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200+ Viking Dog Names: Best Norse Names for Your Dog

Updated 03/18/2024 – Choosing the perfect name for your new dog is a crucial part of welcoming them into your home. Opting for Norse, Norwegian or viking inspired dog names offers a unique way to honor a rich cultural heritage.

These names, steeped in the strength and spirit of ancient traditions, symbolize more than just identity. They reflect the qualities of loyalty, protection, and bravery, attributes highly regarded in Viking, Norse, and Norwegian cultures where dogs were revered as more than pets.

Here you will find a list of more than 200 Old Norse dog names, Viking Dog names and names from Norwegian Culture to choose from. To make it easier to choose we have also included the meaning, and pronunciation guides.

Please note that pronunciation guides for Old Norse and Scandinavian names can vary significantly, and the pronunciations provided here are approximations. For more accurate pronunciations, especially of Old Norse origins, it is advisable to consult with a specialist in Old Norse language or a historical linguist. This ensures that the name you choose for your dog is as authentic in sound as it is in meaning.

Table of Content

Norse Dog Names: Viking Names for Your Dog - title page - Husky puppy in snow

The Viking era, spanning from the late 8th to the early 11th century, was a period marked by the seafaring and exploring prowess of the Norse people. This era is renowned for its rich folklore, mythology, and unique cultural practices, which significantly influenced the naming of dogs. The names given to these dogs often reflected the characteristics valued by the Norse people, as well as elements from their mythology and daily life. 

  1. Ake (AH-keh) – Meaning “ancestors.”
  2. Bjorn (BYORN) – Meaning “bear.”
  3. Erik (EH-rik) – As in Erik the Red, a famous Viking figure
  4. Frode (FRO-deh) – Meaning “wise” or “learned.”
  5. Gunnar (GOON-ar) – Meaning “warrior.”
  6. Harald (HA-rald) – Meaning “war chief” or “leader.”
  7. Ivar (EE-var) – Meaning “bow warrior.”
  8. Jarl (YARL) – Meaning “chieftain” or “nobleman.”
  9. Knud (K-nood) – Meaning “knot.”
  10. Leif (LAYF) – As in Leif Erikson, a notable Viking explorer.
  11. Njal (NYAHL) – A unique Viking name.
  12. Olaf (OH-lahf) – Meaning “ancestor’s descendant.”
  13. Ragnar (RAG-nar) – A legendary Viking hero.
  14. Sigurd (SEE-gurd) – Meaning “victory guardian.”
  15. Torsten (TOR-sten) – Meaning “Thor’s stone.”
  16. Vidar (VEE-dar) – Associated with vengeance and the silence.

Female Viking Dog Names

  1. Astrid (AS-trid) – Meaning “beautiful, loved.”
  2. Brenna (BREN-na) – Meaning “sword” or “torch.”
  3. Freya (FRAY-a) – The Norse goddess of love and war.
  4. Gudrun (GOOD-roon) – Meaning “god’s secret lore.”
  5. Helga (HEL-ga) – Meaning “holy” or “blessed.”
  6. Ingrid (IN-grid) – Meaning “beautiful” or “loved.”
  7. Liv (LEEV) – Meaning “life.”
  8. Nanna (NAH-na) – A goddess in Norse mythology.
  9. Runa (ROO-na) – Meaning “secret lore.”
  10. Sif (SIF) – The wife of Thor in Norse mythology.
  11. Thora (THO-ra) – Meaning “thunder” or “Thor’s warrior.”
  12. Ulfhild (ULF-hild) – Meaning “wolf battle.”
  13. Vigdis (VEEG-dis) – Meaning “war goddess.”

Unisex Viking Dog Names

  1. Dag (DAG) – Meaning “day.”
  2. Frey (FRAY) – Norse god of weather and fertility.
  3. Kari (KAH-ree) – Meaning “gusty wind.”
  4. Rune (ROO-ne) – Meaning “secret.”

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Brown and white dog with snow on it's face

Norse Mythical Names

Pet owners seeking mythical names for their new puppy can find a treasure trove in Norse mythology. Norse mythology portrayed them as mystical beings linked to gods and goddesses, This ancient lore is rich with key gods, goddesses, and mythical creatures, each embodying unique characteristics and stories.

Mythological Dog Names for Male Dog

  1. Odin (OH-din) – The chief god in Norse mythology, associated with wisdom, healing, and war.
  2. Thor (THOR) – God of thunder, strength, and protection.
  3. Loki (LO-kee) – The trickster god known for his cunning and mischief.
  4. Freyr (FRAYR) – God of fertility, sunshine, and rain.
  5. Tyr (TEER) – The one-handed god of war and justice.
  6. Balder (BAL-der) – God of beauty, love, and happiness.
  7. Heimdall (HAYM-dahl) – The watchman of the gods, guardian of the Bifrost bridge.
  8. Bragi (BRAH-gee) – God of poetry and music.
  9. Fenrir (FEN-reer) – A monstrous wolf, destined to fight Odin during Ragnarök.

Mythological Names for Female Dog

  1. Freya (FRAY-a) – Goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.
  2. Freyja (FRAY-uh) – Associated with love, fertility, war, and wealth.
  3. Frigg (FRIG) – Odin’s wife, goddess of marriage and motherhood.
  4. Idun (EE-dun) – Keeper of the apples of youth.
  5. Skadi (SKAH-dee) – Goddess of winter, skiing, and hunting.
  6. Gefjon (GEF-yon) – Goddess of ploughing and fertility.
  7. Nanna (NAH-na) – Balder’s wife, symbolizing devotion and grief.
  8. Eir (AYR) – Goddess of healing.
  9. Hel (HEL) – Ruler of the underworld, Helheim.
  10. Sigyn (SIG-in) – Loki’s loyal wife, known for her fidelity and patience.

Unisex Mythological Dog Names

  1. Vali (VAH-lee) – Born to avenge Balder’s death.
  2. Huginn (HOO-gin) and Muninn (MOO-nin) – Odin’s ravens, representing thought and memory.
  3. Ymir (EE-mir) – The primeval being from whose body the world was created.
  4. Sleipnir (SLAYP-neer) – Odin’s eight-legged horse, representing speed and agility.
  5. Garm (GARM) – The hound guarding Hel’s gate.
  6. Hel (HEL) – Ruler of the underworld, Helheim.
  7. Valkyrie (VAL-ker-ee) – Choosers of the slain and guides to Valhalla

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Exploring popular choices for dog names often leads us to characters from TV shows, especially those steeped in myth and legend. This list features names drawn from the rich tapestry of Norse and Viking lore as depicted in modern pop culture. Many of these names gained widespread recognition through the History Channel’s hit TV show “Vikings,” which brought ancient legends to life.

  1. Ragnar – From “Ragnar Lothbrok,” a legendary Viking hero popularized by the TV show “Vikings.”
  2. Bjorn – Another character from “Vikings,” Ragnar’s son, known as Bjorn Ironside.
  3. Floki – A shipbuilder and close friend of Ragnar Lothbrok in “Vikings.”
  4. Ivar – Known as Ivar the Boneless, one of Ragnar’s sons in “Vikings.”
  5. Sigurd – A character in “Vikings,” also known as Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, another son of Ragnar.
  6. Hela – Featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the goddess of death.
Norse Dog Names: Viking Names for Your Dog Samoyed in snow

Norwegian Dog Names

Choosing a Nordic name for your dog is a great choice, as these names are deeply embedded in Norwegian culture and history. With a wide array of options, whether you’re seeking a traditional, meaningful, or popular name in Norway, these Nordic names offer a perfect fit for your canine companion.

Male Norse Dog Names

  1. Bjørn (BYURN) – Means “bear.”
  2. Einar (EYE-nar) – Meaning “lone warrior.”
  3. Gunnar (GOON-ar) – Meaning “warrior.”
  4. Harald (HAH-rahl) – A royal name, common among kings.
  5. Ivar (EE-var) – Meaning “bow warrior.”
  6. Jens (YENS) – Norwegian variant of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  7. Knut (K’noot) – Meaning “knot.”
  8. Lars (LAHRS) – Meaning “crowned with laurel.”
  9. Nils (NEELS) – Norwegian version of Nicholas, “victory of the people.”
  10. Olav/Olav (OH-lahv) – A royal name in Norway.

Female Norse Dog Names

  1. Asta (AH-stah) – Means “love” or “godlike.”
  2. Birgit (BEER-git) – Meaning “strong.”
  3. Freja (FRAY-ah) – Variation of the Norse goddess Freya.
  4. Greta (GREH-tah) – Means “pearl.”
  5. Hilde (HIL-deh) – Meaning “battle.”
  6. Ingrid (IN-grid) – Means “beautiful” or “fair.”
  7. Kari (KAH-ree) – Means “pure.”
  8. Liv (LEEV) – Meaning “life.”
  9. Nora (NO-rah) – Possibly meaning “honor.”
  10. Solveig (SOL-vay) – Meaning “strong house” or “sun’s daughter.”

Unisex Norse Dog Names

  1. Alex (AL-ex) – Short for Alexander or Alexandra, “defender.”
  2. Charlie (CHAR-lee) – Popular unisex name in Norway.
  3. Jordan (JOR-dan) – A modern, unisex name.
  4. Kim (KIM) – Means “chief.”
  5. Sam (SAM) – Short for Samuel or Samantha, “God has heard.”

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Husky puppy in snow

Nature-Inspired Dog Names

These names, drawing inspiration from Norway’s breathtaking natural landscapes and elemental forces, offer great options for your dog’s name. They forge a deep connection to nature and the rich Norse heritage, making them perfect choices for a name that resonates with both tradition and the natural world.

Male Nature-Inspired Norse Dog Names

  1. Berg (BEHRG) – Means “mountain” in Norwegian.
  2. Einar (EYE-nar) – Means “lone warrior,” symbolizing the solitary beauty of nature.
  3. Fjell (FYELL) – Refers to “mountain” or “rock” in Norwegian.
  4. Hav (HAHV) – Means “sea,” reflecting Norway’s vast coastline.
  5. Odell (OH-dell) – Old Norse origin, meaning “wood hill.”
  6. Stein (STINE) – Means “stone” in Norwegian.
  7. Ulvar (OOL-var) – Means “wolf,” a nod to Norway’s wildlife.

Female Nature-Inspired Norse Dog Names

  1. Alva (AL-vah) – Means “elf” in Old Norse, symbolizing magical forest creatures.
  2. Brynja (BRIN-ya) – Means “armor,” but also associated with “birch.”
  3. Edda (ED-da) – Refers to Norse poetic writings, often depicting nature.
  4. Fjora (FYOR-a) – Derived from “fjord,” representing Norway’s iconic landscapes.
  5. Lina (LEE-na) – Means “tender” or “gentle,” evoking images of delicate natural beauty.6+5+

Unisex Nature-Inspired Norse Dog Names

  1. Aspen (AS-pen) – After the aspen tree, signifying resilience and grace.
  2. Frost (FROST) – Reflecting the cold, crisp beauty of Norwegian winters.
  3. Kai (KYE) – Means “ocean” in Scandinavian languages.
  4. Storm (STORM) – Signifying the powerful and untamed aspect of nature.

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Norse Dog Names: Viking Names for Your Dog - Dog sledding

Old Norse Animal Names

Steeped in Old Norse and Viking culture, these names embody aspects of mythology, nature, and traits that could perfectly align with your dog’s personality or appearance, making them ideal candidates for the perfect Viking dog name.

Male Old Norse / Viking Animal Names

  1. Arnbjorn (ARN-byorn) – Meaning “eagle bear.”
  2. Arne (AR-neh) – Eagle
  3. Asbjorn (AHS-byorn) – God and bear
  4. Einar (AY-nar) – Translates to “lone warrior” or “warrior alone,” with connotations of strength and resilience.
  5. Fenrir (FEN-reer) – Named after the mythical monstrous wolf, a son of Loki.
  6. Hrafn (HRAV-n) – Means “raven,” a significant bird in Norse mythology.
  7. Ragnar (RAG-nar) – A strong name meaning “warrior” or “judgment.”
  8. Sigurd (SEE-gurd) – Meaning “victory guard.”
  9. Ulf (OOLF) – Means “wolf.”

Female Old Norse / Viking Animal Names

  1. Edda (ED-da) – Refers to the “great grandmother” in Old Norse, a term used for the collection of Norse poems and stories.
  2. Hildr (HIL-dr) – Means “battle.”
  3. Jorunnr (YO-roonr) – Horse and love
  4. Idunn (EE-dunn) – Goddess associated with youth and rejuvenation, fitting for a lively dog.
  5. Ingrid (IN-grid) – Meaning “beautiful” or “loved.”
  6. Revna (REV-nah) – Raven
  7. Yrsa (EER-sah) – Wild or she bear

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Two husky puppies

Viking Badass Dog Names

These names carry a strong and powerful essence, embodying the spirit of Viking lore and mythology, and are perfect for a dog with a bold and fearless character.

Male Badass Viking Dog Names

  1. Brandr (BRAN-der) – Means “sword” or “fire.”
  2. Dagr (DAH-gr) – Means “day,” symbolizing the relentless spirit.
  3. Hakon (HAH-kon) – A historical Viking ruler’s name, meaning “high-born.”
  4. Jorund (YO-rund) – A name from old Norse sagas, signifying strength.
  5. Kjell (SHELL) – Meaning “kettle,” but also associated with “helmet.”
  6. Roar (RO-ahr) – Means “famous spear,” reflecting might and ferocity.
  7. Sven (SVEN) – Means “young warrior” or “boy.”
  8. Ulfrik (ULF-rik) – Combines “wolf” and “rich/powerful.”
  9. Vidar (VEE-dar) – A god known for avenging his father’s death at Ragnarök.
  10. Yngvar (ING-var) – Means “warrior” and is associated with strength.

Female Badass Viking Dog Names

  1. Ase (AH-seh) – Goddess-like, powerful.
  2. Brynhild (BRIN-hild) – A legendary shieldmaiden, meaning “battle armor.”
  3. Dagny (DAG-nee) – Means “new day,” symbolizing resilience.
  4. Eir (AYR) – The goddess of healing, associated with protection.
  5. Hervor (HER-vor) – A name from the sagas, meaning “warrior woman.”
  6. Kelda (KEL-da) – Means “spring” or “fountain,” signifying life and energy.
  7. Ragna (RAG-na) – Short for “Ragnarok,” symbolizing an end and a new beginning.
  8. Signy (SIG-nee) – Means “new victory,” representing triumph.
  9. Thyra (TEER-a) – Means “Thor’s fight” or “thunder.”
  10. Ylva (YUL-vah) – Means “she-wolf,” denoting fierce loyalty and protection.

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Saint Bernard puppy in grass

Scandinavian Dog Names

Exploring Scandinavian names can offer even more dog name ideas that are not only unique but also steeped in a rich cultural heritage. These names, originating from the beautiful and storied lands of Scandinavia, range from traditional to modern, providing a plethora of good dog names that reflect various aspects of Nordic life and history.

Norse Dog Names for Boys

  1. Aaric – Rule with mercy. [a(a)-ric]
  2. Aegir – A sea god. [e-jir]
  3. Alvis – All wise. [ahi-vees]
  4. Asbjorn – God and bear. [AS-byorn]
  5. Birger – Keeper. [BEER-ger]
  6. Bo – The resident. [bo]
  7. Brynjar – Armor and warrior. [BRIN-yar]
  8. Egil – Icelandic warrior. [Ah-gil]
  9. Enar – Fighter. [EE-nar]
  10. Erling – Heir. [ER-ling]
  11. Garth – Garden. [garth]
  12. Gorm – He who worships god. [gorm]
  13. Gudbrand – Sword of the divine. [GOOD-brant]
  14. Gudmund – God is protecting. [GOOD-moonD]
  15. Gunther – Army. [GUN-ther]
  16. Kåre – “Curly,” “curved,” or “wavy.” [KAW-reh]
  17. Ketill – “Cauldron” or “helmet.” [KET-ill]
  18. Lykke – “Luck,” “happiness.” [LU-keh]
  19. Magnus – “Great.” [MAG-nus]
  20. Orvar – “Arrow.” [OR-var]
  21. Randulfr – “Shield wolf.” [RAN-doolf]
  22. Roar – “Famous spear.” [RO-ar]
  23. snjó – “Snow.” [SNYO]
  24. Surt – Named after the fire giant in Norse mythology. [SURT]
  25. Svend – “Young man” or “freeman.” [SVEND]
  26. Toke – Derived from the Old Norse Tóki, meaning “useful,” “pleasing.” [TOH-keh]16+
  27. Trygve – “Trustworthy,” “safe.” [TRIG-veh]

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Norse Dog Names: Viking Names for Your Dog - Saint Bernard looking at camera

Norse Dog Names for Girls

The meanings and pronunciations are approximate and may vary depending on regional dialects and linguistic traditions.

  1. Aage – Ancestor. [AW-geh]
  2. Ågot – Good. [AW-got]
  3. Ama – Eagle. [AH-mah]
  4. Åshild – God battle. [AW-shild]
  5. Asta – Love or god. [AH-stah]
  6. Audhild – Wealth, fortune + battle. [AWD-hild]
  7. Baldur – Prince, lord. [BAL-dur]
  8. Brit – Exalted one. [brit]
  9. Dagrun – Day + secret lore. [DAG-roon]
  10. Eir – Mercy, help. [AYR]
  11. Elin – Torch, bright, shining. [EH-lin]
  12. Gerda – Protected, enclosure. [GER-dah]
  13. Gertrud – Spear of strength. [GER-trud]
  14. Gisli – Ray of light. [GIS-lee]
  15. Gunhild – War, battle + fight. [GUN-hild]
  16. Guro – God’s secret lore. [GOO-ro]
  17. Halle – Rock. [HAL-le]
  18. Hilda – Battle. [HIL-dah]
  19. Hjordis – Sword goddess. [YOR-dis]
  20. Kára – The curly one. [KAH-rah]
  21. Maja – Pearl. [MAH-yah]
  22. Marte – Lady, mistress. [MAR-te]
  23. Rana – Noble, or possibly frog in some contexts. [RAH-nah]
  24. Randi – Shield or shrine. [RAN-dee]
  25. Reidun – Lovely in the nest. [RAY-dun]
  26. Revna – Raven. [REV-nah]
  27. Rinda – A giantess in Norse mythology; possibly means “shield” or “firm”. [RIN-dah]
  28. Saga – Seeing one. [SAH-gah]
  29. Sigfrid – Victory, peace. [SIG-freed]
  30. Solfrid – Sun + beautiful. [SOL-freed]
  31. Sophie – Wisdom. [SO-fee]
  32. Tora – Thunder or turtle dove. [TO-rah]
  33. Tove – Dove or beautiful Thor. [TOH-veh]
  34. Trude – Strength. [TROO-deh]
  35. Unni – To love. [OON-nee]

Unisex Norse Names for Dogs

  1. Bein – Bones. [BAYN]
  2. Hakan – Noble, of the highest race; or, high son. [HAH-kahn]
  3. Hanne – Grace. [HAH-neh]
  4. Inge – Derived from Old Norse god name Ing. [IN-geh]
  5. Kelby – A place of flowing water. [KEL-bee]
  6. Keld – Spring, source of fresh water. [KELD]
  7. Kirkja – Church. [KIRK-yah]
  8. Manu – Great one. [MAH-nu]
  9. Mille – Gentle strength. [MIL-leh]
  10. Ormr – Serpent, dragon (same as Orm). [ORM-r]
  11. Orn – Eagle. [ORN]
  12. Sjór – Sea. [SHYOR]
  13. Vanja – God is gracious. [VAHN-yah]
  14. Vieno – Gentle, flexible. [VEE-en-o]
  15. Whitby – White village. [WIT-bee]

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Monday 7th of September 2020

Love this idea! I remember searching for New Orleans/French dessert names when I was naming my Persian cats.

Ruth Epstein

Saturday 5th of September 2020

I love unusual and different names and love the list. I gave Layla her name which means Night in Hebrew as she arrived at night from the shelter.