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Goldendoodle Rescue in Ohio: 8 Best Rescues in 2024

Are you searching for a Goldendoodle rescue in Ohio (OH), but don’t know where to look? Finding a Goldendoodle to adopt at a local shelter is rare, but it can happen.

However, there are better places to look than a shelter.

Join us, as we take a look at the best places to find a Goldendoodle rescue in Ohio (OH) in 2024.

Hint: You may want to look in nearby states. In addition to places to look in Ohio, we will also cover some places to look that are outside of Ohio but allow out of state adoptions.

Plus, as a bonus we will give you tips on how to be selected by a rescue organization.

In this post you will find:

  • Are you ready for share your life with a Goldendoodle rescue?
  • How to find a Goldendoodle rescue in Ohio
  • The cost of a Goldendoodle rescue in Ohio
  • Tips on how to be selected by a rescue group
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Are you ready to share your life with a Goldendoodle Rescue in Ohio (OH)?

Before you adopt a Goldendoodle make sure to do your research. Goldendoodles are wonderful dogs, but they are not for everyone.

If possible, ask other Goldendoodle owners what it’s like to care for one before you adopt. Also scope out the cost of grooming a doodle in your area. It can be very expensive.

Here is a quick overview of life with a Goldendoodle.

The Goldendoodle, Mini Goldendoodle and Toy Goldendoodle are a cross between the fun-loving Golden Retriever and the highly intelligent Poodle.

When you cross these two breeds you end up with a high energy, intelligent and fun loving dog that is a family favorite.

However, they need a release for all that energy. It’s important that you are able to give your Goldendoodle the exercise they need. This means supervised playtime in a fenced in yard a few times a day and daily walks. Otherwise, they can become destructive.

The Goldendoodle is also very social. They need to be around people. They are not content to spend most of the day alone. Some may even suffer from Separation Anxiety.

The Goldendoodle can be full of surprises. Especially, if you adopt a Goldendoodle puppy.

Goldendoodles vary in size and fur type. If you get a young puppy you may not know what type of fur they will have, if they will shed a lot or how big they will get.

A Goldendoodle requires regular coat maintenance.  This includes getting professional haircuts every four to six weeks and daily brushing at home. Professional grooming can easily cost over $100 for a large sized doodle.

Life with a Rescue

Unfortunately, Ohio has a lot of puppy mills. But, fortunately, at least for a few lucky puppy mill survivors, they are released to the various shelters and rescues in the state that work hard to give them a new life. Some of the dogs available through the rescues listed on this page are from puppy mills.

While adopting a puppy mill survivor is a wonderful thing, it comes with a few challenges.

  • Puppy mill survivors may not be house-trained or have any training
  • They might be frightened and emotionally shut down
  • They may have behavioral issues, like resource guarding
  • It may take them longer to trust people
  • They may have a health condition that needs to be managed

Although all of these challenges can be overcome, you need to be honest with yourself to determine if you have the time and ability to deal with them.

Goldendoodle Rescue in Ohio: 8 Best Rescues in 2023
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How to find a Goldendoodle Rescue in Ohio (OH)?

The best place to find a Goldendoodle to adopt, is at a Goldendoodle rescue organization that specializes in re-homing Golden doodles.

Unfortunately, Ohio does not have an in-state doodle rescue group, but there are a few of national doodle rescues that operate in the state. These rescues use a network of volunteers to handle rescue, re-homing and adoption services in the state they live in.

You can also find Goldendoodles available for adoption at breed specific rescues. Many breed specific rescues will help dogs that are part of the breed they work with. When looking for a Goldendoodle you should look at Golden Retriever Rescues, and Poodle Rescues.

There are also a few rescue groups in Ohio that do not specialize in any of these breeds but they have a higher than average number of doodle dogs available for adoption. We have included them on our list too.

8 Best Places to Look for a Goldendoodle Rescue in Ohio (OH)

Here we provide you with basic information on each rescue on our list. Please contact the rescue directly for the most up-to-date information.

1. IDOG Rescue

IDOG Rescue is a national rescue organization that has a network of volunteers that rescue and foster Goldendoodles, Labradoodles and other doodle types throughout the USA including in Ohio.

Their volunteers have working relationships with local shelters that inform them when a Goldendoodle is surrendered or becomes available for adoption at the shelter. This allows the group to get the dogs out of the shelter environment and into a foster home quickly.

IDOG also works directly with individuals that are unable to keep their dogs and need help with re-homing their Goldendoodle.

The best way to see available dogs at IDOG is to follow their Facebook page. They list available and upcoming dogs there, as well as updates on adopted dogs.

Since they are a national organization they list all of their available dogs on the same page. To find a dog in your area, look for “OH” after a dog’s name in the IDOG’s Facebook post.

Example: the Facebook post will state “Click here to learn more about Bella-OH:” indicating that Bella is in a foster home in Ohio.

2. Doodle Rescue Collective

While the Doodle Rescue Collective’s headquarter is in Warwick, RI, they offer rescue and re-homing services for Goldendoodles, and every other kind of Doodle throughout the US.

The collective consists of over 800 registered volunteers throughout the USA and parts of Canada. Just like with IDOG, the Doodle Rescue Collective’s volunteers work with local shelters to place doodles in need of a safe home in foster homes until a permanent home can be found.

They also run a re-homing program for doodle owners who need to find a new home for their dog. They accept doodles into this program in most states meaning you may be able to find a doodle in-need near you through their website and Facebook page.

3. Golden Retriever Rescue Resource (GRRR)

The Golden Retriever Rescue Resource is an all-volunteer A 501c (3) non-profit golden retriever rescue. They specialize in the rescue and re-homing of Golden Retrievers and Golden mix breeds.

Golden Retriever Rescue Resource’s service area includes all of northwest Ohio, parts of the Dayton and Columbus areas. They will also adopt golden’s to lower SE Michigan and many cities within Indiana, closer to the Toledo Ohio area. Exact areas will depend on their ability to do a home visit by a trusted volunteer.

Unlike many rescues, GRRR has a higher number of Golden puppies that come from various breeders in Ohio. They also offer re-homing services and work with shelters to help abandoned strays & unwanted Golden Retrievers and Golden Retriever mixed dogs find forever homes.

GRRR requires a fenced in yard to be considered. To start the process, you need to first read their “How to adopt a Golden Retriever page. Once you do that you can request an application. GRRR gives priority to “pre-approved families who indicate they are willing to “foster to adopt””. You can read more about it in the “Request a Golden Retriever Rescue Resource Adoption Application” section.

4. Golden Retrievers In Need Rescue

Golden Retriever in Need Rescue also known as GRIN is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer organization located in northeast Ohio. They have over 500 active volunteer members that help with saving and caring for dog in need.

While they are dedicated to rescuing Golden Retrievers, they have also been known to help a few Goldendoodles. Their service area includes northeastern and central OH, western PA, and western NY.

Goldens and Goldendoodles come from various sources including shelters, pounds, owner surrenders and puppy mills. GRIN also is part of a worldwide rescue effort to bring abandoned Goldens from Turkey to the USA. Dog are checked and receive necessary medical attention, including spay or neuter, before they’re available for adoption.

To start the adoption process you MUST first read their adoption process page. They have very specific requirements that must be met in order to adopt from them.

You can find their available dogs on their website, though they recommend that you submit an application as soon as you are ready to adopt even if there is not a dog available. It takes a few weeks to go through the process, during that time the dog you are interested in may be adopted by an already approved family.

5. Golden Retriever Rescue & Adoption of Needy Dogs

The Golden Retriever Rescue and Adoption of Needy Dogs, also known as GRRAND was established in 1996 as a non-profit 501(c)(3). GRRAND’s mission is to rescue abandoned, abused, neglected, and unwell golden retrievers whose life circumstances changed because of owners’ financial hardship, divorce, relocation, illness, or death. They also take in puppy mill survivors.

This all-volunteer organization rescues 200 to 300 golden retrievers, golden doodles, and Labrador retrievers each year.

While GRRAND is headquartered in Louisville, KY, it serves the Greater Louisville and Lexington areas, Northern Kentucky counties of Boone, Kenton, and Campbell, and parts of Ohio counties of Hamilton, Butler, Warren, Clermont, Montgomery and Green.

To start the adoption process you need to fill-out the application and supply personal and veterinarian references. Interviews, home visits and a meet and greet if approved is next.

You can find available dogs are GRRAND on their website. You can also see incoming dogs on their Facebook page.

6. Michigan Standard Poodle Rescues and Re-homes

Michigan Standard Poodle Rescue is dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of Standard Poodles, thought they will also take in and help large doodles. Their service area includes Michigan and neighboring states like Ohio.

Because there are so many people looking to adopt a standard poodle or doodle, many of their dogs are placed without making it to their website or Facebook page.

Your best option for adopting from this rescue is to completely fill out the application before you see an available dog on their social media account. If you are approved and they have an available dog that fits your request, they will contact you with the information.

7. Luv4K9s

Luv4K9s is a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue that is run entirely by volunteers. Dogs at this rescue come from puppy mills, owner released dogs and shelters. They also take in dogs that are deemed “not adoptable” by shelters to give them a safe haven where they will receive medical care, nutrition, and love until an approved home is found.

Luv4K9s helps all breeds of dogs including Goldendoodles and poodle mixes. At the time of this writing they had a number of poodle mix breeds available for adoption.

Their adoption service area is primarily Ohio, thought they will consider nearby areas if it is the best fit or the dog.

To adopt from this rescue. you must have a fenced in yard, invisible fences are not allowed. To begin the adoption process you need to complete the online form. Three personal reference and a veterinarian reference is required. It can take 2 weeks or more for an application to be reviewed and checked.


You may also be able to find a Goldendoodle Rescue at a shelter or general rescue in Ohio (OH), but there will be few to choose from. Rather than spend hours shifting through these websites, I suggest you use allows you to sort by breed, including the Goldendoodle. You can even set up an alert to let you know when a new doodle in your area is listed. This is how we found our poodle-mix.

Need a name for your Goldendoodle? Check out our post with 275 Goldendoodle Names.

How much does a Goldendoodle Rescue Cost in Ohio?

Because Goldendoodles are very popular it’s common to pay higher adoption fees for them. Adoption costs can range between $300 and $800 to adopt a Goldendoodle in Ohio.

Rescue groups generally have the dog vet checked before re-homing which adds to the cost. Either way the adoption fees should be lower than the cost of a Goldendoodle from a reputable breeder.

10 Ways to increase your chance of being selected for a rescue

Having gone through this process ourselves we know the heartbreak involved with find a rescue dog on-line only to be rejected or have someone else be selected.

We did eventually find our pup and so can you. Here are a few tips on how to be selected by a rescue.

Be open to the color, fur type, age and gender. Very specific preferences will limit your ability to be matched with a dog.

Get to know the rescue organization – the more familiar you are with the organization the better your chances are to be selected.

Review the rescue’s requirements. Make sure you meet the requirements before sending in an application. We were often rejected due to the age of our kids.

Be prepared. If the rescue requires a personal reference or one from your veterinarian, let the person know that they may receive a call before you fill out the applicant.

Complete the application in its entirety. Don’t leave out information.

Be patient. Rescue dogs can come in at any time. Sometimes there will be an influx of dogs but, most of the time you will need to wait for one. Also, there may be a line of approved adopters ahead of you.

Keep looking. Set-up a routine to check daily or set-up notifications.

Be open to other options. After waiting awhile to find a doodle, we chose one that was not a Goldendoodle. She is a poodle mix and thankfully hypoallergenic, which was the most important requirement for us.

Consider volunteering to be a foster home. This is a great way to get to know the dogs and rescue group. Not to mention you will be helping out dogs in-need.

We wish you the best of luck in finding your Goldendoodle Rescue