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Norse Dog Names: Viking Names for Your Dog

Updated 08/01/2023 – Deciding on a name for your new puppy can be both exciting and frustrating all at the same time. You probably want a name that fits your pup, but one that is also unique. We felt the same way when we were looking for a name for our puppy. This is why we decided to gather all the Norse Dog names we could find into one post.

Hopefully this will make it easier for future new puppy owners to find the perfect Viking dog name for their dogs.

Why choose a Norse (aka Viking) dog name?

The richness of Norse mythology continues to capture people’s imagination of a time long ago.  

We simply cannot get enough of the Norse folklore that spins the tales of the great Old Norse Gods, Odin and his son, Thor. Or that of the mighty Vikings that once roamed the north seas. 

These tales bring to life the sense of adventure of an ancient culture. They show us their determination and will to thrive in a hostile environment. These tales also provide us with strong names. Some are perfect to use as a dog’s name. Especially, if you have a dog that loves the cold.

Here you will find a list of 200 Old Norse dog names to choose from.

Norse Dog Names: Viking Names for Your Dog - title page - Husky puppy in snow

Old Norse Names

When naming your dog an Old Norse name it is best to understand how names came about back then.

According to the National Museum of Denmark, many boys during the Viking Age were named after the god, Thor.  Although they might not have been named Thor, they were given names like Toke and Thorsten that honored the great warrior.

Animal names were also common. It was not unusual for Vikings to be named Orm (Serpent), Ulf (Wolf) or Bjørn (Bear).  These names celebrate the gods’ formidable enemies. This included the Midgard serpent and the wolf Fenrir. Both were beasts that the Norse gods had to defeat at Ragnarök.

The names could have a meaning too.  Some examples are Frida which means “peace” and Astrid which means “Beautiful and loved”.   In the lists below, we included the meaning of the names whereever we could.

Some Vikings had bynames. These were names that are added on to their given name. The bynames might have described them, their kinship or where they came from.   An example of this is Bjarke the Norwegian, who lived in Denmark and Erik the Red, who is believed to have red hair. Though, it’s not known if the bynames were actually used when they were alive. But think about how cool it would be to call your pup Olaf the Great.

Below you will find the lists divided between Norse God and Goddess, Animals, General Names by Gender and a list of Famous Vikings.

Remember when choosing a dog name to make sure it is easy to say. You will be repeating this name about 100 times a day while you train your pup.

Norse Dog Names: Viking Names for Your Dog Samoyed in snow

Norse Gods and Goddess

 Norse God and Goddess Gender 
Odin The greatest among the Norse godsM
FriggOdin’s wife – known for beauty, and loveF
Balder Son of Odin and FriggM
Loki God of mischiefM
Thor Protector of humanity. God of thunderM
MjöllnirName of Thor’s hammerN
FreyrGod of fertilityM
Heimdall Son of Odin who controlled the BifrostM
Hel Goddess and ruler of the underworld F
Saga Goddess of storiesF
Skadi Goddess of winterF
TyrGod of warM
ValeSon of Odin M
ValhallaThe Norse idea of the afterlifeN
Brown and white dog with snow on it's face

Old Norse Animal Names

AlsvinHorse that pulls the Sun’s chariotN
AlsvinderHorse that pulls the Moon’s chariotN
Ama EagleF
ArneEagle M
Asbjorn God and bearM
Asgeirr Deer friendM
Jorunnr Horse and loveF
YrsaWild or she bearF
Saint Bernard puppy in grass

Norse Dog Names for Males

NameMeaning Pronunciation
AaricRule with mercya(a)-ric
Aegir A sea gode-jir
AgnarrRuler with swordaeGNAA-R
Ake Ancestors.
AlvElf Friend.
AlvisAll wiseahi-vees
ArneEagle .
ArvakrHorse that pulls the Sun’s chariot.
Asbjorn God and bear.
Asgeirr Deer friend.
BalderSon of Odin.
Berserker Fierce Viking warriors..
BoThe resident   .
BragiNorse god of poetrybrah-yee
Brynjar Armor and warrior.
Two husky puppies
NameMeaning Pronunciation
EgilIcelandic warrior Ah-gil
Einar Alone and warrior.
Enar Fighter.
ErikAbsolute Ruler.
Erling Heir.
FenrirOdin’s wolf fayn-reer
FrodeWise and clever  .
GandalfWand wolfɡændɑlf
Garth Garden.
GormHe who worships god .
GudbrandSword of the divineGOOD-brant
GudmundGod is protectingGOOD-moonD
GuntherArmy gʊntər
HalfdanThe half Danish   .
HalvarorRock guardian.
HaraldLord and ruler.
Havardr High guardian.
Heimdall Son of Odin – controlled the Bifrost.
HerleifrArmy, son.
HjalmarHelmeted warrior.
Norse Dog Names: Viking Names for Your Dog - Siberian Husky puppy sitting in snow
NameMeaning Pronunciation
IngimarrDerived from the god Ing.
IvarBow Warrior .
KåreWith curly hair   .
Ketill Kettle, cauldron.
KjartanSea warrior.
LeifHeir leif
LokiGod of mischief.
LykkeDanish HappinessLik-eh
MjöllnirName of Thor’s hammer.
NjalGiant    .
ØdgerWealth and spear  .
OdinOld Norse God.
Olaf Patron saint of Norwayoʊl.əf
QuimbyWoman’s houseKWIHMBiy
RandulfrWolf shieldRAN-dulfr
RoarFame and spear  .
Adult husky side profile
NameMeaning Pronunciation
SigurdLegendary heroˈsi-gu̇rd
SkardeWith cleft chin.
SurtViking God of fire/Black.
SvendFreeman who is in the service of another.
SweynA kingsweɪn
Thor God of thunder.
TokeThor and helmet  .
TorstenThor and stone.
TroelsThor’s arrow.
TyrGod of war.
ValeSon of Odin.
Vikingr Viking.
Norse Dog Names: Viking Names for Your Dog - doodle catching snow

Norse Dog Names for Females

NameMeaning Pronunciation
AageMan that ploughsAAEYJH
Ågot Goodaw-got
Ama Eagle.
Annbjorg Eagle rescueawn-bYORG
Anniken Graceawn-ee-ken
Åshild God battleaws-hi
Asta Love.
AstridGod and BeautifulAS-trid
AudhildFortune and battleowd-il
Aurora DawnOW-ro-rah
Bergljot/BergliotProtection and lightbahr-glee-ot
Norse Dog Names: Viking Names for Your Dog - Saint Bernard looking at camera
NameMeaning Pronunciation
BodilPenance and fight.
BritExalted one.
BrynhildrValkyrie and wife of Gunnarbrin-hild
Dagmar Maiden of the Day.
Dagrun Day secret lored-eye-roon
Dahlia From the valley.
EddaGreat grandmother.
Eir Mercy.
ElinBright oneee l ih n
Emma Whole/universalEHM-mah
EstridGod and beautiful.
FreyjaRuler of love, fertility, battle, and death.
FreyrGoddess of fertility- sister of Freyja.
Irish setter in snow
NameMeaning Pronunciation
FriggGoddess of earth, air and fertility.
GerdaProtection and light.
Gisli Ray of light.
GroTo grow.
GudrunGod and rune.
Gunnvor Cautious in war.
Guro God’s secret loregroo
Hel Goddess and ruler of the underworld .
HildaThe fighter.
HjordisSword goddess.
Saint Bernard in forest
NameMeaning Pronunciation
Iduna. iy-DUW-Naa 
IngaOf the god Inge.
Ingibjorg Derived from the god Ing.
IngridIng (the god) is beautifulIng-rid or Ing-ri
Ingvild God Ing battleing-vil
Jorunnr Horse and love.
KáraA mortal, Was a Valkyries .
Kari Gust of windkahr-ee
Kelda Fountain.
KetilriorKettle, beautiful.
KineA Christiankeen-uh
LivOf life.
Maja Diminutive of Maria or Maiamah-yah
Margrete Pearlmar-greh-teh
MarteThe ladymar-teh
Norse Dog Names: Viking Names for Your Dog - Dog sledding
NameMeaning Pronunciation
Mathea Gift of Yahwehmah-tay-ah
Nora Honornoh-rah
Olivia OliveOh-lee-vee-ah
RandiShield or shrine.
Reidun Billowing nestree-ah-dun
RonaMighty strength.
Saga Goddess of stories.
Sara Lady/noblewomanSAH-rah
SifWife and bride.
SigneThe one who is victorious.
SigridVictorious horsewoman
Husky puppy in snow
NameMeaning Pronunciation
Sissel Blindsees-eh
Skadi Goddess of winter.
Solfrid Beautiful sunsohl-freed
Solveig Strong house.
Solvi Sun strengthSOOL-vie
SunnivaSun giftsoo-neh-veh
ThuridThor and beautiful.
ToraOf the god Thor.
Trude Strengthtroo-duh
UlfhildWolf or battle .
Unni New loveoo-nee
VeslemoyLittle girlvess-leh-mehy
YrsaWild or she bear.
Small dog held by a women in snowy forest

Unisex Norse Names for Dogs

NameMeaning Pronunciation
Akkeri Anchor.
Ale To defendAH-leh
Alex To defenda-lekhs
AlsvinName of horse that pulls the Sun’s chariot.
AlsvinderHorse that pulls the Moon’s chariot.
BeinBone, Ivory.
Hakan Of the chosen.
HanneYahweh is graciousHAN-neh
Inge Ancestor; from Germanic god IngING-eh
Kelby A farm near a spring.
KeldanFrom the spring.
Elk hound puppy
NameMeaning Pronunciation
Kris A ChristianKriz or Kriss
Manu God is with usMAH-noo
Mille Rivalmeel
OrnResembling an eagleAORN
RobinBright fameRAWB-in
Selby The Village with Willowssehl-bee
Sjór Sea.
VanjaYahweh is graciousvon-yah
Vieno Gentle VEE-eh-no
Vivian Alivevi-vee-ahn
Whitby White Farmwhit-bee
Icelandic sheep dog running

Famous Vikings

Erik the Red
Leif Erikson
Freydís Eiríksdóttir
Ragnar Lothbrok 
Bjorn Ironside
Gunnar Hamundarson
Ivar the Boneless
Eric Bloodaxe
Egil Skallagrimsson
Harald Hardrada

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Sweet Purrfections

Monday 7th of September 2020

Love this idea! I remember searching for New Orleans/French dessert names when I was naming my Persian cats.

Ruth Epstein

Saturday 5th of September 2020

I love unusual and different names and love the list. I gave Layla her name which means Night in Hebrew as she arrived at night from the shelter.