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8 Reasons to have a Dedicated Dog Bath at Home – Photos

Are you tired of the mess and hassle that comes with washing your dog in the family bathtub? We certainly were. After years of coping with our pup tracking in dirt, leaves, and the occasional tick, we decided to take action and build our own DIY dog wash. In this post, we’ll explore the practical benefits of having a dedicated dog bath in your home and why you might want to consider installing one.

From protecting your back to maintaining a cleaner household, we’ll outline the key reasons why a dog wash station can significantly improve your pet care routine and enhance your living environment.

We’ll also discuss how a designated pet bath area can save you time and reduce stress during bath time. To inspire you, we’re sharing over 20 dog wash stations inspirational photos, including a snapshot of our own DIY project.

For even more ideas, details on costs, and planning tips for your dog shower, check out our guide: “Dog Wash Station Ideas for Your Home with Photos.”

Let’s get started on the eight compelling reasons you should consider adding a dog wash station to your home.

Picture with title - "Why You Should Have a Dog Bath At Home" with picture of Black and white dog next to flowers covered in dirt.

1. Convenience

Having a dedicated space to wash your dog means you can easily clean them up after a muddy walk or a day at the park. This saves you the hassle of using your own bathroom or kitchen sink, which are not designed for pet washing. Common convenient locations for a dog wash include:

Mudroom or Laundry Room:

These areas are ideal for a dog wash station as they’re usually near an entryway and, if you have one, close to an outdoor dog run.

Installing a dog wash here lets you clean your pet before they bring dirt and mud into the rest of your home. Mudrooms and laundry rooms are often outfitted with durable, easy-to-clean flooring such as tile or linoleum, making them perfect for handling wet and messy tasks.

Check out this stunning laundry room that features a freestanding dog wash, complete with stylish blue cabinets and accessories.

In the next photo, the homeowners cleverly added a dog door to the shower wall, enabling their dogs to step directly into the shower before setting foot inside the house.

Here’s another view of the same dog shower with the doggy door closed. If you’re considering adding a dog door to your home, ensure it can be securely locked when not in use.

It’s important to note that unsecured dog doors have been known to be entry points for burglaries.

Hallway Near Back Door

If you have sufficient space near a door, you might be able to install a dog shower. For instance, in the home shown below, a dog and boot bath was incorporated into the hallway right next to the back door. To enhance the area’s openness, the kitchen opening was expanded, creating a more spacious and airy feeling.


The garage is another strategic location for a dog wash station, especially if you frequently return home with your dog from outings. You can wash off dirt and mud right in the garage before entering the house. Garages usually have ample space and are designed to handle mess, making them suitable for a wash station.

Another way to keep your home and yard clean is with a designated Dog Potty Area – You can find out more at our post Dog Potty Area Guide: Tips and Ideas

Here are a few Dog Wash Station ideas that are located in a garage

This next dog bath features a ready to install dog washing system.

If you live in a warm climate, it may be practical to place your dog wash station in the garage. However, if you reside in an area with cold winters, you’ll need to consider how to keep both you and your dog warm during baths.


If you have a finished or semi-finished basement with easy access from the outdoors, this can be a good spot for a dog wash station. Basements often have utility sinks and drains already installed, which can be easily adapted for pet washing.

Here are a couple of dog rooms that are located in the basement.

This next project is a combined dog room and laundry room. The dog shower was built with enough height for an adult human to shower in.

2. Home Cleanliness

Another reason to add a dog bath to your home is to help keep the rest of your home cleaner. Mud, dirt, and loose fur are contained in one area, preventing them from being spread throughout your house.

Here are a few dog shower projects that are located right next to an outside door. Our first one is a dog shower with a view. This spacious area is part of a mudroom that is located off the garage entry.

Here is a dog shower with a Mediterranean feel to it.

3. Health and Hygiene:

Health and Hygiene: Regular baths help keep your dog’s coat clean and free from dirt, pests, and allergens, contributing to overall better health. A dog wash station often provides easier access to manage thorough cleaning, especially for underbellies and hard-to-reach areas.

As an added convenience you could include space to groom your dog near your dog wash station. Not only does it make it easier to groom your own dog, but you will save money in the long run.

In the picture below that homeowner added a large sink to bathe their small dogs. Next to the sink is a drying platform which doubles as steps into the bath.

4. To keep your primary bath or shower clean

Let’s face it, washing your dog in the tub leaves it dirty, requiring scrubbing and disinfecting before anyone else can use it. A separate dog shower eliminates the immediate need to clean the bath, though it’s still important to clean the dog bath after each use.

This compact space has it all, including a dog shower, pet bed, storage and a stack-able washer and dryer.

5. Safety

Am at home dog wash station is typically designed with features like non-slip floors and secure restraints to help keep your pup safe and prevent injuries to both you and your pet.

This custom dog wash is located in the mudroom and provides plenty of color and storage. They even have a pull-out staircase to allow easy access to the shower. Plus the high shower walls keep the pet from jumping down.

Here is another dog wash station that utilizes clear panels to keep the splashes to a minimum and steps for easy access.

6. Accessibility:

For larger dogs and older dogs with arthritis or mobility issues, a dog wash station can be designed to be more accessible, reducing the need for them to climb in and out of bathtubs. Here is an example of a dog shower that was built low to the ground for easy access.

It doubles as a place for wet shoes and boots.

In the next photo, the shower features a lower lip, allowing dogs to easily walk in. Notice the dark-colored floor and wall grout; these choices help keep the shower looking new.

If you opt for white grout as we did, be aware that it can become stained from dirt and clay washed off in the sink. Here is a recent picture of our dog wash, which is over 15 years old.

8 Reasons to Add a Dog Bath to Your Home: Photos - - our dog bath with white tile and long hose

7. Ease Back Strain

Opting for a raised dog wash or shower station can significantly reduce the strain on your back, eliminating the need to bend over a tub when cleaning your dog.

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In the photo below, the large dog shower is raised about a foot off the ground, making it easier to wash a large dog. This beautiful dog shower exudes a spa-like feel with its elegant gray and white tiles.

This unique dog room features a horse feeding trough raised up for easy washing.

8. Added Home Value

While the primary reason for installing a pet shower might not be to increase home value, builders and flippers often add dog wash stations as a unique feature to differentiate their properties and boost appeal.

Considering that 65 million U.S. households have a dog, according to Forbes, it’s not surprising that a pet shower could sway buyers towards a home that includes one. Indeed, a Zillow study found that homes in Denver, CO with a pet shower sold for 25% more than similar homes without one.

In the picture below, the designer chose beautiful blue cabinets with gray tiles to enhance the appearance of the pet shower.

Here is a modern take on a dog wash station featuring a black shower floor and black tiled sides, with only the back tile in white.

Our last inspirational photo features a raised dog shower with a custom door to keep the mess to a minimum.

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8 Reasons to Add a Dog Bath to Your Home

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