hours on the water. There are a few sailing charter companies that allow dogs to come along for the ride.

Dog Gone Sailing Charters offers dog friendly sailing trips. Of course, they have to be dog friendly with a name like that.

  • Location: MacMillan Pier in Provincetown, MA
  • Phone: 508-566-0410.

Hindu Sailing Charters offers a 1.5-hour day sail around Cape Cod Bay that is family and dog friendly.

  • Location: MacMillan Pier in Provincetown, MA
  • Phone: 508-542-2996.

Dog friendly Provincetown, Whale in water

7. Go on a Whale Watching Tour

Dolphin Fleet Whale Watching offers public whale watching tours that allow well-behaved dogs to join their people. But before you decide to go make sure your dog will enjoy the trip. Most whale watching tours run between three to four hours long. Also make sure your dog takes care of business before getting on the boat.

  • Address: 307 Commercial Street #1 Provincetown, MA 02657
  • Phone: 508-240-3636

8. Take a Pedicab Tour

In addition to getting you from one place to another, Pedicabs will take you and your well-behaved, leashed dog on a tour of Provincetown. Tours can be customized to your interests. They even offer a sunset tour

  • Commercial Street Pedicab – Tours run 1.25 hours and are available day from 11am to 9pm, May to October.
    • Pet policy: Well-behaved pet dogs are allowed as long as it is deemed safe for them.
    • Phone: 508-257-1277
  • P’town Pedicab provides customized tours that allow dogs. Call them to discuss the details of the tour.
    • Phone: 508-487-0660

9. Explore the fire roads in the Cape Cod National Seashore

While dogs are not allowed on the Cape Cod National Seashore’s hiking trials, they are allowed on the fire roads. Hatches Harbor Fire Road is a 3.3 mile out and back trail near Provincetown.

It is considered an easy route that takes about an hour to complete. But you need to make sure you check the tides table as some of the trial will be blocked by water during high tide.

Pet Policy: While dogs are allowed on the fire road, they are not allowed at Hatches Harbor (marsh and spit) during bird nesting season which runs from April 1 to Oct 15. Please make sure to obey all signs.

You can find maps and additional information on Hatches Harbor Fire Road at

10. Enjoy a Ghost Tour

Take a historical walking tour with Provincetown Ghosts Tours. They are both family and dog friendly. 90 minutes tours depart daily at nine o’clock from The Coffee Pot at 315 Commercial Street, Lopes Square. Reservations are highly recommended. Pets are free but need to be added to your reservations at the time of booking.

11. Stop by Provincetown Brewing

Provincetown Brewing Co is located in the heart of Provincetown, just a short walk from the Pilgrim Monument. Founded on the progressive ideals that, Provincetown, PBC is passionate about brewing quality craft beer and evoking a sense of community.

Each PBC product highlights a cause or organization they care about with charities receiving a percentage of sales from each product sold.

Dog Policy: Well-behaved dogs on a leash are allowed on the outside patio.

Address: 141 Bradford Street Provincetown, MA 02657

Contact phone: 508-413-9076

Food Service: Offers a selection of bar type foods and snacks.

For more pet friendly breweries on the Cape visit our post on Dog Friendly Breweries & Vineyards on Cape Cod

American and Portugese flags

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Provincetown

Always ask if your dog is welcomed at any restaurants you may go to. Policies can change without our notice.

Dog Friendly Coffee Cafe’s and Bakery

Joe Coffee and Cafe offers an assortment of artisan coffees, teas and frozen drinks along with pastries and breakfast sandwiches. Your pup can join you on their outside patio.

  • Address: 170 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657
  • Phone: 860-573-1885

Dog Friendly Restaurants

Massachusetts does not allow pet dogs inside restaurants. While many restaurants in Provincetown are dog friendly on their outside patios, it is not a requirement. Outdoor dining is generally seasonal.

Bubala’s By the Bay -Covered outside dinning right on Commercial Street. Great spot for people watching. Serves international inspired seafood.

  • Address: 185 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657
  • Phone: 508-292-6879

Ciro & Sal’s – Serves Northern Italian food with dog friendly outdoor seating.

  • Address: 4 Kiley Ct, Provincetown, MA 02657
  • Phone: 508-487-6444

Liz’s Cafe Anybody’s Bar – Serves new American cooking at night and omelets during the day. Dog friendly outdoor seating.

  • Address: 31 Bradford St, Provincetown, MA 02657
  • Phone: 508-413-9131

Mac’s Fish House – Seafood restaurant with a roomy patio. Dogs allowed on outside patio.

  • Address: 85 Shank Painter Rd, Provincetown, MA 02657
  • Phone: (508) 487-6227

Post Office Cafe – New England-style seafood and modern American fare with a burst of Jamaican flavor. Dog friendly outside seating is available.

  • Address: 303 Commercial Str, Provincetown, MA, 02657
  • Phone: 508-487 0008

Spindler’s – Offers French-Italian inspired New England menu with outdoor patio seating.

  • Address: 386 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657
  • Phone: 508-487-6400

The Canteen – Counter-served, beach-themed nook in a historic building with communal seating & casual seafood eats.

  • Address: 225 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657
  • Phone: (508) 487-3800

Tin Pan Alley – American bar and eatery with a beachfront patio. Dogs allowed on patio with prior permission.

  • Address: 269 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657
  • Phone: (508) 487-1648

Row of cottages on Cape Cod - Dog Friendly Guide to Provincetown, MA
Row of cottages on Cape Cod

Dog Friendly Places to Stay in Provincetown

Provincetown offers a selection of dog friendly places to stay, from larger hotels to intimate Inns. You can also find a plenty of dog friendly vacation rentals here. Here are just a few of the options you can find.

1. Surfside Hotel and Suites, Provincetown, MA

Our first hotel is the Surfside Hotel and Suites. This hotel just might be the most pet-friendly place on the Cape. Not only are they pet friendly, but they allow dogs on their private beach and allow well-behaved dogs to stay in the room unattended.

Pet Policy Highlights:

  • Pet fees are per day per pet
  • Dogs are allowed by the fire pit and on the private beach
  • Dogs may be left in your room unattended
  • For full details please refer to their pet policy or call them directly

Address: 543 Commercial Street Provincetown, Massachusetts, 02657

Contact Number: 508-487-1726

2. Cape Colony Inn, Provincetown, MA

The Cape Colony Inn is a little less than a mile from the main drag in P’town allowing you to get away from the crowds while still being close to the action. This Inn is just two blocks from the beach and offers a heated outdoor pool, fire-pit and a volley ball court.

Pet Policy Highlights:

  • Dogs must be registered at the front desk
  • Dog fee is per day, per dog plus taxes
  • Well-behaved, quiet dogs may be left unattended in room
  • For full details please refer to their pet policy or call them directly

Address: 280 Bradford Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts, 02657

Contact Number: 508-487-1755

Blue homes over looking harbor

3. The Tucker Inn Bed and Breakfast, Provincetown, MA

If you are looking for a dog friendly Bed and Breakfast close to the action in Provincetown you may want to consider the Tucker Inn Bed and Breakfast. Located just a short distance from Commercial Street you can leave your car in their parking lot and walk around the town with your pup. If you would like to enjoy their gardens, your well-behaved pup can join your there too.

The Tucker Inn offers rooms with private bathroom, rooms with a shared bathroom and a cottage with a fully equipped kitchen.

Pet Policy Highlights:

  • Pet fee required
  • Pets should not be left alone in a room if they cannot be quiet
  • For full details please refer to their pet policy or call them directly

Address: 12 Center Street, Provincetown, MA 02657

Contact Number: 508-487-0381, Toll Free: 1-800-477-1867

4. Brasswood Inn, Provincetown, MA

The Brasswood Inn stands out from the rest thanks to its live music performances that are offered at various times on the front porch of the Inn and inside the common rooms. You can see some of the past performances on their Facebook page.

Not all rooms are dog friendly but there are five dog friendly rooms to choose from. The Inn also offers an inviting front porch to people watch and a private back patio to relax on.

Pet Policy Highlights:

  • Dogs friendly
  • Per night pet fee for up to two dogs.
  • Dogs not allowed in the common room during breakfast.
  • Dogs that cannot be quiet when left alone must be taken with you
  • For full details please refer to their pet policy or call them directly

Address: 174 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA, United States, 02657

Contact Number: 508-487-1526

5. Aerie House, Provincetown, MA

The pet friendly Aerie House offers a selection of accommodations including rooms with private baths, an efficiency apartment, and suites. Breakfast is included in the nightly fee in-season and includes a variety of hot dishes and baked goods. Dogs are welcomed in all of their accommodations.

Pet Policy Highlights:

  • Per night fee for one or more dogs
  • Well-behaved dogs that get along with other dogs welcomed.
  • More than one dogs allowed – please contact the Arie are information on multiple dogs
  • For full details please refer to their pet policy or call them directly

Address: 184 Bradford Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts 02657

Contact Number: 508-487-1197

6. Harbor Hotel, Provincetown, MA

Yet another dog friendly hotel in Provincetown is the Harbor Hotel. The Harbor Hotel is one of the largest hotels on this list, with 118 guest rooms and suites. The retro-chic hotel offers some rooms with views of the Provincetown Bay. All rooms at the Harbor Hotel are pet friendly.

Pet Policy Highlights:

  • Per night per pet fee
  • Need to let them know you are bringing a pet at the time you book your reservation
  • For full details please refer to their pet policy or call them directly

Address: 698 Commercial St, Provincetown, Massachusetts 02657

Contact Number: 508-487-1711

For more places to stay on the Cape, visit our post on Where to Stay in Cape Cod, MA with a Dog?

Dog you know of a dog friendly place in Provincetown, Ma?

Tell us about is in the comments below.