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345+ Character Names for Dogs: Movies, Shows & Pop Culture

Choosing the right name for your new furry friend is more than just a fun task; it’s an important step in the journey of dog ownership. The name you select lays the foundation for your budding relationship, influencing the ease of training and how quickly your dog learns to respond to you. Given the significance of this decision, you might find yourself pondering over the perfect choice. For those who draw inspiration from the entertainment world, why not explore character names for dogs from movies, TV shows, and pop culture? This approach will provide you with a plethora of creative options.

Think of the charming “Max” from “The Secret Life of Pets,” the heroic “Duke” from “Snow Dogs,” or the spirited “Buddy” from “Air Bud.” Or if the classics are more your speed, how about the mischievous “Marley” from “Marley & Me,” the courageous “Beethoven,” or the ever-loyal “Lassie.” Each name not only reflects a unique personality but also carries a story, a character, or a moment from your favorite on-screen adventures.

Whether you’re a fan of classic films, animated adventures, or the latest blockbusters, there’s a treasure trove of character names for dogs waiting to be discovered. So, grab your popcorn and let’s dig into some of the most memorable and fitting names from the world of movies and pop culture for your beloved new puppy.

Character Names for Dogs: Movies, Shows & Pop Culture - title pic with cartoon puppy on stage with film reel

Tips for Naming Your Dog

Choosing a name for your best new friend is more than just a fun task; it’s an important part of bonding with your new pet and understanding their personality. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect dog name:

  • Consider Your Dog’s Personality: Each dog has a unique personality. Some may be playful and energetic, while others are calm and cuddly. Observe your dog’s behavior and traits to find a name that suits them.
  • Keep It Simple: Names that are short and easy to pronounce are generally better, as they are easier for your dog to understand. Two-syllable names often work well, and they make it easy to get your dog’s attention.
  • Training and Commands: Choose a name that doesn’t sound like common command words (e.g., “Kit” might be too close to “Sit”). This helps avoid confusion during training.
  • Test It Out: Once you have a few names in mind, try them out for a day or two. You might find that a name’s suitability becomes clearer when you use it in everyday situations.
  • Uniqueness: While the most popular dog names are great, choosing a unique name can be fun and set your pet apart. Just make sure it’s a name you’ll be comfortable calling out in public.
  • Avoid Changing a Rescue Dog’s Name: If you’re adopting an older dog, it’s usually best to keep their given name, especially if they already respond to it. If you must change it, choose a name that sounds similar to ease the transition.
  • Have Fun: Remember, choosing a name should be a fun and enjoyable process. Don’t stress too much over it – sometimes the best names are the ones that just naturally come to you!

Character Names for Dogs From the Movies

When it comes to naming your new four-legged friend, the world of cinema offers an endless array of charismatic and memorable options. From classic names like Lassie to newer ones, we will cover the best dog names from the movies.

Character Names for Dogs: Movies, Shows & Pop Culture - Chihuahua puppy

Famous Dogs from Movies

In our first section, “Famous Dogs from Movies,” we explore great dog names inspired by some of the most beloved canine characters in film. These names aren’t just memorable; they’re a nod to the four-legged stars who’ve played significant roles in our favorite movie. If you’re searching for the perfect name for your new furry companion, this section offers a unique blend of options.

Character Names of Female Dogs:

  1. Bella – “A Dog’s Way Home” (2019) – Pit Bull
  2. Chloe – “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” (2008) – Chihuahua
  3. Daisy – “John Wick” (2014) – Beagle
  4. Daphne – “Look Who’s Talking Now” (1993) – Poodle
  5. Isabelle – “The Artist” (2011) – Jack Russell Terrier
  6. Ivy – “Best in Show” (2000) – Weimaraner
  7. Jewel – “Babe: Pig in the City” (1998) – Border Collie
  8. Lady – “Lady and the Tramp” (1955) – American Cocker Spaniel
  9. Lassie – “Lassie Come Home” (Famous TV show from 1943) – Collie
  10. Louise – “Babe” (1995) – Border Collie
  11. Maya – “Eight Below” (2006) – Siberian Husky
  12. Miss Agnes – “Best in Show” (2000) – Shih Tzu
  13. Puffy – “There’s Something About Mary” (1998) – Border Terrier
  14. Peg – “Lady and the Tramp” (1955) – Tibetan Spaniel
  15. Princess – “A Dog’s Journey” (2019) – English Mastiff
  16. Rosie – “Mooch Goes to Hollywood” (1971) – Mixed Breed
  17. Shaggy – “The Shaggy Dog” (2006) – Bearded Collie

Character Names of Male Dogs:

  1. Alpha – “Up” (2009)
  2. Astro – “The Jetsons Movie” (1990) – Great Dane (Animated)
  3. Baily – A Dog’s Purpose (2017) – Golden Retriever
  4. Baxter – “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” (2004) – Border Terrier
  5. Beethoven – “Beethoven” (1992) – Saint Bernard
  6. Benji – “Benji” (1974) – Mixed Breed
  7. Bob the Dog – The One and Only Ivan (2020)
  8. Bodger – The Incredible Journey (1963)
  9. Bolt – “Bolt” (2008) – White Dog
  10. Brutus – The Ugly Dachshund (1966)
  11. Chance – “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey” (1993) – American Bulldog
  12. Chief – The Fox and the Hound (1981)
  13. Cooper – The Fox and the Hound (1981)
  14. Charlie B. Barkin – “All Dogs Go to Heaven” (1989) – German Shepherd/Irish Setter mix
  15. Cujo – “Cujo” (1983) – St. Bernard
  16. Dug – “Up” (2009)
  17. Frank – “Men in Black” (1997) – Pug
  18. Goofy – Mickey Mouse
  19. Hachi – Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009) – Akita
  20. Hooch – “Turner & Hooch” (1989) – Dogue de Bordeaux
  21. Jerry Lee – “K-9” (1989) – German Shepherd
  22. Jock – “Lady and the Tramp” (1955) – Scottish Terrier
  23. Lafayette – “The Aristocats” (1970) – Bassett Hound
  24. Marley – “Marley & Me” (2008) – Labrador Retriever
  25. Max – “Max” (2015) – Belgian Malinois
  26. Milo – “The Mask” (1994) – Jack Russell Terrier
  27. Napoleon – “The Aristocats” (1970) – Bloodhound
  28. Old Yeller – “Old Yeller” (1957) – Labrador Retriever/Mastiff mix
  29. Otis – “The Adventures of Milo and Otis” (1986) – Pug
  30. Pluto – Mickey Mouse
  31. Rin Tin Tin – “Where the North Begins” (1923) – German Shepherd
  32. Scooby-Doo – “Scooby-Doo” (2002) – Great Dane (CGI Character)
  33. Shadow – “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey” (1993) – Golden Retriever
  34. Shiloh – “Shiloh” (1996) – Beagle
  35. Shoeshine – Underdog (2007)
  36. Skip – My Dog Skip (2000) – Jack Russell terrier
  37. Toby – The Great Mouse Detective (1986)
  38. Togo – Togo (2019)
  39. Toto – “The Wizard of Oz” (1939) – Cairn Terrier
  40. Tramp – “Lady and the Tramp” (1955) – Mixed Breed
  41. Uggie – “The Artist” (2011) – Jack Russell Terrier
  42. Fang – White Fang (1991)
  43. Wilby Daniels – The Shaggy D.A. (1976) – as a Sheepdog
  44. Winn-Dixie – Because of Winn-Dixie (2005)
Character Names for Dogs: Movies, Shows & Pop Culture- golden retriever puppy

Character Names for Dogs From Movies with Multiple Dogs

While the above list might only have a few dogs in the film this next group of names are from movies where the dogs are almost the entire movie.

Snow Dogs (2002)

  1. Demon – Male: The lead dog of the pack, known for his stubborn and fierce demeanor.
  2. Nana – Female: A friendly and intelligent dog, initially mistaken as non-sled dog material.
  3. Yodel – Male: Known for his unique yodel-like howl.
  4. Sniff – Male: Characterized by his exceptional tracking skills.
  5. Scooper – Male: Noted for his playful and enthusiastic nature.
  6. Duchess – Female: Dignified and calm, she’s one of the lead dogs.
  7. Mack – Male: A strong and reliable member of the sled team.
  8. Diesel – Male: Known for his fear of flying and is a bit skittish.

101 Dalmatians” (1961) and “101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure” (2003)

  1. Pongo – Male (father)
  2. Perdita – Female (mother)
  3. Patch – Male: Known for his black patch over one eye.
  4. Lucky – Male: Named for his survival as a runt.
  5. Rolly – Male: Known for his constant hunger.
  6. Penny – Female: One of the more prominently featured female puppies.
  7. Freckles – Male: Named for the spots on his forehead.
  8. Cadpig – Female: Introduced in the animated series, known for her small size and large ears.

Cruella (2021)

  1. Buddy (male)
  2. Wink (Male)

Live-Action “101 Dalmatians” (1996) and “102 Dalmatians” (2000)

  1. Dipstick – Male: Recognizable by his tail, which looks as if it’s been dipped in black paint.
  2. Dottie – Female: Dipstick’s mate in “102 Dalmatians.”
  3. Domino – Male: One of Dipstick and Dottie’s puppies.
  4. Little Dipper – Male: Another of Dipstick and Dottie’s puppies.
  5. Oddball – Female: Known for having no spots; also a puppy of Dipstick and Dottie.
Lab puppy with rope

The Secret Life of Pets 1 & 2 (2016 & 2019)

  1. Chloe – Female (Cat)
  2. Gidget – Female (Dog, white Pomeranian)
  3. Buddy – Male (Dog, Dachshund)
  4. Duke – Male (Dog, large mixed breed)
  5. Leonard – Male (Dog, Poodle)
  6. Max – Male (Dog, Jack Russell Terrier)
  7. Mel – Male (Dog, Pug)
  8. Pops – Male (Dog, Basset Hound)
  9. Norman – Male (Guinea Pig)
  10. Snowball – Male (Rabbit)
  11. Sweet Pea – Male (Bird, Parakeet)
  12. Tiberius – Male (Bird, Hawk)
  13. Rooster – Male (Dog, Welsh Sheepdog)

Hotel for Dogs (2009)

  1. Friday – Male: The main dog in the story, a clever and lovable stray.
  2. Georgia – Female: A Boston Terrier with a motherly nature.
  3. Lenny – Male: A large and friendly Bulldog.
  4. Shep – Male: An old and wise Sheepdog.
  5. Cooper – Male: A playful and energetic Golden Retriever.
  6. Juliet – Female: A loving and gentle Shih Tzu.
  7. Romeo – Male: A charming and small Shih Tzu, companion to Juliet.
  8. Chelsea – Female: A Miniature Pinscher with a spirited personality.
  9. Henry – Male: A timid and sweet Dachshund.
  10. Viola – Female: A feisty and independent Border Terrier.

All Dogs Go to Heaven – 1989

  1. Charlie B. Barkin
  2. Itchy Itchiford
  3. Carface Carruthers
  4. Killer
  5. Flo
Gray staffy puppies

Santa Paws Movies

  1. Santa Paws – also known as “Puppy Paws,” in “Santa Buddies” (2009).
  2. Eddy the Elf Dog – A Jack Russell Terrier who helps Santa Claus.
  3. Tiny – A small puppy who is one of the main characters in “The Search for Santa Paws” (2010).
  4. Noble – One of the Santa Pups from “Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups” (2012).
  5. Hope – Another one of the Santa Pups.
  6. Jingle – One of the Santa Pups.
  7. Charity – One of the Santa Pups.
  8. Mrs. Paws – Santa Paws’ wife, introduced in “Santa Paws 2.”

Air Bud Series

  1. Buddy – Male, Golden Retriever
  2. B-Dawg – Male, Golden Retriever
  3. Budderball – Male, Golden Retriever
  4. Buddha – Male, Golden Retriever
  5. Mudbud – Male, Golden Retriever
  6. Rosebud – Female, Golden Retriever
  7. Shasta – Male, Siberian Husky
Character Names for Dogs: Movies, Shows & Pop Culturemixed breed puppy with bone

Toy Story 1, 2, 3, 4 (1995, 1999, 2010, 2019)

  1. Woody – Cowboy doll (Male)
  2. Buzz Lightyear – Space Ranger action figure (Male)
  3. Jessie – Cowgirl doll (Female, introduced in “Toy Story 2”)
  4. Bo Peep – Porcelain figurine (Female)
  5. Rex – Dinosaur toy (Male)
  6. Slinky Dog – Spring toy dog (Male)
  7. Hamm – Piggy bank (Male)
  8. RC – Remote control car (Male)
  9. Lenny – Binoculars (Gender not specified)
  10. Bullseye – Horse toy (Male)
  11. Stinky Pete the Prospector – Action figure (Male)
  12. Zurg – Villain action figure (Male)
  13. Wheezy – Squeeze toy penguin (Male)
  14. Lotso – Stuffed bear (Male)
  15. Ken – Fashion doll (Male)
  16. Big Baby – Baby doll (Gender not specified)
  17. Trixie – Triceratops toy (Female)
  18. Buttercup – Unicorn plush (Male)
  19. Dolly – Rag doll (Female)
  20. Chunk – Rock monster figure (Male)
  21. Stretch – Octopus toy (Female)
  22. Twitch – Insect warrior toy (Male)
  23. Ducky and Bunny – Stuffed toys (Male)
  24. Gabby Gabby – Vintage doll (Female)
  25. Duke Caboom – Stuntman action figure (Male)
  26. Giggle McDimples – Tiny toy (Female)

Oliver & Company – a 1988 Disney animated film

  1. Oliver – Cat (Male): The main character, a kitten seeking a family.
  2. Dodger – Dog (Male): A carefree and street-smart Jack Russell Terrier.
  3. Tito – Dog (Male): A fiery Chihuahua with a big personality.
  4. Georgette – Dog (Female): A pampered and vain Poodle.
  5. Einstein – Dog (Male): A kind but not-so-bright Great Dane.
  6. Francis – Dog (Male): A bulldog with a taste for the dramatic arts.
  7. Rita – Dog (Female): An Afghan Hound, wise and caring.
  8. Fagin – Human (Male): A down-on-his-luck but kind-hearted man who cares for the dogs.
  9. Sykes – Human (Male): The main antagonist, a menacing loan shark.
  10. Jenny Foxworth – Human (Female): A kind and wealthy girl who takes Oliver in.
  11. Winston – Human (Male): Jenny’s loyal butler.
  12. Roscoe – Dogs (Male): Doberman Pinscher, Sykes’ intimidating hench-dog.
  13. DeSoto – Dogs (Male): Doberman Pinscher, Sykes’ intimidating hench-dog.
Westie puppy

Character Names for Dogs From Disney Movies

This section is filled with Disney dog names that are not only iconic but also offer some of the best names for your new pet. Drawing inspiration from your favorite movie, these names represent a diverse array of charming and memorable canine characters. Whether you’re looking for a name that’s classic, whimsical, or adventurous, this list of Disney dog names is sure to include the perfect choice for your furry friend.

Lion King

The Lion King” is a classic Disney movie with a rich cast of characters, many of which can provide inspiration for dog names.

  1. Simba – The main character, a male lion.
  2. Nala – Simba’s best friend and later his queen, a female lion.
  3. Mufasa – Simba’s father, the King, a male lion.
  4. Sarabi – Simba’s mother, a female lion.
  5. Scar – Simba’s uncle and the antagonist, a male lion.
  6. Timon – A meerkat who befriends Simba, male.
  7. Pumbaa – A warthog, Timon’s best friend, male.
  8. Rafiki – The wise baboon who serves as the shaman, male.
  9. Zazu – The hornbill, Mufasa’s and later Simba’s majordomo, male.
  10. Kiara – Simba and Nala’s daughter in “The Lion King II,” female.
  11. Kovu – A male lion, Kiara’s love interest in “The Lion King II,” male.
  12. Shenzi – A hyena, one of the secondary antagonists, female.
  13. Banzai – A hyena, one of Scar’s henchmen, male.
  14. Ed – A hyena known for his laughter, male.
  15. Kion – Simba and Nala’s son, featured in “The Lion Guard” TV series, male.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

  1. Grumpy
  2. Dopey
  3. Doc
  4. Happy
  5. Bashful
  6. Sneezy
  7. Sleepy

Cinderella (1950)

  1. Jaq (Mice) – Male
  2. Gus (Mice) – Male
  3. Bruno (Dog) – Male
  4. Lucifer (Cat) – Male

Sleeping Beauty (1959)

  1. Flora (Fairy) – Female
  2. Fauna (Fairy) – Female
  3. Merryweather (Fairy) – Female

The Little Mermaid (1989)

  1. Sebastian (Crab) – Male
  2. Flounder (Fish) – Male
  3. Scuttle (Seagull) – Male

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

  1. Lumière (Candelabra) – Male
  2. Cogsworth (Clock) – Male
  3. Mrs. Potts (Teapot) – Female name
  4. Chip (Teacup) – Male
  5. Sultan (Footstool/Dog) – Male

Aladdin (1992)

  1. Abu (Monkey) – Male
  2. Rajah (Tiger) – Female

Pocahontas (1995)

  1. Meeko (Raccoon) – Male
  2. Flit (Hummingbird) – Male
  3. Percy (Dog) – Male

Mulan (1998)

  1. Mushu (Dragon) – Male
  2. Cri-Kee (Cricket) – Male
  3. Little Brother (Dog) – Male

The Princess and the Frog (2009)

  1. Ray (Firefly) – Male
  2. Louis (Alligator) – Male

Tangled (2010)

  1. Pascal (Chameleon) – Male
  2. Maximus (Horse) – Male

Brave (2012)

  1. Angus (Horse) – Male

Frozen (2013) and Frozen II (2019)

  1. Olaf (Snowman) – Male
  2. Sven (Reindeer) – Male

Moana (2016)

  1. Heihei (Rooster) – Male
  2. Pua (Pig) – Male
345+ Character Names for Dogs: Movies, Shows & Pop Culture - French bulldog puppy

Names for Dogs From Non-Canine Character – Movies

Drawing inspiration from the wide world of cinema, we’ve curated a list of names borrowed from some of the most iconic and beloved characters in film history. These aren’t your typical dog names – each one comes from a memorable non-canine movie character, offering a creative twist to naming your four-legged friend.

Star Wars Inspired Dog Names

Here’s a list of names from the “Star Wars” franchise that could work well as dog names. These names are short, easy to say, and have one or two syllables, making them suitable as a dog’s name:

  1. Luke – Luke Skywalker (“Star Wars: A New Hope,” 1977)
  2. Leia – Princess Leia Organa (“Star Wars: A New Hope,” 1977)
  3. Han – Han Solo, (“Star Wars: A New Hope,” 1977)
  4. Chewie – Chewbacca, Wookiee and Han Solo’s co-pilot (“Star Wars: A New Hope,” 1977)
  5. Finn – Finn, former stormtrooper (“Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” 2015)
  6. Rey – Rey, Force-sensitive scavenger (“Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” 2015)
  7. Kylo – Kylo Ren, dark warrior (“Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” 2015)
  8. Poe – Poe Dameron, Resistance pilot (“Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” 2015)
  9. Maz – Maz Kanata, wise and ancient alien (“Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” 2015)
  10. Rex – Captain Rex, Clone Trooper (“Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” 2008)
  11. Jyn – Jyn Erso, central character (“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” 2016)
  12. Boba – Boba Fett, bounty hunter (“Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back,” 1980)
  13. Lando – Lando Calrissian, smuggler turned administrator (“Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back,” 1980)
  14. Rose – Rose Tico, Resistance maintenance worker (“Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” 2017)
  15. Mando – The Mandalorian, main character (“The Mandalorian,” 2019)

The Lord of the Rings Inspired Dog Names

The “Lord of the Rings” franchise, rich in unique and memorable characters, offers several options that could be great names for a dog. Here’s a list of names that are easy to pronounce and mostly one or two syllables long:

  1. Frodo – Frodo Baggins, the main hobbit protagonist
  2. Sam – Samwise Gamgee, Frodo’s loyal friend.
  3. Merry – Meriadoc Brandybuck, one of the hobbits.
  4. Pippin – Peregrin Took, one of the hobbits.
  5. Gimli – The Dwarf warrior.
  6. Leggy – Legolas, the Elven archer (shortened from Legolas.
  7. Aragorn – The Ranger (shortened to Argo.
  8. Bilbo – Bilbo Baggins, the original hobbit adventurer.
  9. Gollum – Originally known as Sméagol, a creature corrupted by the One Ring.
  10. Eowyn – Lady of Rohan.
  11. Faramir – Boromir’s brother (shortened to Fara.
  12. Theo – Théoden, King of Rohan (shortened to Theo)

Harry Potter Inspired Dog Names

The “Harry Potter” franchise, filled with enchanting characters, offers some cool dog names. These names offer a range of options for naming your dog, whether you’re looking for something magical, mischievous, or simply memorable.

  1. Harry – Harry Potter, the main character
  2. Ron – Ron Weasley, Harry’s best friend
  3. Hermione – Hermione Granger, one of Harry’s closest friend
  4. Luna – Luna Lovegood, a unique and quirky Hogwarts student
  5. Draco – Draco Malfoy, Harry’s rival
  6. Sirius – Sirius Black, Harry’s godfather
  7. Dobby – Dobby the house-elf
  8. Ginny – Ginny Weasley, Ron’s sister
  9. Hagrid – Rubeus Hagrid, the Hogwarts gamekeeper
  10. Snape – Severus Snape, the Potions Master
  11. Fleur – Fleur Delacour, a student from Beauxbatons Academy
  12. Cedric – Cedric Diggory, a Hogwarts student
  13. Lupin – Remus Lupin, a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher
  14. Moody – Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody
  15. Percy – Percy Weasley, Ron’s older brother
  16. Padfoot – An alias for Sirius Black
  17. Norris – Mrs. Norris, the cat of Argus Filch
  18. Fang – Hagrid’s dog
  19. Fluffy – The three-headed dog
  20. Crook (short for Crookshanks) – Hermione’s cat
cocker spaniels

Character Names for Dogs From TV Shows

The Game of Thrones Dog Names

If you are looking for a unique name the Game of Thrones TV series offers a range of human names that could be well-suited for a dog. Here’s a list of names that are easier to pronounce and only one or two syllables long, along with the characters they represent:

  1. Jon – Jon Snow, a main character
  2. Bran – Bran Stark, the young Stark boy
  3. Arya – Arya Stark, the fierce Stark daughter
  4. Ned – Ned Stark, the honorable lord of Winterfell
  5. Robb – Robb Stark, the eldest Stark son
  6. Sansa – Sansa Stark, the elder Stark daughter
  7. Tyrion – Tyrion Lannister, the witty and intelligent Lannister
  8. Brienne – Brienne of Tarth, the noble warrior
  9. Bronn – Bronn, the sellsword
  10. Rickon – Rickon Stark, the youngest Stark son
  11. Hodor – Hodor, Bran Stark’s loyal companion
  12. Gilly – Gilly, a Wildling girl
  13. Theon – Theon Greyjoy, a ward of the Starks
  14. Ghost – Jon Snow’s direwolf
  15. Nymeria – Arya Stark’s direwolf
  16. Shae – Tyrion Lannister’s companion
  17. Pod (short for Podrick) – Podrick Payne, Brienne’s squire
  18. Ramsay – Ramsay Bolton, a villainous character
  19. Drogo – Khal Drogo, a Dothraki chieftain
  20. Yara – Yara Greyjoy, Theon’s sister
Puppy staring at camera

Character Names for Dogs from Kids Shows with Pets

DC League of Super-Pets

DC League of Super-Pets” is an animated superhero comedy film featuring pets of famous DC superheroes. Here’s a list of the main dog characters from the film along with their genders:

  1. Krypto – Male: Superman’s loyal dog, known for having similar powers to his owner.
  2. Ace – Male: Batman’s canine companion, often portrayed as a strong and brave dog.
  3. PB – Female: Wonder Woman’s pet pig, who gains the ability to grow to giant size.
  4. Merton – Male: A turtle belonging to The Flash, gaining super speed.
  5. Chip – Male: A squirrel belonging to Green Lantern, with powers similar to the Green Lantern’s.

Paws of Fury

Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank” is an animated film, released in 2022. It’s inspired by the Mel Brooks film “Blazing Saddles” and set in a world inhabited by cats and dogs. Here’s a list of the main dog characters from the film along with their genders:

  1. Hank – The protagonist, a lovable but inexperienced dog who dreams of becoming a samurai.
  2. Jimbo – An older, wiser dog who becomes Hank’s mentor.
  3. Sumo – A large and powerful, yet gentle dog character in the film.

Perfect Video Game Dog Names

Video games are full of great characters whose names can make excellent dog names. These names are short, catchy, and come from a range of popular video games, making them great options for naming a pet dog.

  1. Link – The hero from “The Legend of Zelda” series.
  2. Zelda – The princess from “The Legend of Zelda” series.
  3. Mario – The iconic plumber and hero from “Super Mario” series.
  4. Luigi – Mario’s brother from “Super Mario” series.
  5. Sonic – The fast blue hedgehog from “Sonic the Hedgehog” series.
  6. Ryu – Martial artist from “Street Fighter” series.
  7. Daisy – Princess and a friend of Mario from “Super Mario” series.
  8. Lara – Lara Croft, the adventurer from “Tomb Raider” series.
  9. Roxas – A character from “Kingdom Hearts” series.
  10. Peach – Princess Peach from “Super Mario” series.
  11. Kirby – The pink hero from “Kirby” series.
  12. Tails – Sonic’s fox friend from “Sonic the Hedgehog” series.
  13. Max – The main character from “Sam & Max” series.
  14. Mega (short for Mega Man) – The robotic hero from “Mega Man” series.
  15. Jill – Jill Valentine from “Resident Evil” series.
  16. Ada – Ada Wong from “Resident Evil” series.
  17. Cortana – The AI from “Halo” series (while not a traditional choice, it’s a unique name).
  18. Sora – The protagonist from “Kingdom Hearts” series.
  19. Fox – Fox McCloud from “Star Fox” series.
  20. Chloe – Chloe Price from “Life is Strange” series.
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Character Names for Dogs From Books

Another great way to find good dog names is in books. Famous dogs from literature have captured the hearts of readers for generations. Here’s a list of some notable canine characters from books:

Boy Dog Names from the Comics

  1. Buck – “The Call of the Wild”
  2. Toto – “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”
  3. Shiloh – “Shiloh”
  4. Argos – “The Odyssey”
  5. Snowy – “The Adventures of Tintin”
  6. Snoopy – “Peanuts”
  7. White Fang – “White Fang”
  8. Timmy – “The Famous Five”
  9. Kipper – “The Kipper the Dog”
  10. Pilot – “Jane Eyre”
  11. Jip – “David Copperfield”
  12. Flush – “Flush: A Biography”
  13. Garm – “The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan”
  14. Montmorency – “Three Men in a Boat”
  15. Ribsy – “Ribsy”
  16. Big Red – “Big Red”
  17. Sounder – “Sounder”
  18. Kazan – “Kazan”
  19. Bobbie – “Bobbie, the Wonder Dog”
  20. Ponto – “Good Wives”
  21. Friday – “Dog Friday”
  22. Lad – “Lad: A Dog”
  23. Spike – “Old Yeller”
  24. Skip – “My Dog Skip”
  25. Jock – “Jock of the Bushveld”
  26. Bullseye – “Oliver Twist”
  27. McDuff – “McDuff Moves In”
  28. Carl – “Good Dog, Carl”
  29. Huan – “The Silmarillion”
  30. Rowf – “The Plague Dogs”

As we wrap up our list of the best character names for dogs, we hope you’ve found the perfect match for your furry friend. Remember, the name you choose is more than a label – it’s the first step in building a unique identity and bond with your dog. Whether inspired by a heroic figure, a whimsical character, or a non-canine movie star, each name carries its own flavor and flair.

Here’s to a name that not only suits your dog but also adds a little story to every call and command.

Tell us which name you picked!

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