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Big Dog Names: Popular & Unique Names for Large Dogs

Updated 03/12/2024 – Whether you’ve recently welcomed a massive furry friend into your life or you’re in the process of selecting the perfect dog name for your soon-to-be larger-than-life pup, naming your dog can be huge task. Finding a name that aligns with their substantial size and distinctive personality can be a challenge in itself. Fortunately, “Big Dog Names: Popular and Unique Names for Large Breeds” is here to simplify this process for you.

Our collection of big dog names, is a thoughtfully curated selection of over 400 names specifically tailored to suit those magnificent pups that grace our lives. Within this post, you’ll discover a diverse range of inspiration sources to draw from.

These sources include classic names that have stood the test of time, names inspired by iconic canine characters in movies, elements of mythology that carry a certain grandeur, words that convey the sense of being big or large, and much more.

In the quest to find the ideal name for your big dog, we invite you to explore this guide and embark on a naming adventure where the right choice can aptly capture the essence of your canine companion’s personality and size.

How to Choose a Dog Name

Selecting the right name for your new dog can be a fun but sometimes tricky task. To make the process easier, here are some practical tips for you to use:

  • Consider Your Dog’s Personality: Think about your dog’s personality traits, such as whether they are playful, loyal, or independent. Then pick a name that reflects that trait.
  • Avoid Confusing Sounds: Pick a name that doesn’t sound like common commands like sit, stay, or no. This helps prevent confusion during training.
  • Keep It Short and Simple: Short names, typically one or two syllables, are easier for your dog to recognize and respond to.
  • Test It Out: Say the name out loud to see how it sounds and whether it feels natural when calling your dog.
  • Check for Popularity: Make sure the name isn’t too common in your area or among your friends’ dogs to avoid mix-ups.
  • Keep it clean: Pick a name that you are comfortable saying in public. What might seem funny in private might not go over well in a public place.
  • Names have influence: Your dog’s name will influence what people think of your dog. 
  • Wait a Bit: Spend some time with your new dog before finalizing the name.
  • Trust Your Instincts: Ultimately, go with a name that feels right and resonates with you and your furry friend.

Classic Big Dog Names

There are certain names that just scream big dog. Names like Big Bertha or Brutus and we can’t forget the childhood favorite Clifford the Big Red Dog from children’s books with the same name.

You can find these types of names and more here in our Popular Big Dog Names category.

Popular Big Dog Names for Male Dogs

  1. Apollo
  2. Bear
  3. Bruno
  4. Brutus
  5. Buster
  6. Caesar
  7. Chief
  8. Duke
  9. Hunter
  10. King
  11. Major
  12. Max
  13. Rex
  14. Rocky
  15. Samson
  16. Shadow
  17. Tank
  18. Thor
  19. Titan
  20. Zeus

Popular Big Dog Names for Female Dogs

  1. Athena
  2. Bella
  3. Cleo
  4. Daisy
  5. Duchess
  6. Freya
  7. Lady
  8. Luna
  9. Maggie
  10. Maya
  11. Molly
  12. Nova
  13. Queenie
  14. Roxy
  15. Ruby
  16. Sadie
  17. Sasha
  18. Sierra
  19. Stella
  20. Willow

Big Dog Names from Movies

These names draw from iconic movie characters known for their strength, bravery, and unique qualities, making them excellent choices for large dogs with big personalities.


  1. Albus (from “Harry Potter”)
  2. Bruce (from “Jaws” – the shark’s nickname)
  3. Caesar (from “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”)
  4. Clyde (“Every Which Way But Loose”)
  5. Conan (from “Conan the Barbarian”)
  6. Diego (from “Ice Age” film series)
  7. Gandalf (from “The Lord of the Rings”)
  8. Gonzo (from Muppet movies and shows)
  9. Indiana (from “Indiana Jones”)
  10. Juno (from “The Proposal”)
  11. Leonidas (from “300”)
  12. Lex (Lex Luthor, from various Superman movies and comics)
  13. Maui (from “Moana”)
  14. Maximus (from Disney’s “Tangled”)
  15. Neo (from “The Matrix”)
  16. Rajah (from “Aladdin”)
  17. Remi – (from “Ratatouille”)
  18. Rocky (from “Rocky”)
  19. Simba (from “The Lion King”)
  20. Sully (from “Monsters, Inc.”)
  21. Tramp (from “Lady and the Tramp”)
  22. Thor (from “Thor”)
  23. Vader (from “Star Wars”)
  24. Wolverine (from “X-Men”)
  25. Yoda (from the “Star Wars” franchise)


  1. Belle (from “Beauty and the Beast”)
  2. Clarice (from “The Silence of the Lambs”)
  3. Éowyn (from “The Lord of the Rings”)
  4. Furiosa (from “Mad Max: Fury Road”)
  5. Leia (from “Star Wars”)
  6. Matilda (from “Matilda”)
  7. Moana (from “Moana”)
  8. Mulan (from “Mulan”)
  9. Ripley (from “Alien”)
  10. Trinity (from “The Matrix”)

Names of Large Dogs from Movies, TV and Books

Male Dog Names

  1. Beethoven (from “Beethoven”) – St. Bernard
  2. Bruno (from “Cinderella”) – Bloodhound
  3. Buck (from “The Call of the Wild”) – St. Bernard-Scotch Collie mix
  4. Buddy (from Air Bud) – Golden Retriever
  5. Butkus (from the “Rocky” series) – Bullmastiff
  6. Chance (from “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey” ) – American Bulldog.
  7. Clifford (from “Clifford the Big Red Dog”) – Vaguely a Giant Vizsla
  8. Cujo (from “Cujo”) – St. Bernard
  9. Fang (from “Harry Potter”) – Neapolitan Mastiff
  10. Frank (from “Men in Black” franchise) – Pug – Frank is a little dog in the movie but the name works well for a large breed.
  11. Hooch (from “Turner & Hooch”) – Dogue de Bordeaux
  12. Marley (from “Marley & Me”) – Labrador Retriever
  13. Marmaduke (from “Marmaduke”) – Great Dane
  14. Max (from “The Secret Life of Pets”) – Jack Russell, again Max is not a big dog but the name works well for a larger breed.
  15. Old Yeller (from “Old Yeller”) – Black Mouth Cur
  16. Rintintin – (from Rin Tin Tin) – German Shepherd
  17. Shadow (from “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey”) – Golden Retriever

Female Dog Names

  1. Bella (from “A Dog’s Way Home”) – Pit Bull mix
  2. Lady (from “Game of Thrones”) – Northern Inuit dogs
  3. Lassie (from “Lassie”) – Rough Collie
  4. Maggie (from “Hotel for Dogs”) – Bullmastiff
  5. Missy (from “Beethoven”) -St. Bernard
  6. Nana (from “Peter Pan”) – Newfoundland
  7. Perdita (from “101 Dalmatians”) – Dalmatian
  8. Regina – “Seven Pounds” (2008) – Great Dane
  9. Stella – “Marley & Me” (2008) – Labrador Retriever

More Names Inspired By Pop Culture

Here’s a list of names inspired by characters from TV shows, comics, and beyond, perfect for your big dog.

Female Big Dog Names Inspired By Pop Culture

  1. Arya (from “Game of Thrones”)
  2. Belle (from “Beauty and the Beast”)
  3. Buffy (from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”)
  4. Dana (from “The X-Files,” for Dana Scully)
  5. Elle (from “Legally Blonde” or “Stranger Things”)
  6. Eve (from “Killing Eve”)
  7. Faye (from “Cowboy Bebop”)
  8. Gamora (from “Guardians of the Galaxy”)
  9. Joy (from “Inside Out”)
  10. Kat (short for Katniss from “The Hunger Games”)
  11. Leia (from “Star Wars”)
  12. Liz (short for Elizabeth Swann from “Pirates of the Caribbean”)
  13. Max (from “Max: Fury Road” or “Stranger Things” for Maxine “Max” Mayfield)
  14. Mia (from “Pulp Fiction” or “The Princess Diaries”)
  15. Moana (from “Moana”)
  16. Nebula (from “Guardians of the Galaxy”)
  17. Rey (from “Star Wars”)
  18. Ripley (from “Alien”)
  19. Rogue (from “X-Men”)
  20. Zelda (from “The Legend of Zelda”)

Male Big Dog Names Inspired By Pop Culture

  1. Appa – Flying Bison from Avatar: the Last Air Bender
  2. Astro – The Jetsons
  3. Babe– The Big Blue Ox from Paul Bunyan
  4. Bart -The Simpsons
  5. Baymax – Big Hero Six
  6. Buzz– Buzz Light Year From Toy Story
  7. Chewie– Star Wars
  8. Comet – Air Bud
  9. Gandalf – Wizard from Lord of the Rings
  10. Groot– Guardian of the Galaxy
  11. Hercules – The Sandlot
  12. Hooch – Turner and Hooch
  13. Hulk – Super Hero
  14. Jabba – Star Wars
  15. Lassie – Book: Lassie come home
  16. Marley – Marley and Me
  17. Mr. Big – Sex and the City
  18. Pluto – Micky Mouse’s dog
  19. Scooby – Animated series: Scooby Doo, Where are you?
  20. Smalls– Movie: The Sandlot
  21. Toto – Small dog from Wizard of Oz

Names by Coat Color

Whether your dog has a dark, mysterious coat that blends into the night or a light, ethereal fur that glows in the sunlight, there’s a perfect name that captures the essence of their beauty. From sleek black dogs to those with snowy white fur, these names are inspired by the hues and textures that make each dog unique.

Dark Coats

  1. Ash
  2. Coal
  3. Eclipse
  4. Ember
  5. Jet
  6. Midnight
  7. Onyx
  8. Panther
  9. Raven
  10. Sable
  11. Slate
  12. Smoky
  13. Storm
  14. Twilight

Light Coats

  1. Alabaster
  2. Birch
  3. Blizzard
  4. Cotton
  5. Frost
  6. Ghost
  7. Ivory
  8. Pearl
  9. Snow
  10. Winter - Berne puppy.

Unique Names For Your Big Dog

Looking for a unique name for your one of a kind pup? Check out these unique names that you probably won’t hear at the local dog park. For more unique name ideas please check out our post; Unique Dog Names

Unique Girl Names For Your Big Dog

  1. Asia
  2. Bisou – /bi.zu/ – ‘kiss in French’
  3. Button – as in cute as a button
  4. Danica – Type of Flower
  5. Harmony
  6. Keeba
  7. Koda
  8. Lacey
  9. Lilou – French for Lily
  10. Puff
  11. Sashi
  12. Shiloh
  13. Star

Unique Boy Names For Your Big Dog

  1. Arlo
  2. Baloo
  3. Darwin
  4. Deuce
  5. Digger
  6. Ellington
  7. Ferris
  8. Hopper
  9. Huron
  10. Jai
  11. Raine
  12. Seymour
  13. Taz Big Dog Names - Great Dane Puppy

Funny Names for Your Dog

Looking for a name that will give you a chuckle? Check out these funny names for large dogs.

Funny Names for Large Dogs

  1. Attila – Evoking the image of Attila the Hun, known for his fierceness, makes it humorous for a gentle giant.
  2. Bigfoot – For an especially large dog with big paws, referencing the mythical creature known for its size.
  3. Biscuit – For a dog as sweet as a cookie but ten times larger.
  4. Boomer – Perfect for a dog with a big bark or presence.
  5. Buttercup – Ironic and sweet for a massive, tough-looking dog.
  6. Chunk – Affectionately highlights their size.
  7. Chubbs – A funny name that highlights a dog’s chubby, loveable form.
  8. Cupcake – Sweet and fluffy but unexpectedly big.
  9. Dozer – Implies a dog that bulldozes through anything.
  10. Doodle – For a large, fluffy dog that might resemble a big, soft doodle.
  11. Fuzzball – For the dog with a lot of hair and a lot of body.
  12. Goober – For a large dog with a goofy personality.
  13. Hugo – Often associated with grandeur, making it amusingly dignified for a large dog.
  14. Jeeves – Implies a butler-like demeanor, humorous for a dog who is more likely to cause a mess than clean it up.
  15. Jellybean – Small and colorful, the opposite of a large dog’s size.
  16. Junior – Funny when used for a particularly large dog, implying they’re still a “little one.”
  17. Mini – Funny name for a large dog, because of the irony.
  18. Moose – Especially suitable for a dog as big as this majestic animal.
  19. Muffin – Because they’re just a big, softie at heart.
  20. Noodle – Perfect for a dog with a silly, floppy nature.
  21. Peanut – Ironic for a giant dog.
  22. Pickle – For a dog that gets into as many pickles as their namesake.
  23. Piglet – Cute name for any dog, humorous for its contrast with a large dog’s size.
  24. Rhino – Suggesting a bulky, unstoppable force, comical for a lovable, large dog.
  25. Shaggy – For a dog with a shaggy coat.
  26. Sir Waggington – Adds a touch of nobility to your dog’s playful nature.
  27. Spaghetti – Especially funny for long, lean dogs.
  28. Stallone – After Sylvester Stallone, known for his muscular roles, fitting for a strong, imposing dog.
  29. Tater Tot – Small name for a big dog.
  30. Tug – Suggests a dog that loves to play tug-of-war, a funny and endearing trait.
  31. Tiny – For the dog who is anything but small.
  32. Waffles – Because who doesn’t love waffles, regardless of size?
  33. Wolf – While many large dogs have wolf-like features, naming a cuddly pet after a wild animal is amusingly incongruous.
  34. Yogi – Conjures the image of Yogi Bear, funny for a dog with a bigger-than-life personality.
  35. Ziggy – Can be amusing for a dog with a quirky personality, named after David Bowie’s alter ego, Ziggy Stardust. Big Dog Names Great Dane - Grey

Badass Dog Names

Choosing a badass name for your big dog can reflect their strong, imposing presence or simply your love for powerful, resonant names


  1. Axel – Implies strength and a cool edge.
  2. Blaze – Conveys fiery spirit and energy.
  3. Bronx – Evokes toughness and resilience.
  4. Butch – Classic tough-guy vibe.
  5. Fang – For a dog with a fierce bite or look.
  6. Goliath – After the biblical giant, perfect for a large dog.
  7. Gunner – Suggests courage and power.
  8. Hulk – For a dog with a massive build.
  9. Jett – Fast and powerful.
  10. Kane – Strong, manly, and formidable.
  11. Maverick – For the independent, strong-willed dog.
  12. Nitro – Implies explosive power and energy.
  13. Odin – Named after the Norse god, exuding wisdom and power.
  14. Rex – Latin for king, implying nobility and power.
  15. Sarge – Military-inspired, denotes leadership.
  16. Thor – After the Norse god of thunder, perfect for a dog with a powerful presence.
  17. Titan – For a dog as large and powerful as the mythological giants.
  18. Vader – After Darth Vader, for a dog with a commanding presence.
  19. Wolverine – Fierce and resilient.
  20. Zeus – The king of gods in Greek mythology, signifying strength and authority.
Bullmastiff in grass


  1. Athena – After the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, for a smart and strong dog.
  2. Blaze – Conveys fiery spirit and strength.
  3. Cleo – Short for Cleopatra, implying regal and fierce qualities.
  4. Electra – For a dog with a vibrant and electric personality.
  5. Freya – Named after the Norse goddess of love and war, symbolizing beauty and strength.
  6. Harley – For a dog with a rebellious streak.
  7. Huntress – For a powerful and independent dog.
  8. Jade – Precious and tough.
  9. Kali – After the Hindu goddess, symbolizing destruction and rebirth.
  10. Luna – Implies a mystical and powerful nature.
  11. Medusa – For a dog with a captivating and formidable presence.
  12. Nyx – After the Greek goddess of the night, for a dog with a dark coat or mysterious aura.
  13. Onyx – Strong and protective, like the black stone.
  14. Queen – Denotes authority and independence.
  15. Raven – For a dog with a dark coat or a mysterious presence.
  16. Sable – For a dog with a sleek, black coat.
  17. Sheba – Implying regal and powerful qualities.
  18. Storm – For a dog with a powerful and unpredictable nature.
  19. Valkyrie – After the Norse mythological figures, symbolizing strength and valor.
  20. Xena – After the warrior princess, for a fearless and powerful dog.

Scottish Names for Large Dogs

If you happen to have a large dog breed from Scotland then a Scottish name might be in order. For more Scottish inspired names check out our post; Scottish Dog Names: 500 Names to Choose From

Scottish Names for Female Large Dogs

  1. Ayla – Strong
  2. Bean – Fair
  3. Dixis
  4. Flora – Goddess of Flowers
  5. Kyla
  6. Lexi
  7. Madra – Dog in olde Galtic
  8. Nessie – Loch Ness Monster
  9. Selkie – Mytholgical creatures

Scottish Names for Male Large Dogs

  1. Angus – Town in Scotland
  2. Bodie
  3. Bute – Island of Scotland
  4. Duffy
  5. Dugal
  6. Duncan
  7. Fagan
  8. Oliver
  9. Tavish

Names Inspired by the North and Nature

Many large dogs originate from colder climates so why not give them a name that is inspired by cold or up north.

Unisex Names For Inspired by Cold Climates

  1. Aspen
  2. Blizzard
  3. Bjorn
  4. Burke
  5. Everest
  6. Has
  7. Hunter
  8. Jackson
  9. Juneau
  10. Klondike
  11. Kodiak
  12. North
  13. Soren
  14. Tundra
  15. Vale
  16. Winter
  17. Yeti
  18. Yuki – Meaning snow

Elements & Phenomena

  1. Blaze
  2. Breeze
  3. Comet
  4. Frost
  5. Mist
  6. Ocean
  7. Quake
  8. River
  9. Sky
  10. Stormy

Mountains & Forests (15 Names)

  1. Cedar
  2. Denali (the highest peak in North America)
  3. Forest
  4. Juniper
  5. Rainier (a prominent mountain in the Cascade Range)

Big Dog Names Inspired by Cultures

Names inspired by the cultures around us tend to be unique and well…. inspiring. For more names from various cultures around the world check out our other posts for dogs names:

Big Girl Dog Names Inspired by Cultures

  1. Astrid – Old Norse -Divine strength
  2. Athena – Greek Goddess of Wisdon
  3. Bestal – An Ancient Frost giantess
  4. Chan – Chinese meaning snow
  5. Eira – Welsh meaning snow
  6. Hera
  7. Sheba – African Queen
  8. Skadi – Norse Mythology- goddess of winter

Big Boy Dog Names Inspired by Cultures

  1. Ace – Slang meaning “Excellent!
  2. Albion – One of the titan giants
  3. Atlas – King of Atlantis – A Triton Giant
  4. Balor – “Evil Eye king of the Fomorians, a race of Giants
  5. Enzo – A giant
  6. Anakim – A giant race
  7. Azur – Black in Egyptian
  8. Triton
  9. Yuki – Japanese meaning snow

Even More Big Dog Names to Choose From

Names for Female Dogs

Big dogs don’t always have to have a name that implies they are big especially when they are girls. In our list of names for large dogs we made sure we added lots of sweet names for our big girls.

  1. Akira
  2. Blossom
  3. Cali
  4. Cassie
  5. Clover
  6. Coco
  7. Dakota
  8. Darling
  9. Dixie
  10. Faith
  11. Greta
  12. Gwen
  13. Harley
  14. Hazel
  15. Helga
  16. Ida
  17. Kara
  18. Kira
  19. Larissa
  20. Lola
  21. Luka
  22. Mimi
  23. Nayla
  24. Penelope
  25. Princess
  26. Hope
  27. Hazel
  28. Rikki
  29. Rogue
  30. Rosie
  31. Roxie
  32. Sasha
  33. Shelby
  34. Tika
  35. Tilly
  36. Urma
  37. Vegas
  38. Winnie
  39. Zoey

Names for Male Dogs

While reading through this list you might wonder why there is so many more male names on our list then female names. We wondered the same thing. It appears that names that invoke the image of “big” tend to be more masculine.

  1. Ace
  2. Admiral
  3. Archie
  4. Archer
  5. Axel
  6. Bailey
  7. Bennett
  8. Benny
  9. Boone
  10. Boris
  11. Brady
  12. Brody
  13. Bronson
  14. Bruiser
  15. Bryson
  16. Captain
  17. Chase
  18. Colby
  19. Dawson
  20. Dexter
  21. Diesel
  22. Dude
  23. Dudley
  24. Dunkin
  25. Finn
  26. Flynn
  27. George
  28. Gizmo
  29. Grizzly
  30. Gunther
  31. Gus
  32. Indigo
  33. Jasper
  34. Jax
  35. Judge
  36. Julius
  37. Kai
  38. Kaine
  39. Kodi
  40. Kona
  41. Kong
  42. Kylo
  43. Laddie
  44. Lenny
  45. Leo
  46. Levi
  47. Lewis
  48. Lilo
  49. Loki
  50. Mack
  51. Marvel
  52. Maverick
  53. Moose
  54. Murphy
  55. Nash
  56. Nikko
  57. Norman
  58. Oliver
  59. Ollie
  60. Otis
  61. Ozzy
  62. Pablo
  63. Preston
  64. Prince
  65. Rufus
  66. Ryder
  67. Scout
  68. Simon
  69. Talon
  70. Teddy
  71. Tiger
  72. Titus
  73. Toby
  74. Trooper
  75. Troy
  76. Whooper
  77. Wolfgang
  78. Wyatt
  79. Zuke
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Selecting the perfect name for your new puppy is an important step in welcoming them into your home and heart. Whether you’ve chosen a majestic Saint Bernard, a noble Great Pyrenees, or another large breed, finding a name that’s a great fit is crucial for pet owners.

This post has offered a variety of names—from mythology-inspired to funny picks—that cater to every pet’s unique personality and appearance. Remember, the best name for your dog is one that resonates with you and reflects the special bond you share. When you find that perfect name, you’ll know it’s just the right one for your furry companion.

Not finding what you are looking for? Check out these dog name ideas: